Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Petro-Imperialism's Caped-Crusader Exposed Again!

Jack Straw, the Brits' Foreign Secretary, keeps denying that the USUK imperial coalition has any intention of using military force against Iran. Meanwhile his fuehrer, Bliar, swaggers across the world-stage, this time to New Zealand and Australia, to chivvy-up the Anglo-Saxon alliance and muster more support for his 'Clash of Civilizations' against Islam.

Let's see, now. According to Britain's caped-crusader, what we are in is a 'war against terrorism', a struggle to defend our 'traditional values' and our 'special relationship' of 'shared values' with our mighty cousin, the USA. Perfect Orwellian newspeak that doesn't bear to be examined in any detail.

Despite all the brain-washing and incessant media propaganda by now it's very clear to the vast majority of us who the real terrorists are, who deliberately staged 911 and 77 in order to traumatize their public into accepting a raft of repressive legislation meant to turn both the US and the UK into totalitarian, police states.

Terrorists who have been responsible for the killing, maiming and suffering of hundred of thousands of innocent souls in countries unable to defend themselves against the bully-boy tactics of the USUK. Terrorists, who with lust for even more blood are now secretly preparing another unprovoked assault which could quickly degenerate into a nuclear war.

So much for quisling Bliar's 'war on terrorism'. If these are his traditional and shared values as enshrined in his 'special relationship' he should be told clearly where to shove them by the rest of the country he has betrayed so shamelessly.

Muttering on to a slavering audience in an Oz parliament, the quisling warned about the madness of 'anti-Americanism' among some in the West as if the amassed war-crimes which he and his trans-Atlantic gang have already committed are all to be justified by his comical if not so horrific new 'Christian' Crusade.

In the best traditions of propaganda, the Bliar likes to keep his language simple, dumbed-down and comprehensible to the increasing number of illiterates in the new trans-Atlantic culture. So, as if both were the same thing, he conveniently confuses the world's collective contempt for Washington's foreign policy with 'anti-Americanism'. Given that he is hardly a fool is it possible that he is so enamoured of his Straussian neo-con handlers and paymasters that he is unable to see the difference?

For perfectly machiavellian reasons he embraced the Straussian 'war against terror' knowing full well that it was really an anti-Islamic war by Zionists conveniently re-packaged by the London-Washington Anglo-Saxon alliance to replace the defunct 'war against the Red Menace'. Stripped-down of all the ideological verbiage, Bliar's war is essentially the continuation of traditional Anglo-American petro-imperialism in the Middle East. Neither the quisling or his servile media can reveal that. Only those at the receiving end, such as the Ayatollahs, can.

And by pinning his loyalty to petro-imperialism the quisling has gone happily along with scape-goating the Muslims as did Hitler the Jews. In effect, he has done more to stir-up racial strife in his own country than any other contemporary political Brit. War crimes or race crimes, he must be made to answer for both.

Leaking and Marching

When John Sawer leaked his letter to The Times you would have thought it would have been followed by an outcry by the media. But so tightly-controlled are they by their corporate bosses it was greeted by silence. That I can understand perfectly. And all credit to The Times for publishing it. But why the silence from the anti-war crowd? Have they all now been so effectively taken-out? Having performed their annual pilgrimage march in London are they now so exhausted as to let such opportunities go by them so easily?

It only goes to confirm what I have felt for a long time now. Marching is fun and has its purpose. But as Mike Kress, the US war veteran said recently, marching alone fits in exactly with what our leaders would have us do so that we can be controlled and organized like cattle. If we are ever to stop the War Machine we are going to have to apply every ounce of our collective human ingenuity into finding alternative ways of organizing ourselves.

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