Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Karma and the New Crusaders

Apropos the double-talk currently emanating from the quislings in 10 Downing Street, Hannah Strange, London's UPI correspondent ends her Iran report by observing that, "For now, the government appears to be performing a diplomatic balancing act, attempting to dispel fears of a rush to war while simultaneously preparing for it."

While the Straw mouth says one thing, the Bliar orifice says another. Which one we wonder is more full of shit?

It's typical New Labour. Keep pointing your orifices every which way for when Bush/Cheney come in with the big shaft you can't be sure how they're going to screw you. Meantime everyone is kept in a state of confusion and no one in what you would call the natural opposition to Bliar's War Party has anything much to say.

Thus the new imperialists get another adrenalin-buzz of power living out their fantasy of a new crusade to save civilization from the evil hordes.

Anyone who believes a word uttered by these compulsive liars is guaranteed a big disappointment. No matter how hard they try to present themselves to the world as diplomats and men of reason they have now created for themselves a past of so much evil karma that, were reincarnation to be a given truth, it would take them an eon of successive lifetimes to deal with the suffering they have brought upon others.

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