Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"The Birth Pangs of a New Middle East"

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Racism, the ideology that came into full flower as a justification for European conquest of most of the planet, is now headquartered in the United States – with an annex in Israel. Tel Aviv is a very active annex.

There could be no justification for George Bush’s aggressions, without the underlying assumptions of racial superiority. Bush has committed multiple crimes against peace – a capital Nuremburg offense for which a number of Nazis were hanged. He is a war criminal, many times over. However, he will never be prosecuted in the United States, because of the pervasive ideology of imperialism, which is racist at its very core: it dehumanizes the victims.

Race is, indeed, a construction – a very convenient one when you want to take someone else’s property, or kill them, or enslave them. It is this construct that animates the American debate about foreign policy – or even domestic policy when it comes to "aliens" of one kind or another.

But it is deadly. It swarms countries, and consumes cities. Fallujah was flattened, with its main hospital the first target. Three hundred thousand people are now refugees in their own country, because of US actions, and an unknown number are dead. That is a war crime – but is not seen as such by most of the US public, who are under the sway of the ideology of imperial racism. The death of an entire city does not matter to them, because there were no real people there. Racism does more than color the situation – it defines it. How do you kill a city and call it victory? Why is this celebrated as a benchmark of "progress"? Is the assumption that the white man’s triumph is, inherently, progress?

Of course it is. That’s what imperial racism is all about. There are "enemies" and "others" who are not "Western" – a euphemism for "non-white" – the construct they keep making up every time they want to steal something.

The hard-right Israelis are very good at this game. They are on totally racial mission, and have made their construct. Jewishness is a race, in Israel, with rights that only accrue to Jews. We are supposed to believe that Jews have a right to shape Palestine in such a way that they always have a majority. How does that conform with any democratic principle?

Now the hard-right regime in Jerusalem is making war against the entire Palestinian society, destroying its infrastructure – its bridges, roads and energy facilities – to make all 1.2 million inhabitants of Gaza pay some kind of price. However, it is a price that can not be paid. The extremist Israelis are racial imperialists who are not looking for anything other than the mass elimination of a people from the land. They have invested the firing of tens of thousands of rounds of artillery into one of the most crowded corners of the world to achieve this purpose: but their motives are well understood by everyone who is not a racial imperialist.

Everyone, that is, except the (white) Americans, who eat this crap up. The uniform reaction of the American corporate media to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that something resembling the rule of law must prevail at Guantanamo Bay and other U.S. installations, has been to frame the issue in domestic political terms. The Bush administration had been politically tarnished, was the conclusion: not that it had violated international law, and was in fact an outlaw among nations. The situation has been framed as one of domestic political peril for Republicans – maybe in November – but not how the U.S. gets along with the rest of the world.

In the same way, the Israeli "incursions" into Gaza and the West bank have been framed as defensive measures, even as the world’s forth-strongest military power relentlessly pounded a people who have virtually no military with thousands of rounds of artillery a day. As the entire world knows, Israel could not possibly have amassed such an amazing war machine, unless they had been subsidized by a superpower. And, of course, they were.

In the Arab world, and the larger Muslim world, the "incursions" are seen as alien invasions, and as a threat to their own societies. The Israeli Zionist project is never discussed in the U.S, and now it has become forbidden to speak of it. Meanwhile, a reign of terror exists in Gaza and the West Bank. The terrorists are the Israeli government and armed forces, but instead our own media keeps showing us pictures of a goofy-looking Israeli soldier, while a whole people are being strangled and bombed.

None of this could happen, if there were not racial imperialism, in which the Jews of Israel were considered "white" – and, therefore, had inherent rights. White Americans also think they have rights that not nobody else possesses. There is a connection between the extremist Zionist scheme and the umbilical cord of imperialism. Here is the result, that places the Zionist perspective and the "American" worldview in proper place.

Just as the Americans obliterated Fallujah, Zionists in Israel want to wipe out whole cities. Gaza City has to go. Up in flames. Member of the Knesset, Moshe Sharoni, taunted his Arab colleagues in the Israeli parliament. He said:

"We need to obliterate Gaza and call it the City of Murderers, the City of Terrorists."

This is the mentality of mass murderers.

