Thursday, March 30, 2006

At last the Silence is being Broken, UK War-Plans are Exposed by the World's Media

At long last, the warning cry about the Bliar's dangerous state-of-mind and foreign policy is being picked-up by the media. Significantly, the recently-leaked Sawer memo and its implications are reported first from Dubai and Pakistan , ie Asian countries with a rather different perspective on what New Labour's arrogant John Reid assumes to be the world community.

When people like Reid and Bliar use such phrases, attaching them to emotive clarion calls for the 'defence of freedom', 'our traditional values' and the 'protection of civilization' you can be sure it's all coded guff. Orwellian newspeak for 'protecting the predominantly Anglo-Saxon capitalist power of the USUK' hiding the wicked hypocrisies of a death machine which really has no place in the 21st Century.

Bankrupt of any true political vision, they represent forces of reaction which, even in the face of the most tremendous Earth Changes, hang onto their anti-evolutionary outlook on humanity. Having chosen past glories of Empire to be their cultural theme they made a faustian deal with the USA's new, Straussian imperialists. A deal which ensured their becoming war-criminals.

Now, they can only spend the rest of their miserable careers trying to justify the unjustifiable in front of a media, once servile and now increasingly cynical of a product well-past its sell-by date. For all the rest of the world cares the Bliars and Reids, the Bushes and Rumsfelds might just as well address their guilty protestations to a hall full of mirrors. One way or another the terrible crimes they have committed against humanity are now beginning to reflect back on them as a global judgement, sure to revisit and haunt them for the rest of their mortal existence.

That process of natural judgement may well have begun. But the danger is that the criminals are on the run and bound to do further damage in an act of sheer desperation.

Was the reason for John Sawer's leaking of a high-level memo to warn the world of the current British government's manoeuvring of the IAEA, the UNSC and the Big 5 to bring about a UN Resolution against Iran? For having once obtained that, which they now have, it's a much smaller step for the USUK to up the ante at a later date, say June, and replace what they are bound to call an "ineffective measure" with a punitive Chapter VII Resolution which finally gives the warmongers the 'legality' to conduct vicious embargoes. Embargoes which, like the ones against Irak, will only hurt innocent civilians? Which will give them the cover they seek to attack Iran militarily in a blitzkrieg most likely requiring the use of nuclear weapons?

This is what the leaked memo should be warning us of.

Either John Sawer is now so worried about the Bliar cabal's determination to take his country into another more terrible war or the memo was leaked deliberately. In which case we can assume that there are some very serious divisions of opinion in high places in the Bliar regime as there are now in Washington DC.

Whatever the case may be it is inexcusable that the natural opposition to Bliar's warmongering, be it in the parliamentary Labour Party, the constituencies, the mainstream media, the anti-war movement or the public at large should remain silent in such a dangerous time.

If when, thanks to a good civil servant, we now know what's being cooked-up for us we remain silent then we too become Bliar's accomplices in his next murderous holocaust.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Karma and the New Crusaders

Apropos the double-talk currently emanating from the quislings in 10 Downing Street, Hannah Strange, London's UPI correspondent ends her Iran report by observing that, "For now, the government appears to be performing a diplomatic balancing act, attempting to dispel fears of a rush to war while simultaneously preparing for it."

While the Straw mouth says one thing, the Bliar orifice says another. Which one we wonder is more full of shit?

It's typical New Labour. Keep pointing your orifices every which way for when Bush/Cheney come in with the big shaft you can't be sure how they're going to screw you. Meantime everyone is kept in a state of confusion and no one in what you would call the natural opposition to Bliar's War Party has anything much to say.

Thus the new imperialists get another adrenalin-buzz of power living out their fantasy of a new crusade to save civilization from the evil hordes.

Anyone who believes a word uttered by these compulsive liars is guaranteed a big disappointment. No matter how hard they try to present themselves to the world as diplomats and men of reason they have now created for themselves a past of so much evil karma that, were reincarnation to be a given truth, it would take them an eon of successive lifetimes to deal with the suffering they have brought upon others.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Petro-Imperialism's Caped-Crusader Exposed Again!

Jack Straw, the Brits' Foreign Secretary, keeps denying that the USUK imperial coalition has any intention of using military force against Iran. Meanwhile his fuehrer, Bliar, swaggers across the world-stage, this time to New Zealand and Australia, to chivvy-up the Anglo-Saxon alliance and muster more support for his 'Clash of Civilizations' against Islam.

Let's see, now. According to Britain's caped-crusader, what we are in is a 'war against terrorism', a struggle to defend our 'traditional values' and our 'special relationship' of 'shared values' with our mighty cousin, the USA. Perfect Orwellian newspeak that doesn't bear to be examined in any detail.

Despite all the brain-washing and incessant media propaganda by now it's very clear to the vast majority of us who the real terrorists are, who deliberately staged 911 and 77 in order to traumatize their public into accepting a raft of repressive legislation meant to turn both the US and the UK into totalitarian, police states.

