Thursday, March 16, 2006

For a Worldwide Network against War

The recent deluge of expressions of “concern” about Iran by Cheney, Bolton, Blair, Rumsfeld et al should be setting alarm bells ringing throughout the world.

These dangerous and sinister players are back on the warpath and humanity is in danger- first and foremost the people of Iran, who have committed the cardinal sin of standing up for their own rights

But it is no exaggeration to say that the future of every single one of us is at risk. Having gone along with the “diplomatic process” in the hope of persuading Iran to forfeit their rights under international law, Russia is now backpedalling but it is probably too late. As a consequence US/UK has a vetoed Security Council resolution in their grasp and the scent of blood in their nostrils.

The diplomatic manouevrings and pretence is already reminiscent of pre-Irak War déja vu but the violence which will follow will make the Irak war look like a picnic.

A war against Iran would involve a US/Israeli First Strike with the likely use of nuclear 'tactical' weapons whose radioactivity will spread inexorably across the planet to affect everyone. Cancer rates will rise dramatically.

The neo-con desperadoes want their war and who can stop them?

We must try: but what can we do?

1) The internet is our one trump card. Use it to inform yourself and others. Expose the lies in which we are being buried.

2) Take action. Take to the streets. The message everywhere must be loud and clear: Defend Iran!No more War! Warmongers behind bars!

3) Whatever you do report it locally and globally across the net using resources such as Indymedia.

To assist this process we have set up a website:

Contact us at, register on our forum, send us your views, advertise and report your events on our website.

Do not wait for others to act- its up to you! Be assured that you will find allies everywhere- you are not alone!

Together we can stop the warmongers!

Colin Buchanan, Glasgow, Scotland, 15th March

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