But then, you can only murder real people. Imperialism kills non-people. That’s the nature of the beast. It can only act that way.

Who is wagging this dog? Many of these people are from Brooklyn. American racism and imperialism are the same thing. It appears to have been efficiently exported.

Written by BC Publishers, Glen Ford and Peter Gamble

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

False flag terrorism

Although we cannot yet be certain, it appears very likely that the London bombings fall into the category of False-flag state terrorism, into which also fall 9/11 and it now appears the Madrid bombingof 3/11/04 (911 days after 911).

The following advert was placed in the Independent, July 1st, p29 and is reproduced here, reformatted, with one or two small changes. In the run-up to the anniversary of the London atrocity, please help to spread it around, because the current lies dishonour the dead.


One year on – a time for Truth.

London - July 7th 2005.
A day of slaughter, tears and solidarity. 56 precious lives lost, hundreds are injured, traumatised, bereaved. All of us made less secure. Muslims suffer increased suspicion and attacks.

Before anyone could know, the Prime Minister hints at who was responsible. Despite the pre-war ‘framing’ of Iraq, most media take Blair as reliable and give credence to unattributable police and intelligence ‘sources’ (aka hearsay). Where facts are scarce or contradictory, the emotional appeal of the notion of ‘Islamic terror’ will plug the holes.

Although some people, including some Muslims, abuse their religion to target civilians, calm assessment should have suggested additional possibilities:

Who did it last time? Soho pub (fascist) and Bishopsgate (IRA). Terrorism has also been practiced by British, US and other intelligence agencies, ask the Irish, ask the survivors of the Bologna rail station massacre of 1980, successfully blamed on Red Brigade patsies (Reference 1) ‘Britain’s 9-11’ ? – as if that conspiracy tale is beyond question! (2)

The biggest slaughter in London since the Luftwaffe, yet – according to Blair - a Public Inquiry would be ‘a distraction’. Too slow. Too expensive! ‘Besides’, went the subtext, ‘we all know who did it, don’t we?’ But do ‘we’? And did the promised ‘narrative’ (3) deal with awkward facts or paper over the difficulties?


1) Identity of alleged perpetrators: if you were on a jury would you convict on the basis of this photograph of the supposed 'bombers' supposedly entering Luton station that morning?

1) faces indistinct – yet June 28th images from this camera 14 much clearer; 2) left arm of ‘Khan’ appears entangled with railing ; 3) ‘Hussain’s’ feet are incorrectly mirrored in the glass frontage of the building behind ‘Khan’ ; 4) Report puts station entry at 7.15.

2) Lack of CCTV footage: From the surveillance capital of the world we have not one image of the four suspects on the day. Instead of connected footage from a score of cameras, we have to take alleged CCTV sightings on trust. But after the Lawrence Inquiry finding of’institutional racism’, and now after the Stockwell and Forest Gate shootings and lies, the Met has no right to expect trust (4)

3) Luton departure: The Official Report says the Leeds 4 caught the 7.40 train. Small problem. Thameslink officials say the 7.40 didn’t run that day. Also that the 7.30 (left at 7.42) didn’t arrive until 8.39 - too late to catch Circle line trains. (5) Who would you normally trust?

4) London arrival: The suspects are reported (but not shown) on CCTV near Thameslink platform at 8.26 ‘heading in the direction of the London Underground system’ (i.e. by subway to the tube platforms) but then ‘are seen’ hugging at Kings Cross [underground ticket hall?] ‘around 8.30’, before splitting up after which they ‘must have’ boarded their various trains, beginning 8.35, so we are told. (No, it doesn’t make sense to us either.)

5) How were bodies identified? Khan’s personal documents were found to have miraculously survived at the epicentre of three explosions. Lindsay’s ID only turned up at the crime scene on 15 July, two days after his house was searched. His DNA was long said to be have been found on his station parking ticket – yet the Report has his car towed away [contrary to car park policy] as unticketted.

6) Nature of explosives: Initial reports were of military explosives, now its HMTD or extremely unstable TATP – which doesn’t flash, and thus doesn’t match survivor accounts of flashes. 10 months later the Report solemnly tells us ‘Expert examination continues but it appears that the bombs were home made.’