Terrorists who have been responsible for the killing, maiming and suffering of hundred of thousands of innocent souls in countries unable to defend themselves against the bully-boy tactics of the USUK. Terrorists, who with lust for even more blood are now secretly preparing another unprovoked assault which could quickly degenerate into a nuclear war.

So much for quisling Bliar's 'war on terrorism'. If these are his traditional and shared values as enshrined in his 'special relationship' he should be told clearly where to shove them by the rest of the country he has betrayed so shamelessly.

Muttering on to a slavering audience in an Oz parliament, the quisling warned about the madness of 'anti-Americanism' among some in the West as if the amassed war-crimes which he and his trans-Atlantic gang have already committed are all to be justified by his comical if not so horrific new 'Christian' Crusade.

In the best traditions of propaganda, the Bliar likes to keep his language simple, dumbed-down and comprehensible to the increasing number of illiterates in the new trans-Atlantic culture. So, as if both were the same thing, he conveniently confuses the world's collective contempt for Washington's foreign policy with 'anti-Americanism'. Given that he is hardly a fool is it possible that he is so enamoured of his Straussian neo-con handlers and paymasters that he is unable to see the difference?

For perfectly machiavellian reasons he embraced the Straussian 'war against terror' knowing full well that it was really an anti-Islamic war by Zionists conveniently re-packaged by the London-Washington Anglo-Saxon alliance to replace the defunct 'war against the Red Menace'. Stripped-down of all the ideological verbiage, Bliar's war is essentially the continuation of traditional Anglo-American petro-imperialism in the Middle East. Neither the quisling or his servile media can reveal that. Only those at the receiving end, such as the Ayatollahs, can.

And by pinning his loyalty to petro-imperialism the quisling has gone happily along with scape-goating the Muslims as did Hitler the Jews. In effect, he has done more to stir-up racial strife in his own country than any other contemporary political Brit. War crimes or race crimes, he must be made to answer for both.

Leaking and Marching

When John Sawer leaked his letter to The Times you would have thought it would have been followed by an outcry by the media. But so tightly-controlled are they by their corporate bosses it was greeted by silence. That I can understand perfectly. And all credit to The Times for publishing it. But why the silence from the anti-war crowd? Have they all now been so effectively taken-out? Having performed their annual pilgrimage march in London are they now so exhausted as to let such opportunities go by them so easily?

It only goes to confirm what I have felt for a long time now. Marching is fun and has its purpose. But as Mike Kress, the US war veteran said recently, marching alone fits in exactly with what our leaders would have us do so that we can be controlled and organized like cattle. If we are ever to stop the War Machine we are going to have to apply every ounce of our collective human ingenuity into finding alternative ways of organizing ourselves.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

He's preparing to kill again! Will someone stop him?

A letter recently leaked by a very senior civil servant, John Sawer, Political Director of the British Foreign Office, blows the whistle on the Bliar regime's plans for manipulating the UN Security Council nations into paving the way for a war against Iran. The entire, macabre staging of events via the IAEA and the UNSC is, as a Russian diplomat described it in Geneva, déja vu.

The letter Sawer has leaked reveals the intentions of the Foreign Office over the next few weeks to persuade both Russia and China on the need to attack Iran. To achieve this it would be necessary to coordinate a strategy involving the US, France and Germany to obtain UN approval for such an attack.

"This is the proof Katharine Gun called for days ago; “I urge those in a position to do so to disclose information which relates to this planned aggression...Such government activities are not paper-free endeavors...documents are being drafted now or already exist. As the political momentum builds towards a military ‘solution’, it would be wrong to wait until bombs have fallen on Iran and families destroyed before finally informing the public.”"

The following memo is a government document describing how they will build that political momentum towards a military solution. Sawers writes to his colleges that they will introduce a Security Council resolution which Iran is likely to reject. He does not want to tell Russia and China what will happen to Iran at that point. This could be because they are considering nuclear attack, but that is speculation on my part."

"This will be another unprovoked war of aggression, though they will likely call it a pre-emptive attack. This should have happened by June of this year. The government has already set its policy objective; attack Iran. Another war is coming unless ‘we’ stop it."

"The plan is to win Russian consent by the G8 summit in June. This is when they (Britain, France, Germany, US) are in position to offer Russia the largest economic incentives. This makes it likely the war is also about economic incentives. (If, for example, there war were to be about security concerns, possible nuclear weapons, the UK might try to convince Russia by showing them Iranian documents and nuclear material. The UK is bargaining with money, the war is likely about money.)"


It is vitally important that the alternative news networks get the message: the Bliar War Party is secretly preparing another war and is playing a major role in UN diplomatic manoeuvrings to get it.

The war he and his fellow-criminals are preparing will be a continuation of many decades of British petro-imperialism in the Middle East. Lacking the teeth of the old imperial lion, however, Bliar will rely on the US military goliath to be his killing-machine. His part, as usual, is to play the trojan horse that attacks and weakens any European opposition. This he has done. What a glorious day for British diplomacy!

