Monday, April 24, 2006

It happened before, not so long ago.

It's said that during the height of the Cuban Missiles Crisis, when President Kennedy was faced with backing-off or starting World War III, he looked seriously rattled. Understandable for a normal human being you might think. Fortunately for the world it was the Russians who had the sense to defuse the confrontation by turning their ships away. Life went on.

Forty-four years later the world is again faced with the prospect of a US President incumbent (albeit fraudulently elected) unleashing a nuclear holocaust. What's different is not that people are going to die --between 1 to 3 million will according to Pentagon calculations-- but that the target is a non-nuclear, west Asian country and that the intended missiles are 'tactical' and thus deemed safe. Safe, that is ... except to the millions of innocent lives that will be sacrificed in their blast and subsequent radioactive poisoning. The country concerned, Iran, has done nothing to deserve such a punishment but has huge reserves of oil which the gangsters running the USA want and consider theirs by right. Right, that is, through Might.

In a normal world this would be called nuclear blackmail, terrorism and the people behind the threat to be criminals of the worst kind. They would be arrested, tried, executed or at best given life sentences.

Clearly we no longer live in a normal world. Not when the scum of the earth can wheedle themselves into positions of the higest power through rigged elections, not when journalists faced with the juiciest story of the century are silenced by editors who in turn have been commanded by their corporate bosses to do so. Not when the same scum engineer the mass-murder of thousands and the deliberate detonation and destruction of public buildings by airliners used as missiles in the middle of a teeming city. Not when they declare this premeditated mass-murder to have been a "terrorist" act --for certainly it was that-- justifying the most repressive onslaught against civil rights and freedoms in "the interests of security."

Reality has been turned upside-down and made to stand on its head. The very leaders who spend so much time warning us all about terrorism turn out to be the very worst liars and terrorists of all. But, cynically, they persist with their lies in the hope that by invoking fear among the masses, fear of an enemy within and without, the majority will be taken in by their crude emotional blackmail. As for the rest who aren't, they can be effectively marginalized.

And so, in this era of total control through fear we find ourselves facing the very worst nightmare of all. Nuclear holocaust.

But, hey, who's doing the nuking on whom? Imagine the relief when the masses realize that they aren't the target and that, actually, it's the Good Guys who are going to do the nuking on those Bad, dark-skinned ragheads who threaten our security. That's ok then, they deserve it for not sharing our values, threatening our security and for putting-up the price of gasoline. Besides which, if we don't nuke them right now they might, just might, nuke us some day.

Twenty-five years ago, when the US planned to turn Europe into a "limited theatre of Nuclear War" the alarms bells rang loud and clear and peace groups blossomed spontaneously across the sub-continent, North America and the rest of the world. It was said that the collective Peace Movement resulting from that mobilization was the largest known throughout recorded history.

It is a sad comment on human nature that when the threat of annihilation is faced by someone else, not us, there isn't quite the same urgency to do something about it. For what other reason can there be for the shameful silence emanating from all quarters of western society regarding the proposed nuclear annihilation of Iran? Where are the peace groups, the churches, the labour movements, the social democratic political parties? Just what kind of trance are we all under that even at this late hour we have lost the ability to speak out against this most terrible crime?

Years ago, studying modern European history, we debated how it was possible for a civilized country like Germany to have been taken over by the obscene thuggery of the Nazis. "If the Germans had stopped it in time, if only they had, if we had ..."

Now look at us! What prevents us, today, still with the relative freedoms we still have to stop our societies going totalitarian? Nuremburg was ok for the losing side. Examples had to be made of. But where is the Nuremburg for our war criminals today? How many of us have the clear-sighted honesty to draw the frightening parallels between the Nazis and the new Nazis in Washington DC and 10 Downing Street?

The worst aspect of human tribalism is how it blinds us from reality.

Yet, if we do not stand up to the dark forces of tribalism that are being deliberately manipulated by the warmongers we, too, shall become its victims. In a global village there can be no freedom from fear, no security, where any group or nation is under a tribal threat of annihilation. What goes round comes round. Like radioactive clouds.

We must stand up, collectively, to the real terrorists now and take whatever action is required to remove them. If we don't the chances are we'll soon find ourselves on their hit list.

It happened before, not so long ago.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Animation of Nuclear Bunker Buster: Destructive impact on civilian population in Iran and beyond
11 April 2006 (source: Union of Concerned Scientists)

To view the animation, please visit

Administration’s Nuclear Saber Rattling on Iran Threatens Global Security
Statement by Dr. Kurt Gottfried, Chairman, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Emeritus Professor of Physics, Cornell University

"Recent reports suggest that the Bush administration is considering using nuclear weapons against Iran. The very fact that nuclear weapon use is being discussed as an option—against a state that does not have nuclear weapons and does not represent a direct or imminent threat to the United States—illustrates the extent to which the Bush administration has changed U.S. nuclear weapons policy.

