Friday, March 28, 2008

NYPD brutally clubs Tibet demonstrators outside the United Nations Building

This horrendous video shows the world how the USA has descended into a nazi, police state. Bush is responsible for having ordered this as well as the deaths of literally millions across the world.

Britain's Blair and Brown are his cohorts.

The US was taken over by these murderous gangsters in two fixed elections in 2000 and 2004. What will they do in 2008?

The same police state was imported into Britain by Blair on Bush's orders. Our political 'leaders', our police, our judiciary are breaking their own laws in a fake "War on Terror".

Videos like this show us all who the real terrorists are. We have to find ways to unite together now to protect us from an evil which will not stop spreading until it takes over the entire Planet.

These videos vividly document the evil that is emanating from Bush and his gangsters. They need to be seen all over the world, If you have a blog, website or mailing list put this news and videolink on it now.

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