The Iranians are well aware of what is going on. Only the slumbering proles in Britain remain blissfully unaware of what the diabolical regime masquerading as HM Government is really up to.

Recently, Iran Broadcasting's English Radio interviewed Lyndon LaRouche, one of Dick Cheney's arch-enemies. In that interview LaRouche describes how a military strike against Iran is very much part of a venture instigated by "the Liberal Imperialist crowd in London, which is the Blair-Jack Straw crowd".

"But the architecture runs largely through international financial channels, such as George Shultz, who is a former Secretary of State, and who is the architect of the present Bush Administration: That is, the person who pulled it together to be elected."

"So, this is the key point from which this comes. It's an Anglo-American operation, but the policy itself, which is the British policy of the Arab Bureau, the so-called "anti-Islam policy," is what the motivation is."

LaRouche goes on to describe how the IAEA and the UNSC are being used to legitimize another war-crime. "The nuclear issue is not really the issue. And from Iran, you know that because you know what the negotiations are, particularly involving the Russians, involving also the Chinese interest in this, and the general Asian view of this matter."

"The nuclear issue is not the cause of the problem. The issue is, they want to [cause] the problem. And therefore, they're using the nuclear negotiation as a pretext for an enlarged war in the entire region of Southwest Asia."

He comments on the Bliar-Straw double-talk on Iran which over the months has taken an increasingly belligerent tone:

"Q: You talked about London's involvement in this issue, but Jack Straw has time and again talked about peaceful means and diplomacy, in dealing with Iran's nuclear issue, and has praised Iran's previous government, and criticized its incumbent President for their approach. You think he is not sincere?

LaRouche: I'm sure of it! After all, remember, you have in the history of Iran, you have things like the Sykes-Picot Treaty, which was authored by the British as a part of a process of getting World War I going.

No, these fellows are not exactly honest. We know them very well. In a case like this, one must deal with the facts, without discussing sincerity."

Now, I know that Lyndon LaRouche is anathema to the 'left chic' salon whose politics are based more on, it seems, arrogant fashionability and correctness. In dismissing LaRouche's insights into the Bush/Cheney/Blair axis of evil they maintain such a high-and-mighty blinkerishness on current trans-Atlantic imperialism that one wonders if they too are not playing the reactionary part of having become Britain's 'left' gatekeepers. The complaisant self-indulgence and tired defeatism of the contemporary British Left is a thing to behold. It's no wonder that creeps like Bliar and Straw are allowed to get away with the repeated crimes and obscenities they commit against humanity and remain in political power.

Good civil servant and decent human being that he is John Sawer's blown the whistle on Bliar's War Party. In the deathly silence that follows I can hear the echo of his whistle return to me over and over across Britain's political wasteland. Is anyone else listening? And if they are will they do what's necessary to alert the nation to what's going on?

Due to the conspicuous lack of interest being displayed by the usual suspects I appeal once more to the bloggers and mailing list readers to pick up the message and to run with it.

Scream it from the roof-tops:

Britain's Number One traitor and War-Criminal Bliar is preparing to kill again! In the name of God, will someone stop him?

It’s time to throw away our misplaced faith in this corrupt, undemocratic system and build alternatives to it.

“Another world is possible” isn’t possible if we keep supporting a system that’s rigged against us.

Highly-recommended sites for both activists and erudite readers. Iransolidarity provides you with a radically objective, no bullshit, slant on the latest news on this chapter of the neo-con Project for a New American Century and End of Empire a similar view on a global scale.

Fellow-travellers are invited to join both and give them your input.

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Very British Coup?

"If there were ever an excuse for a Very British Coup to take place to remove the dishonest NeoCon puppets who, like Doctor Who's aliens, have colonised the British Executive then surely it is now. Brigadeer Lethbridge Stewart where are you now in our hour of need. With the sheepish Labour party spellbound by blue eyed PR boy Tony and his witch doctors a military coup might be the only way to rid Britain of corruption.

'Glorifying terror'? Perish the thought."

So writes Tony Gosling, 911 Truth organiser, in his recent article, 'Crack, the mafia and a very British coup'.

A coup? What, here in the United Kingdom, where its politicians are elected to Westminster, 'the Mother of Parliaments?'

Well, historically maybe so, maybe not. But whether or not you believe all the lies of self-glorification and spin that accompany a decaying, still unburied corpse of Empire to its grave, after the Bliar virus infected the Labour Party, deceived a nation desperate for an antidote to Thatcherism and fooled itself into power through a landslide election there's nothing much left of Mother.

Mother was expelled a long time ago to join all the other hundreds of thousands of homeless who sleep in Albion's streets every night. Destitute, she was replaced by something far more akin to the mythical Whore of Babylon who with shameless bling and endless sleaze turned Westminster into a haunt for some diabolical motherfu*kers.

When politics becomes corrupt and decadent, look out, for totalitarianism won't be a long way off. As Washington's chief quisling in Europe, that wouldn't concern the Bliar and his lickspittles very much as totalitarianism is very much on his menu d'jour for the rest of us. He screwed the Labour party, he screwed the electorate and now he's screwing Parliament.