"The Bush administration has explicitly rejected the basic precept that the sole purpose of U.S. nuclear weapons should be to deter the use of nuclear weapons. It has assigned a new, and provocative, mission to U.S. nuclear weapons: to dissuade or prevent other countries from undertaking military programs that could threaten U.S. interests in the future. A 'preventive' nuclear attack on Iran would fall into this category. It has also blurred the line between nuclear and conventional weapons by declaring that nuclear weapons can be used as part of military operations.

"This nuclear policy increases the likelihood that nuclear weapons will be used, and ultimately decreases U.S. as well as international security. Instead, the United States should commit itself to strengthen the taboo against the use of nuclear weapons that has developed over the past 60 years.

"Plans to use nuclear weapons against Iran also fail to recognize the immediate dangers inherent in the use of nuclear weapons. The administration is reportedly considering using the B61-11 nuclear 'bunker buster' against an underground facility near Natanz, Iran. The use of such a weapon would create massive clouds of radioactive fallout that could spread far from the site of the attack, including to other nations. Even if used in remote, lightly populated areas, the number of casualties could range up to more than a hundred thousand, depending on the weapon yield and weather conditions.

"Threatening to use nuclear weapons against Iran provides the strongest of incentives for nuclear proliferation, since it would send the message that the only way for a country to deter nuclear attack is to acquire its own nuclear arsenal. The administration cannot have its cake and eat it, too—it cannot have a viable nuclear non-proliferation policy while continually expanding the roles for its own nuclear weapons."


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Psychotics Rule

You would think that in a 'normal' world any threat by a political leader to use nuclear weapons as a form of blackmail against another non-belligerent nation would not only be considered insane but would seriously put the sanity of that leader's mind into question.

Despite his animal-torturing, alcoholic, coke-sniffing past very few have questioned George Bush's sanity.

You would think that the allies of a leader-gone-insane would find him such a political embarassment as to require a necessary distancing. But in the case of George Bush this is clearly not happening and Blair, for one, remains fully in support of "all options" to be taken against a country whose only mistake was to find itself on the hit list of a superpower stolen by defective computers in the interests of a political mafia.

You would think that the rest of the 'normal' world would roundly denounce such an insanity and look for every possible means to remove such gangsters and maniacs from power.

But none of this has happened. A world in which such behaviour is justified must, itself, be suffering a form of mass psychosis. None in the media are going to risk losing their job by suggesting that our political leaders are psychotic, are they?

There must be many in society with not only the qualifications required but the funds needed to declare George Bush (and Cheney) mad for committing and threatening mass-murder and to apply for a judicial injunction to have him/them removed from office.

The future of our planet might depend upon it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

White Man Who Speaks with Forked-Tongue

You would think from the apparently conflicting news reports that there is a deep division in the Blair cabinet as there appears to be in Washington about whether or not to conduct a military strike against Iran. In an interview last Sunday, Blair assured us that British forces would not be involved in such an attack. But questioned in parliament a few days later he gave Bush support for an attack. Giving him support, of course, is not the same thing as involving UK troops. And not involving troops isn't, by any means, a full dissociation from an attack.

UK bases in places like Fairford and Diego Garcia would still be used. RAF AWACs might still provide support as well as clandestine SAS troops based on Iran's frontiers. So UK complicity in a US-led attack would still remain high. This would, in turn, lead to making the UK a prime target for revenge attacks by Iran. Once again, Blair is shown up for his cavalier disregard for the welfare of his own people.

What is it, I wonder, that leads him to hold his people in such low regard? What is it that the US secret services have in his dossier that makes him so easily blackmailable? Since fooling the electorate into giving his party the greatest electoral landslide since 1945 he has done nothing but betray Britain and its European partners over and over in the most sickening sell-offs to America's extreme right.

Firmly attaching his colours to the Project for a New American Century, Blair has done everything he could to revive an Anglo-Saxon hegemony in a world where the dollar -and inevitably the pound- live on strictly borrowed time and that only thanks to an Asian super-power, China. Perhaps the intention was never more than to squeeze a little bit more borrowed time but the price that the world and its people have been forced to pay has been horrendous.

In a thoroughly corrupt world where might is again right and legislatures and judiciaries are coerced by the jack-boot mentality the likes of Blair, Bush and Cheney may never have to pay the full price that their guilt requires of them. They should, at least, be made to know that never in the history of modern politics were ever a bunch more hated and despised than they and should such a thing as natural justice exist then theirs is soon nigh.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Armed Forces Bill is being discussed in the UK Parliament. Section 8 introduces a new tougher definition of desertion: soldiers who intend to avoid serving in a "military occupation of a foreign country or territory" can be imprisoned for life.

NO life sentence for soldiers who refuse to be occupiers!

The Armed Forces Bill – now going through the UK Parliament – would impose harsh penalties on soldiers who refuse to take part in military occupations.

Section 8 –which has hardly been mentioned in the media -- introduces a new tougher definition of desertion: soldiers who intend to avoid serving in a “military occupation of a foreign country or territory” can be imprisoned for life.

