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911 False Flag - Unter falscher Flagge

Made by Nuoviso last year or in 2006, this excellent German movie professionally and methodically focuses on the inconsistencies in the official version of the 911 events as well as on the evidence which was suppressed. In addition, it answers questions about why we still know nothing about it to this day and why we are being deceived – also in Europe.

The film touches on other false-flag operations including Bologna and 7/7. It also describes how after 7/7 the theme of Gleneagles suddenly shifted from third world debt to war and how the US Global Missile Defence is being implemented for a First Strike all-out nuclear war against Russia (and/or possibly China as well).

It clearly highlights the inextricable connection between a dangerously aggressive US military/foreign policy and how 911 was staged to create not only police states in the USA, the UK and the West but to soften up the Europeans to allow the installation of a Global Missile 'Defence' whose purpose is to conduct such an attack.

The UK Anti-War Movement should clearly understand this and join forces with the 911 Truth Movement to march against the threat under which the world is now in from a common enemy. It is quite ridiculous that the Anti-War Movement should remain politically aloof. But understandable, led as it is by a political party, the SWP, which is infested with MI5 stooges. It's another aspect of how the SWP trojan is being used by the Secret State to divide and rule us. Why do we allow ourselves to remain in this intolerable position?

You can see a high-quality version of the movie at the Nuoviso website (downloadable using, for example, free Realplayer 11 software) and an inferior version at Google,

911 False Flag was made by the same people who made the Zero film shown at the 911 Conference both in Brussels and Amsterdam. It was originally produced for the German market as Unter falscher Flagge without subtitles.

Here are a few quotes from the English subtitles. As the English is slightly stilted I have made some small additions and alterations so they read better.

Oil, the Arms Industry, the Neocons & the Project for a New American Century

"The entire ruling elite of the American government and all who surround them come from large corporations and specifically out of the Oil and Weapons industry. That's Cheney, the vice-president. That's Rumsfeld who, meanwhile, has left. That's Feith, that's Wolfowitz. Perle [the Prince of Darkness] is back as one of the chief planners and many others. They joined forces prior to the election of Bush and wrote about a New American Century."

"And advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a useful political tool" -Project for a New American Century.

"So in a manner the blacks must be exterminated and we must develop biological weapons that target dark skin. I mean that is a sentence from some monstrosity! ... a racially effective biological chemical weapon ... that's what these people are about. In Germany they would be thrown into prison for hate-mongering, which is where they belong."

"It's clearly stated by Wolfowitz in this document that the Americans cannot allow any other nation or any other coalition of nations to become even remotely as strong as they are. This statement correlates, interestingly enough, with their reflections about how that could be achieved through a catastrophic event similar to Pearl Harbour which would lead to a change in consciousness of US American citizens."

Need for a New Investigation

"Since 911 was exactly the Pearl Harbour that was advocated in these papers, naturally Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz are, in a sense, under suspicion. But it's not sufficient in my opinion to [just] say that they were responsible. It is only sufficient to demand a new investigation."

"And in the USA, where the Patriot Act was rushed through after the attacks [and] where civil rights are actually being successfullly dismantled, where a police state is on the way to become truly totalitarian ... Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and Mazar-i-Sharif just after the invasion of Afghanistan ... these are things I would characterise as fascistic elements."

It's Oil

"It is not without reason that all of these people, starting with Bush himself, have pottered about half their lifetimes for the Oil industry. In all these matters, it is not about democracy and freedom for the Iraqis and Afghanis. Bush and Cheney couldn't care less about that."

"It's about securing the energy reserves. And now that no oil is coming out of Iraq because the whole infrastructure has been destroyed that suits OPEC and the multinational oil corporations just fine because as we see by the current price of oil they have never earned as much as they do today."

"The Americans wage war with 911. Bush drives his election campaign with 911"

[here the movie cuts to 77]

"At the same time the G8 Summit was taking place in Gleneagles ... after the [7/7] attacks the theme of Gleneagles changed completely: it's simply a disgrace how European nations, against better knowledge, act in full complicity. Where is anyone from these governments to express any form of opposition to these plans?"

Russia's Next

Putin comes out of the intelligence branch and knows, of course, about the game that is being played on the Grand Chessboard. He also knows that he or Russia is a figure on that chessboard. Now the passive figure has transformed himself into a man of action who does not accept the plans of the Americans to give the entire Russian Oil and Gas industry into the hands of the Americans vis-a-vis into the control of American firms. He has counteracted that."

Global Missile Defence: the US Plan to Attack Russia in a First Strike

"And Putin knows that this Global Missile Defence is, of course, directed against Russia ... whom else should it be directed against? The objective is the following: [the GMD] can never cover the entire area, It can only intercept a limited number of enemy missiles. And this limited number of enemy missiles is the number which is left over after a destructive pre-emptive strike by America, a certain [retaliatory] second-strike capacity of the enemy is still intact. To intercept the remainder which can still be discharged, that is the objective of the GMD. That means it is supposed to give the Americans the ability to launch a pre-emptive [first strike] attack without consequences and to remain thereby invulnerable."

Germany tied to the US

"One is unwilling to confront the facts because to do so would be to call into question the transatlantic ties which serve Germany's national interests. Every Chancellor voices this [interest]. It is fatal."

The Government is our Arch-Enemy

"We hope that our Government wants only the best for its citizens. When we suddenly realise that the government is our arch-enemy our world breaks down completely ... we do not want to believe it to be true."

Suppression of Government Criminality

"[These are questions that] lie on the tip of the tongue of anyone who has even a minimal interest in criminality. But anyone who does question is denounced as a conspiracy theorist. To present that at the risk that the Government will be exposed as a secret band of murderers which could be executed or imprisoned for life ... that must be suppressed as much as possible."

[cuts to scenes of people all over Europe and the world marching for 911 Truth]

911 must be Explained

"We would not have had all these fatal political actions had it not been for 911. It is for that reason that 911 must be explained"

The Courage to hold true to Law

"What I would wish for myself ... is courage to think logically. Also courage to express objections even against the opinions of the majority. To hold true to the basic rule of law and international law and to demand it of others ..."

The Truth must be Told

"We must see to it that more and more people know what is really going on, what the motives behind it are. They must simply know what the motives behind it are. They must simply know that what we have been told is not true ... we know from history that governments are capable of doing anything. They can commit unbelievable crimes. They can sacrifice their own citizens to sell to the people a plan, a strategy, a preconceived decision to go to war."

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