Have a look at this movie-clip of Tony's best chum, Silvio Berlusconi. Doesn't it tell you everything you need to know about the gangsters and war-criminals who sneaked in through their Legislatures' tradesman's entrance when they thought no one was looking?

Bliar's Chum Shafts the Workers

I do not relish the idea of a military coup. As far as we know, the last time such a thing was seriously entertained it was by a bunch of extremist right-wing nutters whose politics would fit nicely in with the Straussian neo-cons from whom the Bliar presently takes his marching orders. Maybe Bliar's idea is to so undermine parliamentary democracy that any future thoughts of the need for a military coup would simply be cancelled out by his own style of dictatorship?

Talk of military coups come when folk begin to get seriously desperate. And that is the point many in both the USA and UK are approaching. So I do not belittle Tony Gosling's views when I have felt similar, probably with several million others throughout the land. Faced with what is effectively a two-party dictatorship what hope is there for any radical change through the ballot-box?

So what would a very British coup look like?

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, PM for Life, Britain's second Cromwell?

Now if it were a decent guy like Castro or Hugo Chávez at the coup's vanguard I wouldn't mind so much but, really, Evo Morales would be much more to my personal liking than a General Sir Mike Jackson (aka "Macho Jacko","Darth Vader", the "The Prince of Darkness") .

Any socially-concerned, democratic generals or officers out there?



Caroline Lucas
Green Party Principal Speaker and MEP for South-East England

This government has systematically undermined the rule of international law – especially in its rush to war in Iraq – and the protection of human rights, here in the UK and abroad, as Amnesty International, amongst others, have observed.

But not content with attacking human rights and civil liberties in the name of the UK's so-called "special relationship" with the American neo-conservative fringes, now Tony Blair has British democracy itself in his sights.

When more than a million marched against the war in Iraq, he ignored their protests and introduced legislation to criminalize dissent in the Westminster neighbourhood. And now, as he increasingly relies on opposition support to beat off "rebels" within his own parliamentary party, he has published proposals to abandon the democratic safeguard of parliamentary scrutiny of national lawmaking and government.

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill (more accurately dubbed "The Abolition of Parliament Bill") will effectively allow government ministers to amend, repeal or replace any legislation without consulting Parliament, and even to create new offences with penalties of up to two years in prison, without any democratic scrutiny whatsoever. There are few limits on the scope of the Bill's use – so in its current form it could be used to push through divisive and deeply unpopular legislation on, to name but a few, nuclear power, replacing Trident, GM foods and housing expansion.

This isn't the sort of society I want to live in – and I don't believe it is the kind of society the peoples of this country want to live in either.

We Greens believe in real, locally-delivered, democracy, together with respect for human rights, civil liberties and the international rule of law – that's what we're working for at every level to which we're elected, and that's why we're opposing this bill.

Caroline Lucas
Green Party Principal Speaker and MEP for South-East England

Dealing with Britain's Serial-Killer War-Criminals

An old saying in Stalinist eastern Europe about media propaganda went something like this: whatever the Government says believe the opposite and you won't be far wrong. When BBC television deliberately blacked out the annual CND anti-war march last week it added a typically English "if you don't like it, ignore it and hope it goes away" flavour to the encroaching practice of news censorship in vogue with the Corporation's apparatchiks.

The quisling secret-service agents who currently run the British government, including the mafia of Blair, Brown, Straw and Falconer are feeling very edgy right now, it seems. Leaving aside the stories of prime ministerial sleaze being presented to us as a mere distraction the most serious issue facing Britain today is being studiously ignored by a disgustingly servile media.

And that is the deceitful and highly dangerous behaviour of Britain's Number One neocon, Blair, in abusing his office by aligning his country with the ideological lunatics and Strangelovian warmongers in the Bush/Cheney cabal.

Arrogant as ever, Blair says that he will answer to his God for having dragged Britain, kicking and screaming, into the hell-hole he helped to create in Irak. A hundred deaths of UK service personnel and 100,000 Iraki civilians was not, it seems, too great a price to pay for his high moral rectitude.

Unrepentant, he is now acting out a repeat performance to prove to his Straussian handlers that he would be only too delighted to throw in his -and Britain's- lot in helping to murder countless more -this time Iranians- through economic and military, possibly nuclear, genocide.

He dances a fine jig-of-death, does the Bliar, meant solely to entertain his handlers as why else would this war-criminal and traitor salivate at the thought of more mass murders? For a nice, cushy executive position with a multinational corporation already guaranteed on retirement just so long as he continues his present job acting as the Chimp's messenger of death?

Thirty-five years ago, with Britain facing its most serious post-war financial crisis, the pressure on the then premier, Harold Wilson, to drag Britain into the Vietnam war was heavy. Yet, despite the fact that he had to ask the US to help him out of that crisis, he was able to get away with only having to pay lip-service to the Americans. Contrast Wilson's diplomatic finesse to the Bliar's total ineptitude.

