Monday, November 30, 2009

Joining the Dots

Those of us who have recognised and followed such subjects as Peak Oil, Environment and Climate Change, Economic Collapse and the modern day 'Great Game' of Rudyard Kipling being played out in Central Asia and other locations, understand that a number of synergising crises are facing our species. It is becoming clear to us that these aspects of our current global political climate are connected on many levels.

We can observe, for instance, the annually diminishing forecasts of the International Energy Agency on Oil Reserves and estimates for the date of 'Peak' coupled with the recent revelations by IEA 'Whistleblowers', and join the dots between this real and immediate crisis in the modern world's main source of energy and the series of wars being enacted in those parts of the world in which the Pentagon, with the help of its dutiful allies is pursuing its ambition of 'Full Spectrum Dominance'. The disputed terrains of all these wars happen to coincide with the world's remaining major hydrocarbon reserves, their vital energy transit corridors or other associated strategic locations.

If we are prepared to look a little deeper we can also observe the daily symptoms of such Sphere-of-Influence Realpolitik. When we see reports of 'Al Qaeda' members 'infiltrating' Police Training programs in Afghanistan and shooting dead British soldiers, coupled with 'discoveries' of passports linked to '9/11 suspects' on the borders of Pakistan, we can connect this to the 'Lone Gunman' shooting at Fort Hood in the US with its subsequent propaganda onslaught of speculative 'Al Qaeda' and '9/11' connection narrative. Meanwhile, initial reporting of as many as 3 gunmen disappears down Orwell's 'Memory Hole', never again to raise its voice without accompanying accusations of 'Conspiracy Theory'.

To those who are schooled in picking up the tell-tale signs of such 'False-Flag' Covert Operations and 'PsyOps', the similarities to previous events, with their ubiquitous media-orgies of instant "evidence"' are very obvious. Not so, it seems to the mainstream left however, who not only refuse to make the unavoidably painful emotional transformation required to draw back this curtain, but often actively attack those who do choose to attempt to open the Pandora's Box behind it.

This is the 'Deep Politics' studied in depth by Professor Peter Dale Scott, which manifests as the daily ongoing relationship between governments and governmental agencies with the forces of crime and violence to which they are ostensibly opposed. This is part of the Realpolitik by which our planet is being controlled and its population manipulated, by the various factions of Elites, who may be rivals, but who all control a stake in this 'Grand Chessboard' discussed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and who employ the same basic methods to herd the public in favour of vested interests.

US President Eisenhower warned of the dangers of the increase in influence of this Elite which he called "The Military Industrial Complex". A more accurate title in my view would be "Military/Banking/Industrial Complex", as it is clear that Wall Street, the CIA/Pentagon and the 'Defence' Contractors are deeply intertwined.

It is in this context that we can analyse the policy of the major powers, especially the United States, of deliberately creating purported enemies which are simplified into easy soundbites - 'Al Qaeda', 'Taliban' etc. with little in depth analysis ever offered. Periodically, when the artificially generated public fear and concern over these alleged entities begins to fade, another 'attack' - supposedly orchestrated by these entities - conveniently occurs to remind us exactly 'why' we're fighting and who the supposed 'enemy' is. The real perpetrators, who we should suspect are not the officially declared bogey-men, cynically rely on the habit of 'Groupthink' among, not only the general public, but the Media figures that most of them rely on for their orthodox 'world view'. These Media representatives are unwilling or unable to recognise that such concepts as Deep Politics and invented enemies even exist, much less attempt to analyse them.

As I write, the Stock Market is again falling on the News that Dubai is likely to default on its debts. This was predictable. The 'Bull' market of the last few months is entirely based on the same flawed assumptions and speculative gambling as the financial markets always were, and this latest artificial bubble needed only a single catalyst to burst it. Who can tell if there will be a 'recovery'? Dubai, one of the Arab Emirate Kingdoms bordering Saudi Arabia whose wealth was founded on the regions vast oil reserves has lived well beyond its means. During last years financial crash, the over-hyped property market imploded in Dubai, causing the mass-layoff of thousands of immigrant workers involved in the property speculation and construction industries. There were reports of thousands of SUVs and other vehicles abandoned at the airport by transient workers fleeing back to their home countries. Dot Joiners could see this as one of many clues.