This major redrafting of military law has been introduced at a time when the number of soldiers absconding from the British Army has trebled since the invasion of Iraq – a clear attack on the growing movement of men and women in the military who refuse to be part of wars, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran. . . . It contravenes the Nuremberg Charter which enshrined in international law the responsibility that each of us has to refuse to obey illegal and immoral orders from any government. At the same time the UK Defence Secretary is urging that the Geneva Convention be rewritten to legalise pre-emptive military action.

Poll after poll has demonstrated overwhelming public rejection of the war and occupation of Iraq.

This has been reflected in the actions and views of troops who have refused to go, or go back, to Iraq. Military families, mostly mothers, have campaigned against the killing and maiming of their own loved ones and of the civilian population in Iraq and elsewhere, and demanded that troops be brought back home from a war nobody wants.

We are outraged that Section 8 of this Bill with its blatant violation of the human rights of soldiers and in particular of their right to conscientious objection -- is proceeding quickly through Parliament without any public debate.

Please act now to stop this terrible miscarriage of justice from becoming law.

· See Independent on Sunday, of 19 March 2006
· Nuremberg Charter, Article 8: “The fact that the Defendant acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior shall not free him from responsibility . . .”.

Payday is a network of men working with the Global Women’s Strike
Invest in Caring not Killing.
See our website
Information: 0207 209 4751


· If you live in the UK, write to your MP demanding that they vote against Section 8.

Find your MP and email her/him using or write to the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA (see model letter below or write your own).

· If you live outside the UK, write to the British Embassy or High Commission to let them know your opposition to Section 8 of the Bill (see model letter below or write your own) and cc Details can be found at

· Sign the petition at Petition on Line

· Write to the press, newsletters, websites asking them to publicise this attack on human rights.

· Tell all your contacts and networks – anti-war, religious, community, trade union –- about it. Ask them to contact your MLP, the British Embassy/High Commission, the press and to sign the petition.



I understand that the Armed Forces Bill 2006 is being discussed in the British Parliament.

Section 8 of the Bill introduces a new definition of desertion, according to which soldiers who intend to avoid serving in a “military occupation of a foreign country or territory” can be imprisoned for life (see Sub-sections 3c, 4a and 5a). This is introduced at a time when the number of soldiers absconding from the British Army has trebled since the invasion of Iraq.

I consider Section 8 to be an attack on the human rights, including the crucial right to conscientious objection, of individuals in the military who refuse to be part of present or future wars, and who have a responsibiity, enshrined in the Nuremburg charter, to refuse to obey illegal and immoral orders. I am outraged that this militaristic Section is going through Parliament without public awareness, let alone discussion.

Poll after poll has shown public rejection of the war and the occupation of Iraq in Britain and everywhere. This has been reflected in the actions and views of troops who have refused to go to Iraq and military families who have demanded that the troops be brought back home.

I urge you to request the withdrawal of Section 8 of the Armed Forces Bill.

Yours sincerely,

- Homepage:

Monday, April 17, 2006

Memo to PM: Action speaks louder than Words

Artful Dodger, Tony Blair, would like us to believe that he does not support the neocon madmen's intention to attack, let alone nuke, Iran. An article in The Scotsman claims government sources saying that Blair has informed Bush that Britain "cannot offer military support to any strike on Iran, regardless of whether the move wins the backing of the international community."

"We will support the diplomatic moves, at best," a Foreign Office source told Scotland on Sunday. "But we cannot commit our own resources to a military strike." The article does confirm, however, that "Blair is expected to support the call for a 'Chapter 7' resolution, which could effectively isolate Iran from the international community.

So, once the Deceiver's words are decoded, what does it all mean? For starters, if anyone should mistake the Bliar's sleight-of-hand tactics as a commitment to keep Britain out of a war with Iran then they'll be disappointed.

He knows he cannot brazenly declare open support for his ideological bosom-buddies in Washington's War Party. With local elections coming up in May, any indication to the domestic electorate that he remains a fanatic supporter of the Straussian vision of military globalisation would sound the death knell for him and his party. Now is certainly not a good time to talk tough and risk scaring off the voters.

Suddenly we see a sensible Blair supported by a veritable man of reason and diplomacy in his Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, who dismisses a military attack on Iran as "completely nuts." Significantly, there has been no leaked letter addressed by Blair & Co to George and Dick pointing this out.

And, of course, it would be diplomatically impolite to make any comment about the internal disarray currently affecting a White House where the generals are revolting! None of this looks good for George and Dick and, through his past association with fascists on both sides of the Atlantic for our own Great Deceiver. The message that his days, too, are numbered must be finally getting to him. And that spectre of Nuremburg which keeps haunting his fitful slumber keeps returning in a form that is ever more real.

No, the public must be shown a reformed Blair, one who chooses diplomacy over Shock and Awe. It's bad enough to have the killing fields of Irak splash their indelible bloody mark on one's political tombstone. Tony certainly doesn't want to go down in history as the horrid little quisling who openly condoned the killing of millions of innocent Iranians in a savage nuclear attack by the world's number one bullyboy.