Ironically, MI5 was convinced that Wilson was a Soviet Agent and had 10 Downing Street bugged. Such were the times that there were those in the British Establishment, including the Earl Mountbatten, who seriously considered a military coup to remove Wilson and to deal with trades union unrest.

From what we know of Blair, Brown, Straw and Co. they have been working for the secret services ever since their political youth. The nicest thing that could ever be said about them is that, as career politicians, they have throughout their shameful careers taken orders to dismantle the British welfare state and replace it with a police dictatorship behind a humane face.

Thanks to them and their Thatcherite predecessors Britain is now effectively a police state run solely in the interests of US imperialism.

Yet, as a nation, we allow them to get away with it!

As Britain is yet again being dragged into another vicious war that nobody but the serial-killers want there is a deathly silence in the land. Even the 'left' it would appear is unable to stand up to these tin-pot Hitlers.

Perhaps, after all, people get the politicians and despots they deserve.

When, if ever, are we going to pin these killers down?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's time to Arrest the War-Criminals

Recently, I came across an old WSWS article, 'Pentagon strategy for nuclear strikes revealed, Iraq--a testing ground for US militarism', from March 1998.

It shows how, in the Clinton era, the US Military was already planning for the aggressive style of first-strike wars that Bush/Cheney are presently practising. The incorporation of nuclear weapons into such wars as useable weaponry is clearly very disturbing as is the recommendation, quoted in it from STRATCOM, that the US should deliberately present a public persona of irrationality and vindictiveness in order to spread fear and insecurity amongst its potential enemies.

Clearly, the writers of STRATCOM were anticipating the take-over of US foreign policy by the Straussian neo-cons who happened to fit the recommended persona perfectly!

It also begs the question whether at least a renegade section of the US Military were directly involved in the 911 conspiracy and the election-rigging of 2000 in what was effectively a coup d'etat. Since then, the illegal Bush/Cheney regime has been busy turning the USA and its client states, the UK and Australia, into autocratic dictatorships.

From all this, one thing is clear: as long as US foreign policy remains in the hands of the Straussians the world will remain in dire peril. Somehow, they have to be removed from power and soon. This applies, I believe, as much in the US as it does in the UK, Australia and elsewhere where the Straussians have ensconced themselves in power.

As for those of us in the UK, we urgently need to look at the manner in which we have allowed ourselves become a Straussian banana republic and to completely reassess our place in the world vis-a-vis our progressive and socialist allies in the European Union, our patch of the planet needing change.

I'm not suggesting that we look at the world from a Fortress Europe point-of-view but simply that as the UK is already washed-up the only effective grouping for us is a European one open to the planetary revolution which is already taking place in, particularly, Latin America.

Only when we adopt a dynamic new, proactive attitude will we be able to move on from the present paralysis affecting the anti-war movement and 'left' on our island. Until then, the 'left' will remain trapped in its present state of only being able to react to issues caused by a decayed system which, itself, is the problem.

The Straussians succeeded in their US coup d'etat because their ideology of a New American imperialism and domestic social control through permanent war came at the right time to give the US and UK Right a new sense of purpose and impetus. Since the collapse of the USSR, the British 'left' has been struggling through a desolate wasteland with no sense of purpose or direction.

No wonder, therefore, that in the UK all our civil liberties are being so easily taken away by machiavellians like Blair, Brown and Falconer whose true interests lie more comfortably with MI5 than in parliamentary politics.

What is happening here is what is happening in the USA and Australia. The momentum might be a bit different but the ends are the same: totalitarian dictatorship.

We have to act now if we are to stop it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

For a Worldwide Network against War

The recent deluge of expressions of “concern” about Iran by Cheney, Bolton, Blair, Rumsfeld et al should be setting alarm bells ringing throughout the world.

These dangerous and sinister players are back on the warpath and humanity is in danger- first and foremost the people of Iran, who have committed the cardinal sin of standing up for their own rights

But it is no exaggeration to say that the future of every single one of us is at risk. Having gone along with the “diplomatic process” in the hope of persuading Iran to forfeit their rights under international law, Russia is now backpedalling but it is probably too late. As a consequence US/UK has a vetoed Security Council resolution in their grasp and the scent of blood in their nostrils.

The diplomatic manouevrings and pretence is already reminiscent of pre-Irak War déja vu but the violence which will follow will make the Irak war look like a picnic.

A war against Iran would involve a US/Israeli First Strike with the likely use of nuclear 'tactical' weapons whose radioactivity will spread inexorably across the planet to affect everyone. Cancer rates will rise dramatically.

The neo-con desperadoes want their war and who can stop them?

We must try: but what can we do?

1) The internet is our one trump card. Use it to inform yourself and others. Expose the lies in which we are being buried.

2) Take action. Take to the streets. The message everywhere must be loud and clear: Defend Iran!No more War! Warmongers behind bars!

3) Whatever you do report it locally and globally across the net using resources such as Indymedia.

To assist this process we have set up a website:

Contact us at, register on our forum, send us your views, advertise and report your events on our website.

