Sunday, March 26, 2006

He's preparing to kill again! Will someone stop him?

A letter recently leaked by a very senior civil servant, John Sawer, Political Director of the British Foreign Office, blows the whistle on the Bliar regime's plans for manipulating the UN Security Council nations into paving the way for a war against Iran. The entire, macabre staging of events via the IAEA and the UNSC is, as a Russian diplomat described it in Geneva, déja vu.

The letter Sawer has leaked reveals the intentions of the Foreign Office over the next few weeks to persuade both Russia and China on the need to attack Iran. To achieve this it would be necessary to coordinate a strategy involving the US, France and Germany to obtain UN approval for such an attack.

"This is the proof Katharine Gun called for days ago; “I urge those in a position to do so to disclose information which relates to this planned aggression...Such government activities are not paper-free endeavors...documents are being drafted now or already exist. As the political momentum builds towards a military ‘solution’, it would be wrong to wait until bombs have fallen on Iran and families destroyed before finally informing the public.”"

The following memo is a government document describing how they will build that political momentum towards a military solution. Sawers writes to his colleges that they will introduce a Security Council resolution which Iran is likely to reject. He does not want to tell Russia and China what will happen to Iran at that point. This could be because they are considering nuclear attack, but that is speculation on my part."

"This will be another unprovoked war of aggression, though they will likely call it a pre-emptive attack. This should have happened by June of this year. The government has already set its policy objective; attack Iran. Another war is coming unless ‘we’ stop it."

"The plan is to win Russian consent by the G8 summit in June. This is when they (Britain, France, Germany, US) are in position to offer Russia the largest economic incentives. This makes it likely the war is also about economic incentives. (If, for example, there war were to be about security concerns, possible nuclear weapons, the UK might try to convince Russia by showing them Iranian documents and nuclear material. The UK is bargaining with money, the war is likely about money.)"


It is vitally important that the alternative news networks get the message: the Bliar War Party is secretly preparing another war and is playing a major role in UN diplomatic manoeuvrings to get it.

The war he and his fellow-criminals are preparing will be a continuation of many decades of British petro-imperialism in the Middle East. Lacking the teeth of the old imperial lion, however, Bliar will rely on the US military goliath to be his killing-machine. His part, as usual, is to play the trojan horse that attacks and weakens any European opposition. This he has done. What a glorious day for British diplomacy!

The Iranians are well aware of what is going on. Only the slumbering proles in Britain remain blissfully unaware of what the diabolical regime masquerading as HM Government is really up to.

Recently, Iran Broadcasting's English Radio interviewed Lyndon LaRouche, one of Dick Cheney's arch-enemies. In that interview LaRouche describes how a military strike against Iran is very much part of a venture instigated by "the Liberal Imperialist crowd in London, which is the Blair-Jack Straw crowd".

"But the architecture runs largely through international financial channels, such as George Shultz, who is a former Secretary of State, and who is the architect of the present Bush Administration: That is, the person who pulled it together to be elected."

"So, this is the key point from which this comes. It's an Anglo-American operation, but the policy itself, which is the British policy of the Arab Bureau, the so-called "anti-Islam policy," is what the motivation is."

LaRouche goes on to describe how the IAEA and the UNSC are being used to legitimize another war-crime. "The nuclear issue is not really the issue. And from Iran, you know that because you know what the negotiations are, particularly involving the Russians, involving also the Chinese interest in this, and the general Asian view of this matter."

"The nuclear issue is not the cause of the problem. The issue is, they want to [cause] the problem. And therefore, they're using the nuclear negotiation as a pretext for an enlarged war in the entire region of Southwest Asia."

He comments on the Bliar-Straw double-talk on Iran which over the months has taken an increasingly belligerent tone:

"Q: You talked about London's involvement in this issue, but Jack Straw has time and again talked about peaceful means and diplomacy, in dealing with Iran's nuclear issue, and has praised Iran's previous government, and criticized its incumbent President for their approach. You think he is not sincere?

LaRouche: I'm sure of it! After all, remember, you have in the history of Iran, you have things like the Sykes-Picot Treaty, which was authored by the British as a part of a process of getting World War I going.

No, these fellows are not exactly honest. We know them very well. In a case like this, one must deal with the facts, without discussing sincerity."

Now, I know that Lyndon LaRouche is anathema to the 'left chic' salon whose politics are based more on, it seems, arrogant fashionability and correctness. In dismissing LaRouche's insights into the Bush/Cheney/Blair axis of evil they maintain such a high-and-mighty blinkerishness on current trans-Atlantic imperialism that one wonders if they too are not playing the reactionary part of having become Britain's 'left' gatekeepers. The complaisant self-indulgence and tired defeatism of the contemporary British Left is a thing to behold. It's no wonder that creeps like Bliar and Straw are allowed to get away with the repeated crimes and obscenities they commit against humanity and remain in political power.

Good civil servant and decent human being that he is John Sawer's blown the whistle on Bliar's War Party. In the deathly silence that follows I can hear the echo of his whistle return to me over and over across Britain's political wasteland. Is anyone else listening? And if they are will they do what's necessary to alert the nation to what's going on?

Due to the conspicuous lack of interest being displayed by the usual suspects I appeal once more to the bloggers and mailing list readers to pick up the message and to run with it.

Scream it from the roof-tops:

Britain's Number One traitor and War-Criminal Bliar is preparing to kill again! In the name of God, will someone stop him?

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