But, alas, poor Tony actions speak louder than spin and your track-record in playing along with Washington's deceit over Iran has already stamped your forehead with another indelible curse: that of complicity and of using Britain's diplomats in the service of another power whose purpose, all along, has been one of naked, belligerent imperialism. It's the Oil, Stupid, as if the rest of us didn't know.

Decoding the Deceiver's words, what we read is something like this: "No, I don't need to commit UK troops to an air-strike on Iran because that's as bad as it might get and the US is perfectly capable of such an attack with a little surreptitious help by the UK allowing it to use its air-bases, AWAC facilities and SAS services. Nobody's going to spot that, least of all those stupid MPs."

"I've already done enough damage by manipulating the IAEA into reporting Iran to the UNSC for faked violations. Now, Iran has been nicely demonized. So my last contract killing is to persuade everyone to call a Chapter 7 Resolution because, shh, that will not only bring about Iran's final isolation but will enable us to starve and kill off its population through sanctions and, when deemed necessary, legitimise a full-scale military attack. Iran will be ours."

If you were really serious, Mr Bliar, why didn't you dissociate Britain from Washington's warmongers when all this Iran nonsense first started? Why didn't you back that up by denying the US juggernaut use of British bases and facilities? And why did your Military play Iran wargames two years ago in preparation for the inevitable?

You might think we're all fools, Tony, for not seeing through your bluff. But we have and so has Iran. That is why, no matter what you say now, Iran's suicide-bombers, we are told, are preparing to target Britain. If, and God forbid that it should ever come to more innocent lives being taken in revenge, then the final responsibility must lie, not with Britain's Muslims or Islam, but with the venal traitor who, twice, dragged his country into an unnecessary hell.

Friday, April 14, 2006


RAF Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith, having refused to serve in Iraq in what he correctly believes is an occupation brought about by an illegal war, is predictably given an 8-month prison sentence, fined £20,000 costs and dismissed from his job. Kendall-Smith, now a national hero, follows in the steps of Ben Griffin who resigned from the Army SAS in a similar protest.

Despite all the pompous huffing and puffing from a few military wallahs rolled-out for the occasion the fact remains that, according to the Geneva Convention, Dr Kendall-Smith was perfectly entitled to refuse service. The decision made by the Military was based not on legal premises but on expediency. If Kendall-Smith had not been found guilty what kind of message would that send out to other conscientious objectors, refusekinks and would-be deserters? So the thin red line was held and an honourable man punished.

Kendall-Smith has been criticised for not having resigned his post before being sent to fight in a war he disagreed with. But in the real world it's the horror of war that opens the eyes of the idealistic rookie, leading to disillusion and a changed perspective. Kendall-Smith admits to having had a somewhat romantic illusion of the RAF in earlier days. Those illusions were dashed in the nightmare of the Iraq invasion and what followed which he put on a par with Nazi behaviour.

Believing Britishness to be a matter of decency, Kendall-Smith swallowed all the recruitment propaganda of the war machine. But, then, who would have thought that, in the early 21st Century, Britain's war machine would still be fighting imperialist ventures? Who would have attributed so much sheer stupidity or venality to a Prime Minister determined to drag his country, against its will, into the killing fields of another madman?

The guilty party in this show-trial is really not Dr Kendall-Smith, it's Tony Blair. As a doctor, Kendall-Smith may well have been responsible for saving lives. As a Prime Minister, all Blair has on his hands is the blood of the helpless. He should be thankful that, unlike the other quisling, Benito Mussolini, his end will not be at the hands of a lynch-mob. Although, now with his buddy, Berlusconi's demise there is a real chance that corrupt Tony will, one of these days, be receiving a visit from the fraud squad over his sales of peerages.

Natural justice, Tony, is what's coming to you and that's something no amount of dodging and weaving will save you from!

Please send your messages of moral support to:

Malcolm Kendall-Smith
HMP Chelmsford
200 Springfield Road

A petition for his release - and a special fund to help him pay the £20,000 legal costs awarded against him - have also been set up by Military Families Against the War. See

PETITION To: JOHN REID - Secretary of State for Defence

We the undersigned condemn the prison sentence passed on Flight Lieutenant Dr Malcolm Kendall-Smith and offer our full solidarity and support.

The sentence of eight months passed on him for refusing to serve in Basra is an outrage, we demand his immediate release.

He acted on his conscience in refusing to serve in an illegal war. In doing so, he acted on behalf of many people in this country.

The judge’s remarks that orders have to be obeyed also give cause for concern. The Nuremberg trials after the 2nd World War established that obeying illegal orders was no defence against charges of war crimes.

It is even more unjust that Kendall-Smith has been jailed while the advocates and perpetrators of this war have never been held to account.


The Undersigned

Click Here to Sign Petition

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Urgent Message to Congress: Put The Brakes On Bush's Iran Plans; Reject Nuking Iran

by Rob Kall

It is time for the US congress to speak, to pass a motion-- a message to the president that they do not authorize him, based on their authorization to go into Iraq, to attack Iran, to start another war.

