Friday, March 24, 2006

Dealing with Britain's Serial-Killer War-Criminals

An old saying in Stalinist eastern Europe about media propaganda went something like this: whatever the Government says believe the opposite and you won't be far wrong. When BBC television deliberately blacked out the annual CND anti-war march last week it added a typically English "if you don't like it, ignore it and hope it goes away" flavour to the encroaching practice of news censorship in vogue with the Corporation's apparatchiks.

The quisling secret-service agents who currently run the British government, including the mafia of Blair, Brown, Straw and Falconer are feeling very edgy right now, it seems. Leaving aside the stories of prime ministerial sleaze being presented to us as a mere distraction the most serious issue facing Britain today is being studiously ignored by a disgustingly servile media.

And that is the deceitful and highly dangerous behaviour of Britain's Number One neocon, Blair, in abusing his office by aligning his country with the ideological lunatics and Strangelovian warmongers in the Bush/Cheney cabal.

Arrogant as ever, Blair says that he will answer to his God for having dragged Britain, kicking and screaming, into the hell-hole he helped to create in Irak. A hundred deaths of UK service personnel and 100,000 Iraki civilians was not, it seems, too great a price to pay for his high moral rectitude.

Unrepentant, he is now acting out a repeat performance to prove to his Straussian handlers that he would be only too delighted to throw in his -and Britain's- lot in helping to murder countless more -this time Iranians- through economic and military, possibly nuclear, genocide.

He dances a fine jig-of-death, does the Bliar, meant solely to entertain his handlers as why else would this war-criminal and traitor salivate at the thought of more mass murders? For a nice, cushy executive position with a multinational corporation already guaranteed on retirement just so long as he continues his present job acting as the Chimp's messenger of death?

Thirty-five years ago, with Britain facing its most serious post-war financial crisis, the pressure on the then premier, Harold Wilson, to drag Britain into the Vietnam war was heavy. Yet, despite the fact that he had to ask the US to help him out of that crisis, he was able to get away with only having to pay lip-service to the Americans. Contrast Wilson's diplomatic finesse to the Bliar's total ineptitude.

Ironically, MI5 was convinced that Wilson was a Soviet Agent and had 10 Downing Street bugged. Such were the times that there were those in the British Establishment, including the Earl Mountbatten, who seriously considered a military coup to remove Wilson and to deal with trades union unrest.

From what we know of Blair, Brown, Straw and Co. they have been working for the secret services ever since their political youth. The nicest thing that could ever be said about them is that, as career politicians, they have throughout their shameful careers taken orders to dismantle the British welfare state and replace it with a police dictatorship behind a humane face.

Thanks to them and their Thatcherite predecessors Britain is now effectively a police state run solely in the interests of US imperialism.

Yet, as a nation, we allow them to get away with it!

As Britain is yet again being dragged into another vicious war that nobody but the serial-killers want there is a deathly silence in the land. Even the 'left' it would appear is unable to stand up to these tin-pot Hitlers.

Perhaps, after all, people get the politicians and despots they deserve.

When, if ever, are we going to pin these killers down?


  1. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Hi dissident,

    Nice blog - I've been reading it for a while and I must say - though I know little of British political system (now I know more)- it is very very interesting.

    You talked about the media. It is horrible, even the BBC. One year ago I considered it to be the best source of news. Now I am starting to think otherwise: the way BBC reports about my country (Iran) is becoming worse and worse. What are they trying to gain?

    Anyways keep up the good work.

    By the way:
    This is a very interesting article - about the mysterious ways imperialism works (not so mysterious perhaps):

  2. Thank you, Anonymous, glad you enjoy reading it. I try to say on this blog things that most so-called 'left' blogs won't touch as they, too, are as much part of the old British Empire mindset as those they seek to criticize.

    The BBC was never independent from Government-control due to the fact that its funding is obtained from a licence-fee controlled by the Government.

    Prior to the Blair regime, governments appear to have allowed some freedom to the BBC to criticize government action but the Blair regime has tightened-up on that. I thinks it's pretty clear that the heavily biased propaganda that the BBC puts out ad nauseum over Iraq and Iran is part of the deal the BBC has had to accept from the Blair government just to stay alive.

    That is why it is so important to expose the Blair regime for what it really is: a quisling, puppet government taking its orders from the extreme right-wing Straussian neo-cons in Washington DC.

    There's another word for quisling: traitor. And that is what these servile lickspittles are who have, no doubt, been bribed by the US to sell what few freedoms Britain had left.

    Britain is now effectively a police state run in the interests of US imperialism.

    I can still say that but I wonder for how much longer? You can be sure, however, that this blog will keep going for as long as it can.

    As a Green Socialist, Planetarian and just human-being, I do not differentiate between nationalities. The crimes that are being perpetrated upon the Iraqi people and the obscene threats made by the US Empire against Iran are as much a crime committed against all peoples.

    A small group of us have recently started a website, Iransolidarity, with the intention of supplying more accurate and truthful news about the current situation.

    I would invite you and your fellows to join it and give us your input. I would also direct you to our main site at and hope you participate in that.

    These web-sites, though UK-based, are intended to be planetary so I hope you will join us.

    There IS a revolution taking place across the world today of which the Iranian revolution is, I'm sure, a part. Despite the fact that we live within the jaws of the Beast here, we too are part of that revolution and it is our purpose to help share this consciousness with as many others of our fellow-humans everywhere!

    La lutta continua! (The struggle continues!)