Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The BBC, Tibet and the Freisler Effect

Suspicions grow that the 'uprising' in Tibet was actually part of a premeditated event planned deliberately to coincide with the Olympic Games in China and the relay of the Olympic torch from Greece. CIA and US complicity in these events has already been brought to light in an another blog article below, Tibet Uprising & US Government Funding.

Whatever one's feeling are about current events in Tibet it is a very sad thing that a people's confrontation with a much larger nation is being used as a political football by a hypocritical West whose own record in human rights and war crimes is stained with the blood of millions of innocents. If anyone should be banned from participating in the Olympics it should be the USA and the UK for their ongoing war crimes. But no chance of that.

Meanwhile the same old macabre game is being played out, as usual, by a BBC almost beside itself with hysteria that a "peaceful, non-violent country" and that nice man the Dalai Lama are being bullied by a much larger China.

The BBC has gone into a feeding-frenzy about Tibet with constant newscasts on the quarter hour on its international, News 24 channel. Chinese spokesmen are given coverage only to be shouted at, ridiculed and harangued by some BBC person with the haircut and appearance of a village idiot.

This sort of abuse is quite common on the BBC and is invariably aimed at nationalities that the BBC doesn't like. Apart from the Chinese it is quite common to see Iraqis, Iranians and Russians treated in a similar fashion. Not only does the BBC appear to be under strict instructions from its paymaster, the Government, to act as an enthusiastic conduit for the propaganda of the New American Century and the Anglo-Saxon Alliance but it is to carry out the task by insulting and screaming abuse at the common ideological enemy.

Yesterday, I was watching a spokesman from the Chinese Embassy in London being given the treatment. The poor man, whose English was not all it could be kept referring to Gordon Brown as 'she' (well, perhaps he and Chinese Intelligence know something the rest of us don't and maybe Gordy is a cross-dresser on the quiet) while being attacked by the predatory village-idiot.

Clearly aware that the Chinese, whose self control and behaviour was in the circumstances exemplary, was going to wilt under fire the village-idiot piled into him as if the man was in the dock in a McCarthyite show trial. Insult after insult followed. The village-idiot just couldn't help himself, no doubt fancying that the audience would be applauding this heroic act in the name of human rights.

It was quite nauseating to watch. I felt ashamed to be British wondering just what the Chinese must be thinking about the village-idiot's disgusting table manners.

And yet this kind of thing has become a regular occurrence on a BBC which Hitler's Chief Prosecutor, Roland Freisler, would find a lot in common with. It bodes ill for the future. I for one would not miss the BBC if it went into liquidation tomorrow. The trouble is that that's not likely as the Government would not want to lose its chief propaganda outlet.

It will be more likely increasingly commercialised whilst still being permitted to screw the domestic viewers with an annual licence fee. And the Freisler Effect will just go from bad to worse as Britain sinks into an Orwellian nightmare.

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