Saturday, April 11, 2009

We the People ...

As a result of the death of Ian Tomlinson and the video and verbal evidence indicating several assaults on him by the police prior to his death the wider case of police brutality during the G20 protests is now getting publicity.

In today's Guardian article, several instances of police brutality are listed. Yet these are just a sample of a police-instigated violence which went on throughout the protests. The wider picture is of a police force out of control and one which was carrying-out the orders of senior officers to create riot conditions in which non-violent protesters would be assaulted and intimidated.

And in a politicized police force like that of the UK who, then, gave the senior officers directions but our rulers themselves?

Of course, the British establishment remains silent. It will not raise a single voice against police behaviour which was predictably meant to protect the interests of the state against a dissenting people. While that is understood there is absolutely no reason why a dissenting people should remain silent. While the state's apparatchiks and the MSM in general have done everything they can to either ridicule the protests or to present them as the acts of 'the scum of society' the reality is that the protesters reflected the popular feelings of the vast majority of the British people. And no amount of ridicule will change that truth.

We are only just at the very beginning of turbulent times. Capitalism as we knew it is certainly in demise. It may well be that our rulers intend to turn their temporary loss into long-term advantage by, as Adrian Salbuchi suggests, using the collapse to create a global currency and oppressive New World Order. What is clear in any event is that if ordinary people do nothing to resist their conspiracies then we shall get what our docile behaviour brings about. As that old Tory historian, Edmund Burke, once wrote, "For evil to triumph it only requires that good people do nothing."

A Medialens commentator writes:

The police and military aren't ours, aren't under our democratic control. They're behaving like thug-muscle for gangsters.

"This is not a metaphor!"

Any populace, with or -- as in our wretched case -- without a written, legally-enforceable constitution, can assume as a matter of basic human rights that when the state forces are DE FACTO out of democratic control, and are serving actual masters of questionable legitimacy, then they too lose all claim to legitimacy. They lose the right to our support and cooperation, and they lose the right to public funding drawn from common taxes.

What he says could have applied equally to the events which led to the American Revolution when the call No Taxation without Representation led to the Boston Tea Party. We in 21st Century Britain would now do well to revive that call. For we too are in a situation where our taxes are being used not only to finance an oppressive police force but their apologists in the BBC and elsewhere. And more than this it is being used to bolster a widely unpopular, unelected Prime Minister in charge of a corrupt, oligarchic rule using taxpayer's money to bail out the vast losses made by a system whose nature is both anti-life and anti-social.

the R-word is in the air more and more just recently. Necessarily. And here's a definition ... which underlines the fundamental changes that it implies, but without necessarily falling into the violence, bloodshed and death that has subverted so many previous revolutions into tyranny:

"A dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organised, or in peoples ideas about it"


Dramatic and wide-reaching change is what this blogger is calling for. Not a bloody or violent insurrection. When I call for Revolution I mean it literally, that is to say for the widespread recognition that we are collectively at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. And for Brits this must significantly mean not only the end of the post-war Bretton Woods 'Pax Americana' but of the fag-end of the British Empire which has for so long attached itself desperately to American imperialism in the hope of prolonging its sell-by date. Both the imperialism of the British and American ruling classes has run out of time.

They are finished.

Now all that remains is for their manipulated and brain-washed masses, lied to and bribed for decades since the general blood-letting of WWII, to acknowledge that and prepare themselves for the new world that is coming. And it's coming whether we like it or not.

Over the next couple of decades, we're going to be passing through that without the option. The Limits ensure it. So why not embrace it promptly, and do something right now about the deep, terminal rottenness now spreading through the fag-end of the English imperial state? The longer we leave it, in favour of comfortable sleepwalking, the worse it gets. The gics, [gangsters-in-charge] their state thugs (both overt and secret), their pocket-pols, and their propagandists think that we're pushover pussy-cats. And so far they're right.


Yes, the longer we leave it the worse it gets. Not just for a few but for us all. Until, that is, we start uniting together --as humans always have done-- to protect our lives and our families and what freedoms we have wrested from our rulers through struggle. The time for that process to begin is Now.

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