Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Guthbert, Dibble and Grubb

as not used in Glasgow Airport last Saturday

Whilst freely admitting to having no practical fire-fighting experience one thing has been niggling me since the attack on Glasgow Airport on Saturday.

Well, a shit load of things actually, but one thing in particular just came up in the course of a chat with a mate who watched the coverage from overseas.

Is it just me (and him) who thinks the firefighters on the scene acted like they couldn't be bothered to put the blaze out in much of a hurry?

from Stef Zucconi's Blog

After the event, using remote viewing techniques and homing in on 10 Downing St, I picked up this message a day before the London/Glasgow incidents.

GWB: "Hello Gordon, welcome to No 10 as my new poodle. Now can you give us a little bonfire to celebrate your accession, just to keep the folks on their toes?"

GB: "Yes, Mr President. Anything you say, Mr President. I'll do it at once!"

(Replaces receiver and redials)

GB: "Hello, is that Dame Liza Whatsername? MI5? Yes. Now listen, the Prez would like a little incident. Can you organize it?"

Dame E: "Why yes of course, Prime Minister. As a matter of fact we've just trained up a few Palestinians who are ready to go!"

GB: "Good, it'll give me a chance to convene COBRA and assert my authority. It's time to remind everyone who's dealing with the war of --sorry I mean 'on'-- terror!

"Oh, by the way, Dame Eliza, nothing too extravagant mind. We don't want folk killed and lefties demanding public enquiries and the like. Tony really did get carried away with 7/7."

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