Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's time to Arrest the War-Criminals

Recently, I came across an old WSWS article, 'Pentagon strategy for nuclear strikes revealed, Iraq--a testing ground for US militarism', from March 1998.

It shows how, in the Clinton era, the US Military was already planning for the aggressive style of first-strike wars that Bush/Cheney are presently practising. The incorporation of nuclear weapons into such wars as useable weaponry is clearly very disturbing as is the recommendation, quoted in it from STRATCOM, that the US should deliberately present a public persona of irrationality and vindictiveness in order to spread fear and insecurity amongst its potential enemies.

Clearly, the writers of STRATCOM were anticipating the take-over of US foreign policy by the Straussian neo-cons who happened to fit the recommended persona perfectly!

It also begs the question whether at least a renegade section of the US Military were directly involved in the 911 conspiracy and the election-rigging of 2000 in what was effectively a coup d'etat. Since then, the illegal Bush/Cheney regime has been busy turning the USA and its client states, the UK and Australia, into autocratic dictatorships.

From all this, one thing is clear: as long as US foreign policy remains in the hands of the Straussians the world will remain in dire peril. Somehow, they have to be removed from power and soon. This applies, I believe, as much in the US as it does in the UK, Australia and elsewhere where the Straussians have ensconced themselves in power.

As for those of us in the UK, we urgently need to look at the manner in which we have allowed ourselves become a Straussian banana republic and to completely reassess our place in the world vis-a-vis our progressive and socialist allies in the European Union, our patch of the planet needing change.

I'm not suggesting that we look at the world from a Fortress Europe point-of-view but simply that as the UK is already washed-up the only effective grouping for us is a European one open to the planetary revolution which is already taking place in, particularly, Latin America.

Only when we adopt a dynamic new, proactive attitude will we be able to move on from the present paralysis affecting the anti-war movement and 'left' on our island. Until then, the 'left' will remain trapped in its present state of only being able to react to issues caused by a decayed system which, itself, is the problem.

The Straussians succeeded in their US coup d'etat because their ideology of a New American imperialism and domestic social control through permanent war came at the right time to give the US and UK Right a new sense of purpose and impetus. Since the collapse of the USSR, the British 'left' has been struggling through a desolate wasteland with no sense of purpose or direction.

No wonder, therefore, that in the UK all our civil liberties are being so easily taken away by machiavellians like Blair, Brown and Falconer whose true interests lie more comfortably with MI5 than in parliamentary politics.

What is happening here is what is happening in the USA and Australia. The momentum might be a bit different but the ends are the same: totalitarian dictatorship.

We have to act now if we are to stop it.

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  1. Anonymous3:34 pm

    The 'left' has split into liberal blairites and radical leftists, like you and I. Great article. From one western dissident to another, Ed