Saturday, March 04, 2006

How the Barbarians are spreading Darkness over the Planet

Last Wednesday, 1 March, the English-language newspaper, THE HINDU, reported the latest findings of the International Atomic Energy Authority that there was no evidence whatsoever "that Teheran had diverted material towards making atomic weapons".

Quite unsurprisingly the BBC's war-propaganda machine kept quiet about this, not wishing to put Iran in a favourable light and thus compromising the inevitable bellicose posturing we can expect from its controller and paymaster, the quisling Bliar.

Yet, almost in the same breath, the IAEA goes on to criticize Iran for not cooperating 'more fully' with the disclosure of sites to the body.

"However, it called upon Iran to substantially increase its cooperation with the IAEA inspectors as the agency has not been able 'to conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran.'"

As Iran has maintained all along, it has done nothing to contravene the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Iranians have good reason not to cooperate as fully as the IAEA would like. For were they to do this they would have to disclose several strategic sites which the US could then access and target in a future aerial attack.

For behaving in a perfectly sensible manner, Iran has disgruntled the IAEA whose final statement, next Monday, will no doubt be received in the most negative light by the USA and its international messenger-boy the UK.

Were the recommendation then to be made to carry out economic sanctions against Iran, it will be done on the basis of this so-called lack of 'full cooperation' and the totally unsubstantiated speculation that behind it, lay some secret programme to develop nuclear weapons.

Sounds like the old Iraki WMD story unravelling itself in a new variation!

Thus, the Evil Empire will have succeeded in nobbling the IAEA to do the initial political dirty work which leads, inexorably, to the United Nations' Security Council where a small group of nations would be blackmailed and bullied by the USUK into falling in line with its premeditated intention to punish Iran with economic sanctions.

And there's an end to it.

An end? That would only be the end of the beginning!

For once Iran has been effectively labelled an international pariah this gives the US a legal veneer to attack it militarily and, what's more, to use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear nation. This would enable the US to put into practice its new global strategy of first-strike, so-called pre-emptive war using 'tactical' nuclear weapons against any country deemed to be a threat to its security.

Now the Iranian president, Mr Ahmadinejad, has accused the IAEA of acting in a politically motivated way. He has good reason. Compare the manner in which the IAEA has got heavy on Iran with its kid-glove treatment of Israel, a rogue nuclear nation now with an even greater arsenal than the UK's which has never even signed the NPT. Or. indeed, with its coy treatment of North Korea.

Let's cut the crap and ask the obvious question: who, exactly, is running the IAEA in who's interest? And, for that matter, who is trying to run the UN security council and get that body to muscle in on the responsibilities delegated to the United Nations' General Assembly?

The barbarians of the Evil Empire, of course.

An Evil Empire whose stated aim is total global domination and endless war and which Britain, through its "special relationship" obeys without question.

Yesterday it was Irak, now it's Iran, tomorrow Syria, Saudi Arabia etc, etc until the entire Middle East oilfield has been put under the Empire's control and each of those countries balkanized, broken down through civil war into a gaggle of feudal states paying homage to the Empire.

The process has already begun in Irak where a civil war is being deliberately provoked by the covert actions of US and UK black ops, later attributed to Iraki insurgents. Far from stabilizing Irak it was always the purpose of the Evil Empire to ensure that the country was effectively de-stabilized and broken up through civil war.

The Brits, in particular, have a long track record of this kind of black ops in Ireland and in their old Empire which was kept divided and effectively ruled thereby.

It is vital that the anti-war movement should understand the wider picture and not simply limit itself to mouthing empty slogans like "Troops Out" and "Don't attack Iran". It must understand that what we are faced with today is a new form of barbaric aggression which seeks totalitarian control of the planet's population by subjugating it through endless war.

If the leadership of the current anti-war movement has become so paralyzed that it is no longer able to do anything other than to organize an annual march, then the rest of us must seriously ask ourselves what has gone wrong and consider alternative methods of creating a new, decentralized and more dynamic movement outside the reach of sectarian politics.

Until such time the barbarians of Evil Empire will continue to spread their darkness over the planet.

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