Friday, April 10, 2009

Who will stand up to the Bully Boys in Blue?

This is a video of the way Kent police treated climate protesters at the Kingsnorth Climate Camp in August 2008.

Using harassment, inordinate force and anti-Terror Law legislation the bully boys simply went ape-shit against a crowd of non-violent protesters. Their excuse for doing so was, according to one plod, that they had received intelligence reports requiring them to ensure the safety of the peace camp!!

Instead, what we see here is almost a dry-run for what was played out again with even more force and hi-tech oppression at the London G20. The police might be carrying-out the violence but behind them is a Nu Labour government which is providing them with all the means to do so. Ultimately, it is the politicians who must bear the responsibility on this attack against the British people.

While politicians queue up to tell us all how wonderful our police are, the facts keep pointing in the opposite direction...

No matter what the evidence politicians of all the main parties will trumpet the same line, we have the best police force in the world. Its that attitude that led to the death of Ian Tomlinson. The fact that all major polticial parties have treated policing as a vote winner on the back of tabloid editorials rather than for what is best for the country.

Year after year the failures and excesses of the police are ignored for to do otherwise would incur the wrath of The Sun and the rest of the gutter press. Instead politicians hand more and more powers to the police until they become drunk with authoritarian zeal. The end product is a police state, kettling and Ian Tomlinson.

When is any mainstream politician going to be honest enough to admit we have a piss poor police force that is now out of control?

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