The Dots are there to be Joined ever more increasingly in the mainstream media, if we can decode the bland language and read between the lines of the established orthodoxy. Addicted and subservient to this current dying paradigm themselves, Establishment figures such as mainstream TV commentators, politicians and journalists cannot be relied upon to inform the public of the coming collapse of our capitalist 'civilisation'. We must join these dots ourselves and decide how best to prepare for the consequences.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brown can't even stick to his own nonsense on Afghanistan

Bit by bit, as happened with Iraq, the reasons for staying in Afghanistan slide into gibberish. So Gordon Brown's reasons for the war seem to change every week.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The European BioWar outbreak and the Censoring of it by the Mainstream News Media

The biggest story on the Planet today is the outbreak of a very serious Advanced Biological War virus in Europe. The second biggest story on the Planet is the suppression of this story for almost two weeks by the corporate owned mainstream news media ... We know that the corporate owned mainstream news media (with strong links to global banking families) have censored this story in a way that has never happen before. We know that the outbreak of a unknown but deadly and very rapidly spreading disease in Europe is the largest story on Earth but that it is NOT being reported on.


Gilad Atzmon: Britain must de-Zionise itself Immediately

After running the show for so many years, the Jewish lobby’s purchasing of British politicians and media presence is in the open ... Due to its heavily corrupted politicians, Britain is now willingly serving the darkest possible racist national ideology and supporting a criminal terrorist state.

British politicians and media are caught in bed with too many Zionist wolfs. In order to reclaim sovereignty and dignity, Britain must de-Zionise itself immediately.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Corrupt Bloggers Wanted By US Military To Propagandise for Karimov Dictatorship

Gulnara Karimova is offering all expenses paid luxury junkets to Tashkent, plus a thousand dollars cash in the pocket, to US bloggers willing to blog about Uzbekistan without mentioning torture, massacre, dictatorship, slavery or environmental destruction.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

What was Sting doing in Uzbekistan?

Ex-ambassador for the UK and whistleblower, Craig Murray, recently wrote a piece on his blog exposing the musician Sting for having played a 'charity concert' in Tashkent alongside the Uzbek dictator's daughter, Gulnara Karimova, "for some of the 'Charities' which have been set up in the past three years as the regime seeks to burnish her image to take over from her dissident massacring father."

Sting (Gordon Sumner) is known for having founded The Rainforest Foundation in 1989 along with his wife, Trudie Styler.

So "the greatest irony of the arch tosser Sumner's involvement is that the Uzbek government not only tortures thousands every year, has ten thousand political prisoners and massacres demonstrators. It is also responsible for one of the world's greatest environmental disasters - the disappearance of the Aral Sea, and the huge toxicity of the remnant and of the blown seabed dust."

Murray goes onto ask the question, "[d]id it not occur to Sting to wonder just where his glamorous hostess gets her billions from? Karimov and his daughter have for decades resisted every attempt to liberalise and diversify Uzbekistan's agriculture. The slaves pick [cotton] for them. And for Sting, apparently."

How is it possible that Sting would have accepted playing a gig in a country known throughout the world for being run by a barbaric dictator such as Karimov? It is inconceivable that he would not have known.

"The arsehole Sumner may not have noticed, but in the last three years even Wal-Mart, Marks and Spencers and Tesco have put a total ban on Uzbek cotton in all the clothing they sell."

Was he that short of cash to stoop so low or did something else take him to Tashkent? Back in the 'seventies, Sumner helped to co-found a rock group called The Police with Stewart Copeland who became the drummer. They called the group The Police because Copeland's father worked for the CIA and his mother for British intelligence.

Personality clashes led to the break-up of The Police. But maybe the old, spooky associations never died out after all?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Afghan Peace Activist Malalai Joya Speaks on Crisis and Resistance

Malalai Joya is one of Afghanistan’s leading democracy activists. In 2005, she became the youngest person ever elected to the Afghan parliament. She was suspended in 2007 for her denunciation of warlords and their cronies in government. She has just written her memoir, “A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Woman Who Dared to Speak Out.”

She spoke in New York at the Northeast Socialist Conference on October 23, 2009.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bush and Blair accused of War Crimes

Regardless of size or power, no country or national leader is exempt from international humanitarian law.

On Saturday Oct 31, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) heard the opening arguments from the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) about war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Commission submitted on many grave issues of international law of war and of humanitarian law, arising out of the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the conquest of Iraq in 2003 by the United States and its allies.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Spiritual Awakening

Saturday, November 07, 2009

War and Lies - Governments Lie, We Die

A look at the lies and propaganda used to start and maintain wars. From WWI up to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, soldiers have been duped into believing they are fighting for a "good" cause. Yet, as the wars have all been based on lies, all soldiers who have died have died needlessly. And of the ones who return, many are seriously ill from exposure to chemical and biological hazards, on top of being injected with multiple experimental and dangerous vaccines - the military are used as guinea pigs then kicked to the kerb by their government who then lie and cover up the issue.

The cries to war by governments haven't always been unanimous. Many politicians have spoken out against it and been either ignored or ostracised. Ron Paul And Dennis Kucinich are two of these and are featured in this clip giving their stance against going to war.