It is time for the antiwar movement to get out in the streets with one message. Congressional representatives must make it clear to the Bush whitehouse that they have cut off their authorization of any further warmaking.

We know that there is now a risk that the chickenhawk neocons who wrote of grandiose visions of empire before Bush was President will take their fantasies, in spite of their massively incompetent failure in judgment and action to date, to the dangerous next step of nuclear aggression.

It is essential that the congress take away the excuse the whitehouse has used for repeated violations of laws and abuses of the constitution and the bill of rights. The only way to do that is to pass a resolution stating that Bush and his team have had their authorization to wage war revoked-- period.

There will be wrangling on the effect this has on the ability to protect the nation from terrorists. The right wing echo chamber will say that we are sabotaging the President's ability to protect the nation. The fact is, that the president and his advisors have lost the trust of Americans. We have every reason to distrust Bush and his team. They don't deserve to have access to the nuclear trigger.

I'd suggest that congress also make it clear that they don't permit Bush to spy on Americans, that he must follow the laws that he has been abusing. But I hesitate because the rubber stamp corrupt republicans might try to turn this into a license for Bush to violate the law.

So, for now, I suggest we get out in the streets and demand that our legislators tell Bush, with a formal motion, that he is NOT permitted to attack Iran, that his license to wage war has been rescinded.

Take action -- click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:
Revoke Bush's Authorization to Wage War. Reject Nuking Iran

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

Rob Kall is editor of, President of Futurehealth, Inc, and organizer of several conferences, including StoryCon, the Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story and The Winter Brain Meeting on neurofeedback, biofeedback, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology.

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30th March 2006 updated 2nd and 6th April 2006

Greens fear we maybe witnessing the build up to an attack on Iran. Two B-2 Stealth Bombers and two B-1B multi-role bombers have been spotted at the Fairford RAF base over the last week (i). The base, in rural Gloucestershire, last saw action in 2003 when B-52 bombers flew from there to bomb Iraq. It is the largest USAF bomber base in Europe and the only one with maintenance facilities for the B-2. Photo: courtesy of the unofficial RAF Fairford website.

Martin Whiteside, Parliamentary spokesperson for Stroud District Green party, said: "This is very worrying development as B-2s are likely to be the strike aircraft used in any US attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. This could just be an exercise, but much makes me wary - the US seems to be engineering a diplomatic impasse in Iran and their attack plans for the country, "CONPLAN 8022 (Global Strike)" now have operational status which includes a nuclear weapons option. We could be witnessing the build up to another war."

Martin Whiteside, who is also a District councillor and was at the vigil on Saturday 18th March to commemorate the third anniversary of the Iraq war, said: "We must not let us be drawn into supporting another illegal war to divert our attention from the problems Bush and Blair are having at home at the moment."

Martin Whiteside said: "It is hypocritical to single out Iran for possible future nuclear proliferation while doing nothing about India, Pakistan and Israel who have all developed nuclear weapons in secret. Add to this the hypocrisy of British plans to upgrade it's own nuclear weapons and no wonder we loose respect and trust around the World. We need a consistent approach to getting rid of all nuclear weapons and to insist on a nuclear free Middle East (iii). I would urge people to write to Mr Blair seeking assurances that we will not join another unjust war."

Updated 2nd April 2006:

Today Sunday 2nd April the news is much worse. The Telegraph reports that the Government is to hold secret talks with defence chiefs tomorrow to discuss possible military strikes against Iran (iv). The paper reports that "The belief in some areas of Whitehall is that an attack is now all but inevitable."

The Telegraph goes onto say: "...would enable attacks by B2 stealth bombers equipped with eight 4,500lb enhanced BLU-28 satellite-guided bunker-busting bombs, flying from Diego Garcia, the isolated US Navy base in the Indian Ocean, RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire and Whiteman USAF base in Missouri."

Philip Booth, a Stroud District Green party spokesperson, commented: "This is even more disturbing news that another war could be launched from our doorstep here in Gloucestershire. In Iraq we've seen at least 35,000 civilians killed and the situation is getting worse not better: bombing is not the answer to solving problems."

Updated 6th April 2006:

The Wilts and Glos Standard (6/04/06) reports that defence chiefs have denied the visit of top-secret bombers to RAF Fairford last week have anything to do with a future operation in Iran. A spokesperson said: "That is complete rubbish. Fairford is not being used for that purpose." However no-one from US Air Force was available for comment on future deployment of the bombers.

However on the same day Paul Rogers writes that the timing and nature of a United States attack on Iran can be gauged by a close look at air traffic and base security in western England.

See: The Countdown to War by Paul Rogers

Source: Glos Green Party

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Monday, April 10, 2006

We are being prepared!

It's now almost a year ago that warnings of a US military strike on Iran were first circulated on the Net. Hardly short of available material, MSM veteran reporter Seymour Hersh couldn't resist being the first to blow the whistle on this.

Tonight, for the first time, British TV (ITN) followed suit, reporting Hersh's article as 'US Plays down Iran Nuclear Claims' and Bush's subsequent denials, "It's all speculation."

