Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Misplaced revenge

This was the aftermath of an attack on an Asian shop in the Riddrie area of Glasgow yesterday. Someone reverse-rammed a car into the premises and set it on fire. It seems like a copycat revenge attack after what happened at Glasgow Airport.

More pictures here. I only got there after they'd removed the car. Disappointingly, there has been hardly any media coverage of this. I heard from the PA that this has happened, but the way that it was being spoken about was that it was a relatively minor incident. When I got there, they were demolishing the building.

There's been some debate about foreign policy this week. It would be worth reflecting that if this is how out of control someone or some people in Glasgow get after the Glasgow Airport incident, then how would some in Iraq react to the destruction there, not to mention the loss of some 650,000 lives?

It should go without saying, but this kind of misplaced vengeance doesn't get us anywhere. I hope arrests take place quickly regarding this. The people of Riddrie though are no more to blame for what's happened here than the Muslim community are for what happened at the airport.

from Osama Saeed's Blog

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