7) Location of explosives: The Official Report ignores the testimony of Aldgate survivor Bruce Lait and policewoman Lizzie Kenworthy, who independently reported a hole in the floor with the metal pushed up.

8) Coincidence: No mention of radio and TV interviews with senior ex-policeman and security consultant, Peter Power: ‘At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning’.

9) Tavistock Sq : Bus workers report the 30 Bus was the only one diverted that morning, and its depot had been visited for 20 hours by a ‘non-regular’ maintenance crew at the weekend. Internet tittle tattle? Maybe. Yet, why should we believe an equally anonymous ‘Yard source’ that the (normally reliable) bus CCTV system wasn’t operating? Especially when only one picture from the (evidently working) traffic cam has been released. There is no possible public interest served by not reassuring Muslims and many others who worry that there may be something to hide. [Added now: Among extraordinary coincidences here are the location of the blast, just outside the offices of The BMA and The Lancet, which had ruffled feathers with its research that 100,000 civilians had died in Iraq, and also the location of a van from a company which among other things offers specialist controlled explosions - which appears to have been level with the back of the bus, though doubtless is entirely innocent.]

10) Prior knowledge? The Head of Mossad confirmed (6) earlier AP reports that ‘the Mossad office in London received advance notice of the attacks’ (6 minutes). No mention in the Official Report. What about the Leeds end? The Intelligence and Security Committee Report into the London Bombings describes Khan as having been ‘peripheral’ to previous surveillance and investigative operations. Yet much time and money was spent on photographing him, tapping his telephone and tracking his car. Transcripts of the taped telephone conversations were never made available to the ISC. Why not?

More and more people are asking ‘Could the Leeds 4 have been stopped? Was it incompetence or something worse?’ (7) In the light of severe ‘London end’ discrepancies should the question rather be: Was Khan and his network being groomed as credible patsies? (in which case it would be important that they were shielded from arrest before they were duped or otherwise drawn in). What proof do we really have that they even made it to Luton?

We just do not know, and we suggest the reader doesn’t either. Please join in the pressure for the full truth to come out - whatever it turns out to be.


1) A ‘patsy’ is someone who gets the blame in a frame-up. See Webster Tarpley’s model of False-flag state terrorism carried out by State and privatised networks: 9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in USA; (Progressive Press, 2005); In Europe see Nato’s Secret Armies- Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, Daniele Ganser (Cass, 2005). On terrorism as state doctrine, see ‘google’ P2OG
2) Scholars for 911 Truth : ; see also - Muslims, Jews and Christians Against 911 False Witness
3) Report of the Official Account of the London Bombings of July 7th 2005.
4) Campaign against Criminalising Communities http://
5) E-mails 16/8/05 and 25/8/05 from Customer Relations, Kings Cross, and Communications Manager, Luton.
6) Bild am Sonntag, July 2000
7) An interesting book which is getting a lot of attention is Nafeez Ahmed’s, The London Bombings – An Independent Inquiry (Duckworth, 2006). This casts very sharp doubts on the London end of the official story (train times, nature and location of explosives) but then completely ignores his opening fifty pages when he proceeds to examine how ‘the bombers’ (assumed to be the Leeds 4) could have been linked to Al-Qaida and under MI5 surveillance.
8) Facts not referenced here can mostly be checked on or . No groups or events mentioned in this advert are responsible for its contents.

July 7th Anniversary Ad-hoc Appeal

1) Against all attacks on harmless civilians

2) Don’t presuppose ‘Muslim guilt’

3) Support whistleblowers.

4) Release the evidence - CCTV, traffic cam, phone, computer, bank, etc

5) For a credible and searching Independent Public Inquiry: adequate Remit; extensive Powers; open Procedures; appropriate Resources; broad social Composition; widely acceptable (including in Beeston).

6) Support Amnesty’s boycott of any public inquiry conducted under Blair’s Inquiries Act 2005 (designed to shield spook wrongdoing).

7) An end to War of Terror raids on Muslim communities!

Further information from J7AAA, 2b Darnhall Cres, Perth PH2 0HH; keith[dot]mothersson[at]phonecop[dot]coop ; or 01738 783677

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