So what took them so long?

Anyone who cares to read this blog's archives will see that I've been jumping up and down screaming out the news from the rooftops for four months now. Its readership might only be tiny but you can be sure that we report the really important news a looong way ahead!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blair and the Neo-Cons' Permanent World War

By now, the manner in which Blair & Co have again hoodwinked Britain into a totally illegal military strike -this time using nuclear weapons- against a peaceful nation, Iran, should have become frighteningly clear.

But it hasn't.

The Bliar's low-profile treatment of Iran, added to the contradictory signals sent out by him and others such as Foreign Minister, Jack Straw and John Reid, whose job is better described as the Secretary for War, has worked very well to keep the country in the dark. Although British forces might play only a minor role in a US air-strike -which now seems the most likely scenario- it is likely that its AWAC systems and its air-bases both in the UK and abroad will be used by US nuclear strike forces.

The Bliar's major contribution to date, it seems, has been to give his unqualified support and energies into creating the trumped-up charges that took Iran from the IAEA to the UN Security Council, bringing it perilously close to a Chapter VII Resolution enabling vicious economic sanctions against the Iranian people and the destruction of an ancient country through a genocidal nuclear holocaust. A nuclear attack will not only affect Iran but the radioactivity, like DU radioactivity but much worse, will spread across the Middle East, Asia and the rest of the planet, causing hundreds of thousands more deaths over a long period of time.

Even when told of the dangers many remain in a state of disbelief, cognitive dissonance, unable to accept that any rational political leader would commit such a terrible crime. But according to the current neo-con rationale, such nuclear genocide is really only a very small price to pay in order that the USA might hold onto its position as the world's greatest military power and go on to establish their Project for a New American Century.

Both Bush and Blair are fanatically committed to this nightmarish project. That's why, when interviewed about his plans to resign the premiership he constantly reminds us that he must continue "to do the job", that this is his priority not resignation. Well, by now it should be clear to even the dumbest journalist or television reporter what he really means. Continuing to do the job, first and foremost, means to continue running British politics as a dictatorship and throwing in this country's lot with a neo-con project for permanent war whose effects are just too horrific to envisage.

What amazes me is that by this late hour you would think that those who oppose this wannabe Cromwell would understand that Blair has dragged Britain into a state of permanent war. That he and his Atlanticist cabal frog-marched Britain into permanent lock-step with a murderous, illegal junta bent on world domination and endless violence and suffering. I keep waiting for the various groups that might be considered to comprise a natural opposition to this politics of terror to speak out against it, to spell out what he has done, why he's doing it and the hugely destructive effect it will, is already beginning to have against the victims everywhere of what he benignly describes as globalisation.

Let's be very clear, Blair's vision of globalisation can only be brought about by the terror of permanent war. It will have been achieved when the entire population of the planet have been marshalled and prodded like so many cattle into the slaughter-house of a prison-planet gulag system. This is what Blair & Co and his Atlanticist cabal are busily creating. Whereas many in the Third World who already feel the policies of 'globalisation' and 'neo-liberalism' more acutely experience exactly what this cabal are doing only now is the West waking up. The riots in France, the strikers in Britain are all symptoms of this vicious new pseudo-economics.

Bosnia and Irak were its early test-beds. Both countries have been effectively broken up into feudal vassal states. The next is Iran. Then Syria, Venezuela, the new South American people's democracies and on endlessly until the neo-con project is finally realized.

This is what our impetuous dictator is up to. He should have been removed a long time ago. The damage he has caused both to his own country and to others will take a long time to repair. But reconstruction should take place first by his ignominious removal. Maybe the British are far too polite to lynch the bastards but in my opinion not even Mussolini's fate is severe enough for these war-criminals.

If you think I'm exaggerating then just note what I say now and see where you find yourself in a post-nuclear attack on Iran. As usual, the western mainstream media has performed faithfully in keeping us uninformed about what is really now at stake. They too are accomplices to this most terrible crime. Only small and disparate truth-speakers remain. Let's not become accomplices through inaction. I appeal to us all to take this message and run with it. The mass killers must be arrested, tried and sentenced. We cannot expect a corrupt system to do this. It is time we take matters into our own hands as people's initiatives. We will find allies in the most unexpected places. Venezuela has already taken the lead by creating a new 911 trial.

It is believed that the attack on Iran will be cycled into the U.S. mid-term elections in November 2006. With popularity so low Bush could well use another military show-of-force to impress the disillusioned electorate. We certainly shouldn't wait until then or for others to take action. Don't wait for the Hague, let's alert the rest of the country and try our own war criminals now!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Will the US Nuke Iran?

29 March 2006

New video highlights the threat

In a newly released video, titled "Will America use nuclear weapons in a military showdown with Iran?", Dr Jorge Hirsch, Professor of Physics at University of California San Diego, compellingly draws the attention of the international community to the threats and dangers of a US nuclear attack on Iran.