Do not wait for others to act- its up to you! Be assured that you will find allies everywhere- you are not alone!

Together we can stop the warmongers!

Colin Buchanan, Glasgow, Scotland, 15th March

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Revolution or Tyranny,
it's Time to Choose Again.

Almost two-hundred-and-thirty years ago a group of fifty six American colonials signed a Declaration of Independence in which they declared themselves to be finally free from the corrupt, decadent and manifestly unjust rule of the British Crown. In that most sacred declaration its signatories recognized the essential rights of all men and women to live freely, in the pursuit of their happiness.

And, "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends," stated their Declaration, that "it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Regime change, however, should not be viewed flippantly. "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

The long-suffering nature of their Anglo-Saxon forefathers was, it appears, recognized here.

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Two-hundred-and-thirty years on and it is time not only to reinvoke the Declaration of Independence but to bring about a second American Revolution. For it is clear that the desperate cabal of criminals, headed by Mad King George Bush, has not only hijacked the US Government but is systematically tearing up that country's Constitution. A Constitution described by Bush and his minions as "only a piece of paper."

Already, there is plenty of evidence that the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were so seriously tampered-with as to have made them null and void. All the indicators point to another fix at the mid-term elections this November. That is, if those elections should ever take place. Ruled by a cabal of crooks whose ideology is based upon the permanent subjugation of the people through a doctrine of permanent war the likelihood is that, within weeks of this writing, we will have been dragged through the doors of hell into yet another international conflagration, domestic martial law and permanent tyranny.

Never mind that people are tired of the killings and the dubious "war on terrorism" which justifies the perpetration of all manner of barbaric evil to be visited upon the children, the frail and the helpless. Never mind that we should have all been bullied into so cheaply trading in our civil liberties for a 'national security' that clearly exists not in reality but exclusively in the political rhetoric of game-playing politicians who nobody in their right mind takes seriously anymore.

Whether it be from Bush or Cheney, Blair, his Continental fellow-quislings or Australia's traitorous Howard, the Planet is today under a collective threat. The criminal act of 911 was the adrenalin-packed moment of shock-horror trauma calculatedly staged to so weaken the public in order that a whole raft of legislation could be enacted to turn the USA into a police state. Similarly, the "threat of terrorism" was used by the cabal's accomplices, notably Tony Blair, to help steer Britain towards a prime ministerial dictatorship. The scandalous false-flag events of 7 July 2005, had predictably the same effect of dissipating resolve against the inexorable slide into a new dark age where quite literally the entire Planet is being turned into one, vast open prison.

Is there anything that can be done to stop and reverse this deterioration or has our way of life gone so far down the road that Armageddon is now the only solution?

Armageddon was never a solution. Nor were the countless wars that the leaders of nations waged against each other. Certainly, neither war or Armageddon was what the founders of the young United States had in mind when they put their signatures to that Declaration. A Declaration evolving into a Constitution which has been used since as a model par excellence by so many fledgeling nations world-over.

What do you think?

Is the Constitution really no more than a bit of useless paper as George Bush would have you believe? Are you prepared to see it trashed, consigned into the bin in favour of a new American century based on militarism, global terror and a miserable, totalitarian future? Or is the Constitution worth defending as a universal declaration of freedom, not only applicable to the thirteen founding states of the USA, but as a planetary declaration of union (see article below, 11 February 2006)?

The threats that face us now are all on a global scale. The only way in which we can find the inspiration, spirit and resolve to find solutions is through both global awareness and a commitment to planetary action. Action of the kind that revolutions are made of.

A planetary revolution has already begun in which we must all determine our place, for the protection of life or for the unleashing of the nightmare of death.

There's no escape.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Annual March is Simply not Enough to Stop World War III

It was nauseatingly predictable that Iran should have been referred to the United Nations' Security Council (UNSC) for further punitive action. Despite the IAEA's findings that no evidence existed of a nuclear-weapons programme and the preparedness of the Iranians to enrich most of their uranium in another country such as Russia, the war-hungry US was having none of it.

And, as usual, Amerika was able to lean heavily on everyone else in order to bully them all into submission.

Significantly, though, it was not able to persuade the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to toe the line. But, at this stage of the Amerika's kangaroo-court tactics, it hardly mattered. For all the time and energy spent between Russia and Iran to find a compromise the outcome was a fait accompli.

There was no compromise because there was to be no compromise. The issue had already been decided, Iran is a rogue nation that must be punished. Whether this will ultimately come through a first-strike military attack by the USA or Israel is irrelevant. When the attack comes it will be with the full blessing and support of the USA and, it is now clear, NATO.

What remit NATO should have to involve itself in a hot war in the Middle East is highly questionable but the consequences are clear enough. NATO involvement will have made any attack on Iran into an international crusade against Islam from which there can be no backing off. The world will have come to the abyss of another world war.

Again, the question has to be asked: why does the western anti-war movement remain so quiet even when NATO generals loudly proclaim their preparedness for war?

