Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Video Shows Man being attacked by Police before his Death

A video and scene-by-scene footage has just been released by The Guardian showing the last moments prior to his death, supposedly of a heart attack, of Mr Ian Tomlinson during the G20 demos in London last week.

The picture above shows the blurred image of Mr Tomlinson after he has been hit by batons and violently pushed to the pavement.

At last the MSM have taken up the case and The Guardian has prepared a dossier to hand over to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Widespread feeling is, however, that the IPCC will whitewash the incident just as it did with the shooting by police of the Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes.

In another Guardian article, De Menezes taught the Met nothing, Duncan Campbell writes about the initial cover-up attempt by the police,

The two lessons must be that, as always, we should never assume that the first official version of a death in suspicious circumstances is accurate. The second lesson must be that the police have now to review their tactics for future demonstrations.

The Metropolitan Police has a reputation for being one of the most violent and corrupt forces in Britain. The use of inordinate force and the systematic bullying of protesters and scapegoated sections of the community has become part of a regular pattern of their behaviour indicating a drift into police-state fascism.

In the Comments list following the Duncan Campbell article, Stephen Moss, a Guardian journo observes that,

When the Guardian offered this astonishing footage to the BBC News at 6, apparently the response was "No thanks, we're not covering this, we see it as just a London story." Great news sense down there at TV Centre.

Brilliant work by Paul Lewis to pull apart the Met's web of lies. Now let's hope the new commissioner will set about changing this masonic, closed-ranks culture ... or is that wild optimism on my part? A police force that lies through is teeth is, in effect, no police force at all.


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