Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Calls for public inquiry into police brutality at G20 summit

Organisers and groups involved in the protest against the G20 summit in London have called for an independent public inquiry into the brutal policing of the demonstrations last week, following the death of a man on his way home from work on the evening of April 1...

During the two day summit, police attacked many protesters, arrested a total of 127 people, and detained many more. On April 1 some 85 people were arrested. Police also raided two squats in the London area and attacked peaceful protests at the Stock Exchange, the Bank of England and other locations...

Prior to the demonstration, organisers had stated their concerns about inflammatory and provocative comments from senior police officers. Commander Simon O'Brien of London's Metropolitan Police said the police had “well-rehearsed tactics” and “will not tolerate any people breaking the law, attacking buildings, people, or our officers”.

He then warned, “We're up for it and we're up to it”.

The Times cited a posting on a police Internet forum where one officer spoke of “going up against the scum of our society, the immature thrill seekers and anonymous cowards who hide in large crowds with scarves pulled over their faces chanting meaningless slogans to hurl whatever is at hand at the lines of police deployed to maintain order. So boys and girls, keep your chin straps tight, your batons ready and shields high”.


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