War is only beneficial to those who create, steer and profit financially from the perpetual war machine - their hands are stained with the blood of millions. What, finally, is being attacked here is the Military-Industrial Complex. We need to pinpoint the Complex as being the criminal and mount an all-out attack on it and its supporters. It and its proponents have gotten away with mass murder for too long.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Shootings: A Symptom of how Afghanis view the Occupation

Many of us have probably viewed long coverage of the funerals of soldiers recently. The most recent deaths involved 5 British soldiers shot dead by an Afghan who they were apparently training as a Policeman.

With all the media pontificating about 'vetting procedures' and 'security', is there any analysis of the likely fact that this incident is a symptom of how the Afghans in general feel about our presence there? The BBC's report described the alleged attacker - an Afghan Policeman the British Forces were training, as an individual who had gone "Rogue". An odd description to make of an individual in his own country being trained as a collaborator of the occupation forces.

One thing must be made clear: occupying armies do not have any rights. They do not have the right to be safe from being killed by someone who they thought they had turned into a pet policeman to serve the interests of a US puppet government and they do not have the right to be called 'heroes'. They are paid enforcers for Imperialistic Aggression - there is nothing 'heroic' about our presence in Afghanistan.

The government and media would have us believe that the war we have started in this enormously ethnically diverse region is a black and white issue of good guys and bad guys: US/Nato Forces good, Taliban bad, Hamid Karzai and his armed forces & Police good, "al Qaeda" insurgents bad. The fact that we are propping up a puppet regime of some of the worst drug dealers and warlords in the region - every bit as unpleasant as the numerous factions of the Taliban - seems to be completely absent from media analysis, as is the salient fact that such a 'government' cannot possibly be described honestly as a 'democracy' - 'Dictatorship Lite" would be more appropriate.

The deaths themselves, and the subsequent funerals, all become the opposite of what they should be: a distorted, drawn out exercise in propaganda to further the war resulting in even more tragic deaths based on nothing but lies, instead of a motive for the media to honestly analyse this conflict and seek a withdrawal. The jingoistic baying for blood in the tabloid press will even further divide the population at home.

The idea that murdering Afghan tribesman and bombing villages, while trampling all over the rights and dignity of the indigenous people will reduce the threat of terrorism in the UK is absurd. The opposite is true. The longer we stay, the more the Afghan people will turn against us in body as well as in mind. It is no argument to say 'we need to stay to get the job done'. There is no 'job' - only the Hegemonic ambitions of the United States who seeks to control Central Asia and its important oil and gas reserves to fuel its continuing world power status and deny Russia and China those same resources.

Today, reports were coming in of the shooting dead of US soldiers in an army base on home soil by one Major Nidal Malik Hasan. What little has emerged indicates that this Muslim American of Middle Eastern origin, was suffering from racial abuse. Is it any wonder that such things happen when our soldiers are encouraged to dehumanise and kill muslims abroad? Is it any wonder that the victim of this abuse begins to see his 'fellow' soldiers as the enemy?


Thursday, November 05, 2009

House Resolution designates Venezuela a state sponsor of Terrorism

At a time of growing US poverty, hunger, homelessness, and despair, imperial wars without end, and the Obama administration even worse than its predecessor, Venezuela ...


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Make Wars History: A Civil Obedience Campaign

Make Wars History is an association of peace activists working to end war. Horrified at the casual way in which the US and UK Governments violated international law by waging war on Iraq and Afghanistan killing thousands of innocent people, peace activists set up an international civil obedience campaign to force Coalition Governments and leaders to obey the laws of war.

Politicians who start wars break the law and breach their oaths of office. To be effective the laws of war require politicians to obey them, police to enforce them, the public to uphold them and offenders to answer to them in court.

We will stop governments from waging war by ensuring that police arrest leaders who start wars, courts try politicians for complicity in war, taxpayers withhold taxes that pay for war, armed forces refuse to fight illegal war, businesses refuse to supply weapons of war, journalists tell the truth about war, the public learns the laws of war and Parliaments legislate to prohibit all war.

You can help by joining the world’s first civil obedience campaign pursuing the path of peace, justice and the rule of law.


Europe must stop being so submissive to US says Brussels Think Tank

In a week when European affairs are prominent, a study by an influential Brussels think tank suggests the EU is going about things the wrong way. The Europeans must stop being so submissive, they must present a united front on foreign policy and they must work toward a "post-American" state of affairs, the study says.


Will the Empire end in Good Leadership or Blood?

"The silver lining is that we manage this [transition] with good leadership, consistent, sustained good leadership ... it has to be twenty to twenty-five years of good leadership. Where we gonna find that with our political process?"