In an August 2005 issue of The American Conservative, former CIA officer Philip Giraldi raised the alarm over in-process Pentagon contingency plans drafted in preparation for another terrorist attack in the United States. The response includes a plan for a massive air assault on Iran with the use of both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons regardless of whether Iran is any way involved in such an attack against the U.S.

One month after the publication of Giraldi's warnings, physicists from around the world, including numerous Nobel laureates and prominent figures, signed a petition expressing their dismay at seeing the architects of Bush administration policy embrace the use of nuclear weapons as a tool in warfare like any other. The new US policy to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries has been officially formulated in two US government documents Nuclear Posture Review delivered to Congress in December 2001 and Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations dated March 15, 2005.

In the new video produced with the support of volunteers of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII), the UC San Diego Physicist and signatory to the petition Dr Jeorge Hirsch outlines the devastating consequences that are certain to follow if the U.S. pursues a policy of deploying nuclear weapons. He urges the US public to ask the Congress to confront this possibility.

With Iran's civilian nuclear program having been singled out for referral to the United Nations Security Council, destructive sanctions and/or military action against Iran seem imminent. In this context, any U.S. policy that paves the way for the use of nuclear weapons is particular cause for alarm.

We urge Iranian, U.S. and international media to take note of this alarming development in official U.S. policy and to meet their responsibilities in revealing its dire implications.


CASMII is an independent campaign organisation with the purpose of opposing sanctions, foreign state interference and military intervention in Iran.

Decoding the Great Deceiver

Tony Blair will never give up his premiership willingly. No matter how much a liability he becomes to his party, the Bliar is far too attached to the power that comes with his job. Besides which, he performs a vital task for the interests of Anglo-US capitalist imperialism. Whereas neither Bush the Chimp or Cheney have the slightest ability to play the international statesman the Bliar is a con salesman par excellence. A con-man who has the knack, whilst talking a heap of shit, to make it sound plausible.

But behind this apparently benign nature there lies the calculated nastiness of a lower middle-class social-climber. Astute mafiosi, Silvio Berlusconi, sussed Blair's weakness for bling and material advancement and plied him with gifts and free holidays. Others saw the advantage to be had and joined the caravan. Now, the world of carefully-laundered bribes and sweeteners has turned into so much shit that the fans in Downing Street are groaning with the load that has hit them.

At least one web-detective, Sherman Skolnick, alleged that Blair received a huge bribe, laundered through middle eastern banks, as a sweetener for having single-handedly taken Britain into Bush's military invasion of Irak. Others say, no, the bribe will be paid on his retirement from the present post where, for example, it is speculated that he's already lined-up for a nice directorship with the international brigands, the Carlyle Group. Who knows, maybe both speculations are correct? And increasingly likely since the recent dosh for peerages scandal surfaced from Number 10 like a colossal turd with a long-expired sell-by-date.

But no matter, what has he to lose? Despite being the most loathed Labour premier since that other social-climber, Ramsay MacDonald, the Bliar, as he constantly reminds us, has a job to be done. Apart from having given the UK's welfare system the coup-de-grace, ensuring that his people will become ever-more materially and socially divided by the Victorian values that Thatcher instigated and which he re-packaged as 'neo-liberalism' there is other work to do to turn the entire planet into one sprawling, capitalist gulag. Globalisation.

"Globalisation is a fact," the Bliar assured the Australian parliament. Referring, in the same speech, to global citizenship it becomes evident that his speech writers are very au fait with all the right new-agey buzz-words. In the best traditions of Goebbellian propaganda, both the Bliar and his witch-doctors know how to take a word and stand it on its head so that its meaning ends up the very opposite of what was intended. Having, long ago, made a faustian deal with the forces of Mammon the Bliar is able to channel the words of the Great Deceiver so well that he has taken on a Mephistophelean glint that Steve Bell, the cartoonist, illustrates insightfully.

Like the rest of these reptilian shape-shifters he is a master of not only deception but self-deception. Hitler and Goebbels would go green with envy at the way in which this touchy-feely, new-age wannabe so enchanted and fooled the British middle-classes into believing that he and his New Labour party would bring an end to Thatcher's brand of fascism and replace it with a refreshingly compassionate social democracy fit for the 21st century. Ten years on and those he duped are only now beginning to wake up into the totalitarian neo-con nightmare with which he has cursed us all. Helpless to do anything, we stand horribly aghast as he drags us all towards another holocaust which could well turn into Armageddon.

Armageddon to be induced and fought out by what the Bliar's recent speech let slip to be an Anglo-Saxon alliance nicely repackaged as 'globalist'. Summoning up Churchillian memories of Empire he called for a new commitment by Australia's military to stand by the side of Mother England, ready to defend traditional values against the mad, fuzzy-wuzzy dervishes of Islam now threatening the Anglo-Saxon world, questioning its right to continue a hegemony that must remain unquestioned and not allowed to drown amongst the planet's melting icebergs.