Of course, it was to be expected that the self-policing western media should have remained silent when, a week ago, President Ahmadinejad of Iran gave his support to an Arab proposal for a Nuclear-Free Middle East. Similarly, I was not surprised to hear anything positive said by our submissive hacks about the IAEA's findings indicating no proof of a weapons programme.

Call me naive if you will, but it does surprise me that the anti-war movement consistently fails to pick up on these vital issues and then to publicize them. It doesn't need the media to cooperate with it when it has the funds and an unlimited internet ability which, like Luddites, it continues studiously to ignore.

Speaking to an overflowing audience, Professor Noam Chomsky warned that with the present regime in the White House the world is facing nuclear Armageddon.
"We must take democracy seriously," he said to survive these most threatening times. "I think one should be very optimistic for the reasons I just mentioned," Chomsky went on to say. "The large majority of the population already agrees with the things activists are committed to. All we have to do is organize people who are convinced."

And so, yet again, I pose the question. Where are the activists and when are they going to get serious?


Shock and Awe; the Sequel
By Mike Whitney

The Bush administration has unilaterally repealed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) by demanding that Iran cease all uranium enrichment. This action overturns the central principle of the treaty which provides states with the “inalienable right” (NPT phrase) to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. Two years of intrusive inspections by the UN watchdog agency (IAEA) have never produced “any evidence of nuclear weapons programs” or any diversion of nuclear material. Nevertheless, the US insists that Iran be deprived of the same right that is afforded to every other signatory of the NPT.

What gives Washington the right to rescind an internationally-recognized treaty?

White House press secretary Scott McClellan summarized the administration’s view saying, “We’ve made it clear as have many in the international community that the regime must suspend all enrichment activity. It cannot be allowed to pursue enrichment in any capacity on any scale that would allow the regime to develop technologies needed to develop nuclear weapons.”

McClellan’s comments are a clear violation of the letter and spirit of the treaty which is not intended to arbitrarily deprive any member of the advantages of nuclear technology. The administration’s brazen declaration puts the onus on the 35-member board of the IAEA to reject the demands. Unfortunately, most of them are already cowed by the bullying tactics of the US.

This tells us that the system is broken and cannot be expected to provide solutions to this or any of the other pressing issues that face the world community. The “superpower model” of governance allows one party to quash agreements on global warming, nuclear proliferation, chemical-biological weapons and anything else that isn’t in its narrow, subjective interests.

Will the member states cave in on these species-threatening issues too, simply to please Washington?

The Iran Daily; 3-7-06

A last minute compromise by Iran’s foreign-minister left IAEA-chief Muhammad ElBaradei believing that a negotiated settlement to the nuclear standoff was possible.

“I am still very much hopeful that that in the next week or so an agreement can be reached,” said ElBaradei.

The administration crushed all hope of a settlement immediately.

The US State Department dismissed Iran’s concessions and pushed for a quick referral to the UN Security Council.


What’s the hurry? Is the administration looking for solutions or are Pentagon planners operating on a tight timeline?

Iran’s last minute compromise put Condi Rice into a frenzy; firing off a panicky phone call to ElBaradei saying, “The United States cannot support this.”

Support what? Negotiation? Deliberation? Peace?

ElBaradei had merely suggested that “the standoff with Iran could be resolved in a week or so”. (NY Times) He was optimistic that a deal with Russia to enrich uranium outside of Iran would allay American fears of a hidden nuclear weapons program.

Is that what made Condi so anxious?

The US reaction is instructive in many ways, and seems to indicate that Bush and Co. may have scheduled hostilities for later this month.

Certainly, the propaganda-campaign is already in full-swing with Condi, McClellan, Rumsfeld, Bolton, and Cheney all blasting-away at Iran in less than a 48 hours period.

The media smokescreen has obscured Iran’s attempts to build confidence by agreeing to forgo all “industrial scale” enrichment for two years even though it is allowed under the terms of the NPT.

The strategy now is to divert attention from Iran’s 'generous offer' and ratchet up the demagoguery to full-throttle.

In the meantime, the State Dept has been busy moving the goalposts to ensure that Iran will reject its final offer.

Right after ElBaradei expressed optimism about finding a solution, Undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns, pulled the rug out from under him saying, “The United States will not support any halfway measures. That means full suspension of all nuclear activities, and a return to negotiations on that basis.”

“Full suspension”? What right does the US have to ask for full suspension?

This was the first time that US officials admitted they were repealing the NPT and brushing aside the counsel of the IAEA. Burns remarks confirm that the administration is bent on torpedoing the process.

But how will Burns and Condi derail ElBaradei’s efforts for peace?

Well, for starters, the State Dept will have to make outrageous, unilateral demands that are so extreme that Iran will never agree to them. That way, the media can say that Iran is “defying the international community” and forcing a referral to the Security Council.

The administration will insist that Iran agrees to a moratorium on production of enriched uranium, comply with additional “unspecified” protocols, and allow for “transparency measures” to accommodate future inspections.

Sound familiar?”

