Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BBC film shows only violent protesters

BBC News is at last reporting the Ian Tomlinson Case. No doubt it was embarrassed into doing so now that other sections of the British press are reporting it and the Liberal Democrats are calling for a criminal inquiry.

But even so it couldn't do it without perverting the facts. Here's what a Medialens commentator had to say about it:

BBC news 24 cleverly mixed in only footage of the few violent incidents of the G20 protest when reporting the police assault on Ian Tomlinson,thus giving the impression that the protests were "violent". The mealy mouthed commentator remarked that the police had been "under a great deal of pressure".

No mention of the violent police break up of the climate camp, no mention that the violence happned well after the police penned in the demonstrators, no mention that people have the right to protest. Also no representative of any organiser of the demonstrations to give their opinion. The unbiased BBC!

UK readers are urged to write to their MP, asking for the matter to be brought up in Parliament. See Ian Tomlinson's death: Write to your MP now

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