Bankrupt of any vision for this new Christian century, all the Bliar and his coven are capable of is to look nostalgically back at a past that never was. Behind the glib romanticizations, however, lies the stark reality of a dangerously opportunistic self-promoter who will -already has- sold out every last ounce of human decency in the service of capital's darkest forces. No doctrine could be farther from the true vision of planetary stewardship and citizenry than his. No amount of spin can hide the ugly reality of the new totalitarianism that Tony Blair and his neo-con coven intend in the Project for a New American Century.

Now, this evil trans-Atlantic coven is planning an even more murderous assault on the innocent of the world, Iran. Having used its classical, deceitful ploys it has turned reality upside-down in order to demonize its victims in the eyes of its own domestic audiences. But the world has grown weary of these black magicians, seen through the diabolical filth of their intentions. They know this and will retaliate with ever greater desperation.

Having committed themselves to a method of global control through the politics of fear, coercion, shock and awe there is now a very real danger that in their state of desperation they could cause the deeply-held Judeo-Christian myth of Armageddon to be released from the collective unconscious of the Anglo-Saxon alliance to become reality. Just as Christian fundamentalists use the fission-energy in that myth to enlist and control the masses to enrich themselves, Bliar's trans-atlantic coven promote Armageddon in order to traumatize and disempower the rest of us. The staging and symbolism of 911 was a classic example of subliminal suggestion followed quickly by assurances from the Bliar and his fellow coven that "the world would never be the same again."

Too damn right it wouldn't, that was the purpose of having used the shock-horror Hollywood tactics. 911 provided the justification for the dismantling of our freedoms and their replacement with police-state totalitarianism. The Madrid bombings and 77 were meant to reinforce the shock and awe. That might have worked with the docile Anglo-Saxon mentality but failed miserably in a Latin, libertarian culture where it had the opposite effect intended. The electorate threw out the fascist Aznar and his Atlanticist skivvies. Replaced by Zapatero, Spain is now more closely aligning itself with the Hispanic world, including Venezuela. Zapatero saw the future and chose it while our dangerous clown, the Bliar, confused the future with the past and set out on a nightmarish journey to his own downfall.

Marx predicted that Capitalism would dig its own grave. Believing stubbornly that Britain's values of common decency will finally prevail, I pray that Blair's grave is dug as a black pit only to fit him neatly together with his trans-Atlantic coven.

And that the planet keeps revolving to the tune of a greater destiny for it and all its sentient beings.

"How strange! But never mind - it's Nazism, it will pass!"

Isn't there anything we can do to protest at the way the UK is again being dragged into a murderous holocaust by a small bunch of evil men who have no mandate for murder from their fellow-citizens?

I have for weeks conducted a lonely campaign warning of the USUK plans for another war. Mostly all I received were negative comments by some and a silence from everyone else.

We all rightly raise our voices at the terrible crimes being conducted by Blair's infernal Anglo-Saxon alliance in Irak. Yet, despite the fact that it should be obvious to any intelligent news-hound that these criminals are preparing to kill again, we hear of practically no resistance.

Are we forever to treat Britain's international crimes in retrospect? For if that is so then no amount of protestation will be enough to hide the fact that we did nothing to speak up against the killings before they started in an attempt to alert our fellows.

If there are any history books to be written after WWIII it will be remembered that the British did nothing to stop their war-criminals. Instead we became their accomplices. We will come a poor second to all those Germans who had the courage to resist Hitler even in the darkest days.

I do not have words for the sense of shame I feel to be living in a country which so easily allows itself to be dragged into war after war against the world's innocents by a bunch of international criminals.



"And then one fine day the bourgeoisie is awakened by a terrific boomerang effect: the gestapos are busy, the prisons fill up, the torturers standing around the racks invent, refine, discuss."

"People are surprised, they become indignant. They say: "How strange! But never mind - it's Nazism, it will pass!" And they wait, and they hope; and they hide the truth from themselves, that it is barbarism, the supreme barbarism, the crowning barbarism that sums up the daily barbarisms; that it is Nazism, yes, but that before they were its victims, they were its accomplices; that they tolerated that Nazism before it was inflicted on them, that they absolved it, shut their eyes to it, legitimized it, because, until then, it had been applied only to non-European peoples; that they have cultivated that Nazism, that they are responsible for it, and that before engulfing the whole edifice of Western, Christian civilization in its reddened waters, it oozes, seeps and trickles from every crack."

Discourse on Colonialism by Aimé Césaire.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Iran Earthquake

Top marks, as usual, to Cuba for sending its doctors in a medical rapid-response team to help earthquake victims in Iran. And for showing the way to the rest of the world by its compassion and truly civilized behaviour.

By their deeds you shall know them.

No marks for Britain which, as usual, meanly waits for everyone else before being shamed into offering some piddling amount.

As the British military is now so busy preparing a military attack on Iran I suppose Bliar and his cohorts would consider earthquake aid a waste of money better spent on murdering Iranians.

Britain, why don't you lynch the bastard? No punishment is severe enough for this evil creature, Bliar, and its cohorts.

As for the USA, it probably caused the earthquakes in the first place!

Send Donations to Islamicaid or Red Cross