Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pakistani 'terror plot suspects' to be deported rather than charged

In what looks increasingly like a politically-motivated, phoney anti-terror raid, Operation Pathway underscores the callous, racist nature of both Gordon Brown's Nu Labor rule and a politicized police force which oversees its reign of terror.

Lives are wrecked and Muslims terrorised for political gain. A Medialens commentator rightly observes:

How casually the British establishment will destroy the lives of these innocent young people (studies terminated, families harassed, deported to Pakistan where a warm welcome from the ISI awaits etc) all because they were selected, more or less at random I would imagine, for bit parts in the latest police state PR exercise.

It's disgusting. And depressing that none of the individual human beings involved in this sorry episode (on the side of the authorites) appear have courage and/or conscience in sufficient measure to do something about it - eg. REFUSING TO OBEY IMMORAL ORDERS.

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