These are the same conditions that were placed on Saddam. Iran knows that the US will use these “transparency measures” to ferret through every inch of the country; rummaging through armories, military bases, palaces, barracks, private residences; anywhere that might annoy, provoke, humiliate or harass the current regime.

Then, after months of microscopically-combing through every inch of Iranian sovereign territory, the flummoxed administration will invent some shaky pretext for invasion.

True or false?

Yesterday’s ham-fisted maneuverings reveal the administration’s true objectives. Bush would like to conceal his attack on Iran behind a mask of international legitimacy. But even without Security Council approval the plan will move forward. The current showdown has nothing to do with “noncompliance” or imaginary nuclear weapons programs. It has everything to do with consolidating the vast resources of the Caspian Basin under the Stars and Stripes and fending off future threats to America’s global domination.

Prepare for Shock-and-Awe “the Sequel” sometime in late March.

Authors Bio: Mike lives in Washington State with his charming wife Joan and two spoiled and overfed dogs, Cocoa and Pat-Fergie.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

How the Barbarians are spreading Darkness over the Planet

Last Wednesday, 1 March, the English-language newspaper, THE HINDU, reported the latest findings of the International Atomic Energy Authority that there was no evidence whatsoever "that Teheran had diverted material towards making atomic weapons".

Quite unsurprisingly the BBC's war-propaganda machine kept quiet about this, not wishing to put Iran in a favourable light and thus compromising the inevitable bellicose posturing we can expect from its controller and paymaster, the quisling Bliar.

Yet, almost in the same breath, the IAEA goes on to criticize Iran for not cooperating 'more fully' with the disclosure of sites to the body.

"However, it called upon Iran to substantially increase its cooperation with the IAEA inspectors as the agency has not been able 'to conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran.'"

As Iran has maintained all along, it has done nothing to contravene the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Iranians have good reason not to cooperate as fully as the IAEA would like. For were they to do this they would have to disclose several strategic sites which the US could then access and target in a future aerial attack.

For behaving in a perfectly sensible manner, Iran has disgruntled the IAEA whose final statement, next Monday, will no doubt be received in the most negative light by the USA and its international messenger-boy the UK.

Were the recommendation then to be made to carry out economic sanctions against Iran, it will be done on the basis of this so-called lack of 'full cooperation' and the totally unsubstantiated speculation that behind it, lay some secret programme to develop nuclear weapons.

Sounds like the old Iraki WMD story unravelling itself in a new variation!

Thus, the Evil Empire will have succeeded in nobbling the IAEA to do the initial political dirty work which leads, inexorably, to the United Nations' Security Council where a small group of nations would be blackmailed and bullied by the USUK into falling in line with its premeditated intention to punish Iran with economic sanctions.

And there's an end to it.

An end? That would only be the end of the beginning!

For once Iran has been effectively labelled an international pariah this gives the US a legal veneer to attack it militarily and, what's more, to use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear nation. This would enable the US to put into practice its new global strategy of first-strike, so-called pre-emptive war using 'tactical' nuclear weapons against any country deemed to be a threat to its security.

Now the Iranian president, Mr Ahmadinejad, has accused the IAEA of acting in a politically motivated way. He has good reason. Compare the manner in which the IAEA has got heavy on Iran with its kid-glove treatment of Israel, a rogue nuclear nation now with an even greater arsenal than the UK's which has never even signed the NPT. Or. indeed, with its coy treatment of North Korea.

Let's cut the crap and ask the obvious question: who, exactly, is running the IAEA in who's interest? And, for that matter, who is trying to run the UN security council and get that body to muscle in on the responsibilities delegated to the United Nations' General Assembly?

The barbarians of the Evil Empire, of course.

An Evil Empire whose stated aim is total global domination and endless war and which Britain, through its "special relationship" obeys without question.

Yesterday it was Irak, now it's Iran, tomorrow Syria, Saudi Arabia etc, etc until the entire Middle East oilfield has been put under the Empire's control and each of those countries balkanized, broken down through civil war into a gaggle of feudal states paying homage to the Empire.

The process has already begun in Irak where a civil war is being deliberately provoked by the covert actions of US and UK black ops, later attributed to Iraki insurgents. Far from stabilizing Irak it was always the purpose of the Evil Empire to ensure that the country was effectively de-stabilized and broken up through civil war.

The Brits, in particular, have a long track record of this kind of black ops in Ireland and in their old Empire which was kept divided and effectively ruled thereby.

It is vital that the anti-war movement should understand the wider picture and not simply limit itself to mouthing empty slogans like "Troops Out" and "Don't attack Iran". It must understand that what we are faced with today is a new form of barbaric aggression which seeks totalitarian control of the planet's population by subjugating it through endless war.

If the leadership of the current anti-war movement has become so paralyzed that it is no longer able to do anything other than to organize an annual march, then the rest of us must seriously ask ourselves what has gone wrong and consider alternative methods of creating a new, decentralized and more dynamic movement outside the reach of sectarian politics.

Until such time the barbarians of Evil Empire will continue to spread their darkness over the planet.