Thursday, March 20, 2008

Poles Protest against planned U.S. Military Bases

A big manifestation against locating American military bases in Poland took place in Warsaw on Saturday, March 15th. Leftwing activists, Greens and anti-militarists marched from The Presidential Palace to the Polish Parliament and then the U.S. embassy. Together they called the Polish president and prime minister to withdraw their support for the USA governments' plans for building an other American military installation on European soil.

Grzegorz Ilkowski (The Initiative Against War) said the American imperial policy is now the major threat to peace and that groups from all around Europe and the world must mobilize to face this threat.

Young Socialists (member-observer status in the Party of the European Left), who are presently leading a country-wide anti-militarism campaign, were also present in Warsaw that day. Adrian Zandberg, in his speech, expressed his belief that the fact that most Polish politicians [who] support the concept of locating American military bases in Poland against the will of most of their own citizens will strengthen the anti-militarism movement and actions like these must continue in the future. Katarzyna Matuszewska, reminded that the European Left condemns the process of further arms race in Europe and will attempt to block the acceptance from EU countries for this process.

from European Left

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