"Think about 2000, I sat there as a member of the Republican party and I said to myself, My god, three hundred million people in this country and all we can come up with is Al Gore and George W. Bush! My god, how do we change that? I think that's part of the problem, that we have got to have sustained leadership. We've got to have good leadership and we've got to begin meeting these challenges."

"If we want oil, if we want gas, if we want it for our allies -- one of the things that wasn't mentioned about Mohammed Mossadeq, in '53 Truman didn't want to do it, Truman was adamantly opposed to it. Truman didn't like the CIA very much. Read his editorial in the Washington Post, December 22, 1963, right after Kennedy was assassinated. Truman says, I didn't recognize the CIA I created, that ain't the CIA I created."

"One of the reasons Eisenhower changed his mind, because Eisenhower came in opposed also, one of the reasons was a guy by the name of Allen Dulles at the CIA and a guy by the name of Winston Churchill who'd come back to power in the UK. And both were essentially saying not just that the Communists were coming ... which was kind of farcical but they were saying the Marshall Plan, the Marshall Plan and England and England. Because this money was huge, coming from the AIOC into the coffers of the Europeans and part into England. And you needed cheap oil to fuel the recovery of England and the recovery of Europe after that very cataclysmic war for them. We were the only nation essentially that was unscathed. The rest of Europe and Japan were ruined, they had to start over again. So that was part of the motivation."

"If part of the motivation is that we have to go after oil and gas in the world then, by god, we better start telling the American people about this, shouldn't we? And we should give the American people, including you here tonight, a right to vote on this! And you should have the right to say, that's not the way we want to do it."

"I believe the blueprint is the better way to do it, I believe that we should deal with world leaders, that the marketplace ... ought to designate where this goes and if it starts running out and we haven't made the transition fast enough to the basket of energy resources that we're gonna have to have it administered somehow and you don't administer -- as I was looking at doing in war planning in the US Pacific Command in the mid-'eighties by mounting the Arabian Peninsula with five million American soldiers, taking it over, putting the oil wells under the UN in a trusteeship and administering them for the world. That's not the way to do it! You need to get talking beforehand, you need to get dealing diplomatically beforehand, you need to work on the problem. You do not need bombs, bullets and bayonets! And I'm a soldier up here telling you because soldiers die, soldiers get wounded. I tell my students that the most fateful decision a President can make is the decision to send young boys and young girls to die for state purposes. And something we forget, to kill others for state purposes. Even by DoD's estimate we've killed one hundred thousand in Iraq. I think it's more like three hundred thousand. We have sent the greatest refugee problem into Syria and Jordan that the world confronts right now ... and where do you see it in an American newspaper? No one is reporting it."

"How do we Americans get out of this mess? This fiscal mess, this war instrument, the highest use mess, this business of presidents thinking that the only disciplined instrument of national power they have lives in the Pentagon? It isn't going to be because of President Obama, it isn't going to be because of national security adviser Jim Jones, it isn't going to be because of secretary Clinton, it's only going to happen if we Americans say we're fed up with it. It's only going to happen if we begin to stop doing what we've been doing for the past, I don't know, my lifetime, and I've been right there with you. We've been so damned apathetic about our government."

..."And we have allowed power to be used and misused in this country, particularly since Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. It's been going on for a long time ... Where is the debate going on, where is the discussion going on? It isn't in the Congress of the United States. There are people over there who do not even realize that we are bankrupt. They think we can continue to print money because they've been printing money for so long that that is a lifestyle for them! The only way this is going to change is from the ground up. And we will be, let me say as cynically as I can, probably the first democratic republic possessed of an empire, commercial or territorial or otherwise, to resurrect itself from the ashes because history says we're going down. That's what history says. I dare you to name a single empire in human history that has survived. It is nowhere written in stone that the American empire will be exceptional."

"So it's about time we get busy and do everything in our power to make sure that whatever is happening happens so that our posterity which we seem to have forgotten about, so that our posterity survives with some prospects for the future ... Collectively [our children] are going to have a lower standard of living. That's the reality. Whether they turn that around so that their generation [and future] generations after them even have a place that is free, that is marked by democratic principles, that looks like a well-governed republic that isn't dominated by its military, that isn't physically irresponsible, it's up to them. That's the challenge they have. We have not left them, will not leave them a great opportunity in that regard. The challenge is much greater than it was for my generation or the generations before that, in my view."

"This fiscal crisis ... is more profound than 1929 and we will see the results of that slowly over the next five to ten years. It is going to be difficult, it is going to be challenging, it is going to be extremely hard. And Afghanistan and Iraq are going to be solved in that sense ... all of these things are coming, all of these things can be dealt with, all of these things can be managed with good leadership. But most of all they require a vigilant, alert, constantly-watching , constantly-overseeing electorate. And that may be the greatest challenge of all."

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