Thursday, March 06, 2008

Experts suspect U.S. military involvement in Ecuador

Experts from the respected United States research center COHA indicated in a dispatch issued Monday that there was "a strong possibility" of U.S. involvement in the Colombian military incursion into Ecuador.

Ecuadorian troops evacuate a woman wounded during the attack.

The operation led to the death of Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) Commander Raúl Reyes.

Analysts from the Council on Hemispheric Affairs are examining in particular the role possibly played by Southcom, the so-called U.S. Southern Command, based in Miami that manages U.S. operations in the region, "the planning, supply and implementation" of the Colombian intervention into Ecuadorian territory.

"There are good grounds to speculate that the entire game plan seems to have been carried out at too sophisticated a level by a Colombian military which normally is dismissed as incompetent, corrupt, drug sodden and ill-deposed to risk dangers."

Founded in 1975, COHA is a think tank described as a group of U.S. academics, experts in hemispheric affairs.

"The U.S. role could have involved the supply of intelligence based on satellites and heat sensors, a supply of smart bombs and the seconding of some of the scores of U.S. trainers in the country," the COHA report states and continues, "In addition, there could have been possible authorization of the use of Black Hawk helicopters provided under the auspices of Plan Colombia." (JGA)

from Granma International

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