Friday, March 24, 2006

A Very British Coup?

"If there were ever an excuse for a Very British Coup to take place to remove the dishonest NeoCon puppets who, like Doctor Who's aliens, have colonised the British Executive then surely it is now. Brigadeer Lethbridge Stewart where are you now in our hour of need. With the sheepish Labour party spellbound by blue eyed PR boy Tony and his witch doctors a military coup might be the only way to rid Britain of corruption.

'Glorifying terror'? Perish the thought."

So writes Tony Gosling, 911 Truth organiser, in his recent article, 'Crack, the mafia and a very British coup'.

A coup? What, here in the United Kingdom, where its politicians are elected to Westminster, 'the Mother of Parliaments?'

Well, historically maybe so, maybe not. But whether or not you believe all the lies of self-glorification and spin that accompany a decaying, still unburied corpse of Empire to its grave, after the Bliar virus infected the Labour Party, deceived a nation desperate for an antidote to Thatcherism and fooled itself into power through a landslide election there's nothing much left of Mother.

Mother was expelled a long time ago to join all the other hundreds of thousands of homeless who sleep in Albion's streets every night. Destitute, she was replaced by something far more akin to the mythical Whore of Babylon who with shameless bling and endless sleaze turned Westminster into a haunt for some diabolical motherfu*kers.

When politics becomes corrupt and decadent, look out, for totalitarianism won't be a long way off. As Washington's chief quisling in Europe, that wouldn't concern the Bliar and his lickspittles very much as totalitarianism is very much on his menu d'jour for the rest of us. He screwed the Labour party, he screwed the electorate and now he's screwing Parliament.

Have a look at this movie-clip of Tony's best chum, Silvio Berlusconi. Doesn't it tell you everything you need to know about the gangsters and war-criminals who sneaked in through their Legislatures' tradesman's entrance when they thought no one was looking?

Bliar's Chum Shafts the Workers

I do not relish the idea of a military coup. As far as we know, the last time such a thing was seriously entertained it was by a bunch of extremist right-wing nutters whose politics would fit nicely in with the Straussian neo-cons from whom the Bliar presently takes his marching orders. Maybe Bliar's idea is to so undermine parliamentary democracy that any future thoughts of the need for a military coup would simply be cancelled out by his own style of dictatorship?

Talk of military coups come when folk begin to get seriously desperate. And that is the point many in both the USA and UK are approaching. So I do not belittle Tony Gosling's views when I have felt similar, probably with several million others throughout the land. Faced with what is effectively a two-party dictatorship what hope is there for any radical change through the ballot-box?

So what would a very British coup look like?

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, PM for Life, Britain's second Cromwell?

Now if it were a decent guy like Castro or Hugo Chávez at the coup's vanguard I wouldn't mind so much but, really, Evo Morales would be much more to my personal liking than a General Sir Mike Jackson (aka "Macho Jacko","Darth Vader", the "The Prince of Darkness") .

Any socially-concerned, democratic generals or officers out there?



Caroline Lucas
Green Party Principal Speaker and MEP for South-East England

This government has systematically undermined the rule of international law – especially in its rush to war in Iraq – and the protection of human rights, here in the UK and abroad, as Amnesty International, amongst others, have observed.

But not content with attacking human rights and civil liberties in the name of the UK's so-called "special relationship" with the American neo-conservative fringes, now Tony Blair has British democracy itself in his sights.

When more than a million marched against the war in Iraq, he ignored their protests and introduced legislation to criminalize dissent in the Westminster neighbourhood. And now, as he increasingly relies on opposition support to beat off "rebels" within his own parliamentary party, he has published proposals to abandon the democratic safeguard of parliamentary scrutiny of national lawmaking and government.

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill (more accurately dubbed "The Abolition of Parliament Bill") will effectively allow government ministers to amend, repeal or replace any legislation without consulting Parliament, and even to create new offences with penalties of up to two years in prison, without any democratic scrutiny whatsoever. There are few limits on the scope of the Bill's use – so in its current form it could be used to push through divisive and deeply unpopular legislation on, to name but a few, nuclear power, replacing Trident, GM foods and housing expansion.

This isn't the sort of society I want to live in – and I don't believe it is the kind of society the peoples of this country want to live in either.

We Greens believe in real, locally-delivered, democracy, together with respect for human rights, civil liberties and the international rule of law – that's what we're working for at every level to which we're elected, and that's why we're opposing this bill.

Caroline Lucas
Green Party Principal Speaker and MEP for South-East England

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