Friday, April 03, 2009

G20 April 2nd: Raids and Remembrance

With the G20 London Summit meeting, several demonstrations took place, including an early morning giant game of monopoly outside the Stock Exchange and several hundred protesting outside the ExCeL centre where the G20 were [report].

Elsewhere a remembrance event took place outside the Bank of England, near to where Ian Tomlinson died during the previous days demonstration. Heavily policed, people appealed for more information surrounding the death, and condemned the police tactics [report |Pics | Videos].

At the same time in a cynical display of power, hundreds of riot police raided two buildings associated with the protests. At Ramparts they burst through windows wearing balaclavas and aiming tazars at those inside screaming "Get down, get down" [report | Pics 1,2,3]. At Earl Street they smashed the door down and handcuffed around 40 people inside [report | Pics 1,2]. A handful of arrests were made. Later those who had gathered at the Bank of England were dispersed by riot police.

Another remembrance demonstration calling for an inquiry into police actions is planned for Saturday at Bank.


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