Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sarkozy cuts a Radioactive Entente with Perfidious Albion

Washington's new stooge Nicolas Sarkozy, now increasingly disliked by his fellow French, hops over the Channel to announce a new Entente Cordiale with Broon and the Nu Labor Right. Watch out folks, for this means that the French and British 'neoliberal globalists and the neocons are conspiring together against what's left of the European social-democrats.

It's a huge PR operation which the BBC is predictably enthusiastically taking part in. As it did recently on the Washington-led China-bashing exercise where the Tibetans provided them with a good political football.

So it's no accident that Sarkozy and Broon chose a football stadium for their press 'summit'. Showing off his bored-looking media celeb wife Sarkozy, who always reminds me of a smarmy waiter, talks about selling French nuclear reactors to Britain (timed to coincide with Hutton's recent speech) and sending French forces to kill and be killed in Afghanistan. Nukes to bribe French industry with and French cannon-fodder on the instructions of Washington DC.

And did I hear something about the European Defence Force? Still early days for that but by tying France's participation in NATO with the EDF we can see the way the wind's blowing. Sarkozy wants the EDF to "complement" NATO and Broon and Nu Labor will find that a very acceptable compromise to an EDF in competition with Washington and the present USUK Alliance.

Sarkozy's visit is an attempt to betray the European project by helping turn the planned EDF into a Trojan horse for the US. This new Anglo-French initiative is meant to pull the EU further down the Washington road together with "An alliance of nationalists, neoliberal ideologues and Rumsfeld's New Europe [which] is at work to reduce the continent to an internal market plus NATO"

It is ironic that the very same anti-EU forces plus the treacherous Blair and his successor Broon should be the ones doing Washington's dirty work from within. They are nothing more than wreckers and part of a ghoulish alliance in which the anti-EU groups now find themselves.

Strange world we live in ...

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