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UN downplayed death-toll in Sri Lanka

The United Nations deliberately downplayed the number of civilians killed during the Sri Lankan government offensive against the Tamil Tigers, according to a report in a leading French daily.

The report, which was published Thursday in the newspaper Le Monde, quotes several unnamed UN sources alleging that high-ranking UN officials, including Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, chose to keep silent about the high civilian death toll in order to maintain UN operations in the country and avoid slighting the Sri Lankan government.


Britain: the depth of corruption

"In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes how the current scandal of MPs' tax evasion and phantom mortgages conceals a deeper corruption that is traced back to the political monoculture of the United States."

"Since Margaret Thatcher, British parliamentary democracy has been progressively destroyed as the two main parties have converged into a single-ideology business state, each with almost identical social, economic and foreign policies. This “project” was completed by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, inspired by the political monoculture of the United States. That so many Labour and Tory politicians are now revealed as personally crooked is no more than a metaphor for the anti-democratic system they have forged together"


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop Police Violence, Defend the Right To Protest, 23rd May 2009

You certainly didn't see this reported in the British MSM:

Click here for more Stop Police Violence videos

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Israel Lobby commits major blunder in France: tries to silence a Comedian

Amazing stuff is happening in France. It all began with a relatively well-known French-Cameroonian comedian,
Dieudonné M'bala M'bala was invited to participate on a TV show on the channel France 3. The show also featured a Maghrebian artist and Dieudonne decided to impersonate an extremist Israeli settled infuriated by the presence of an Arab on a French show (for those of you who understand French, you can see an excerpt of his appearance that day here).

Dieudonne who, in the past, had always enjoyed ridiculing pretty much every segment of French society clearly had never expected the hysterical uproar that his humor would trigger that day: the huge constellation of French Zionists organizations lead by the notorious CRIF ("Representative Committee of Jewish organization in France" - the French version of AIPAC) immediately attacked Dieudonne, suing him for racists comments and suing him for "anti-Semitism" (a criminal offense in France). This was hardly the first time that the French Zionist mob had decided to crush an outspoken critic of its role in French politics or its unconditional support for the last racist state on the planet: Israel. But this time, the Ziomob miscalculated, badly.

Dieudonne began making the accusations of anti-Semitism made against him a central piece of his shows. Here is a sampling of the kind of the hilarious skits Dieudonne came up with:

Les racistes anonymes


Peuple Elue

Mes excuses premiere partie

Mes excuses deuxieme partie

J'ai fait le con

Dieudonne et Faurisson au Zenith de Paris

Dieudonne et Faurisson 1

Dieudonne et Faurisson 2

This was not at all what the Ziomobsters in France had hoped to achieve when they attacked Dieudonne for his appearance on France 3. In response to his defiant stance, they then used their total control over the French political class to shut down his shows under the pretext that they would "threaten the public order". Dieudonne immediately replied that France is capable of providing the security needed for an event like the G8 summit, but not to let one comedian make his show.

Still, while in the past he had filled the biggest concert halls in France, Dieudonne was forced to perform his skits in a rented bus (you can see a report about this here). But Dieudo, has he is known, had one more thing up his sleeve.

His logic was simple: if I cannot use my freedom of speech as a comedian, why not use it as a politician?

Dieudo had already tried one to run for office a couple of times, but he never achieved any measure of success. This time, however, he came up with a stunning argument. Basically, Dieudo claims that the Left-Right chasm is an artificial and meaningless chasm in French politics and that the real issue which separates the parties in France is their attitude towards the Zionist ideology, the state of Israel, and the role of the Israel Lobby in France. Check out his press conference here:

Conference de presse de Dieudonne 1

Conference de presse de Dieudonne 2

Conference de presse de Dieudonne 3

Conference de presse de Dieudonne 4

Needless to say, the French political elites had a total hysterical breakdown at such inpudence. Doubleplusgoodthinking reporters and commentators declared that his political party had to be banned and that Dieudonne was probably mentally insane (the latter reminds me of the old trick invented by Yuri Andropov's KGB who used to declared that Soviet dissidents were "obviously" insane because how could any mentally sane person oppose the Soviet rule: QED).

Still, Dieudo did not back down and he has recently presented some of the members of his political movement "the Anti-Zionist Movement" running as candidates for the European Parliament. Here is the press conference of this event:

Conference de presse liste UE 1

Conference de presse liste UE 2

Conference de presse liste UE 3

Conference de presse liste UE 4

Candidats du Parti anti-sioniste: presentation

What is most interesting in this list is that its candidates come from every political movement imaginable. Unionists, nationalist conservatives, Roman-Catholics, Muslims, ex-Communists, Socialists, etc. Ethnically, everybody is also present. It appears that the Zionist threat is truly uniting many of those who until recently were virulently opposed to each other.

What is the potential of this political movement?

On one hand, the entire weight of the French political establishment is now coming crashing down on Dieudonne. Every politician, every newspaper, every commentator either completely ignores Dieudonne and his movement or, when they speak of him at all, it is with a vitriolic loathing which cannot be imagined. The French newspaper even calls him a "comedian" in quotation marks, showing that such a hideous figure as Dieudonne cannot be called a comedian or somebody who makes people laugh. The fury of the establishment is such that I find it very likely that Dieudonne's political movement will be simply banned and declared a criminal organization (in France, the membership in an organization declared illegal is considered a crime in itself). If not, Dieudonne might do very, very well.

The fact is that there are literally millions of French citizens from all parts of the society who are sick and tired of being ruled by a small group of mutually interchangeable elite (all of which is 100% loyal to anything Zionist or Israeli). The fact is that in the French "banlieue" (suburbs) there are hundred of thousands of Muslims who are outraged by the events in Gaza, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the constant threats against Iran. The fact is that the economic crisis had hit France - and the rest of the Eurozone - very badly and that more and more people are making the link between the Israeli-American model of globalization and the economic collapse of the world markets. In fact, I would say tha the potential of Dieudonne's movement is huge and that it represents a very real threat to the French and, beyond that, USraelien elites in the West.

The fact that Dieudonne himself is (half) Black, and that he succeeded in federating very different currents of the French society under his stance will make it impossible to simply ignore him. Can the French political establishment engage Dieudonne and prevail over him in an open political debate? Not in a million years. Banning Dieudonne's political party will, at best, be a stop-gap solution as we can be certain that Dieudo will sue the French courts in Brussels and that, if needed, he will simply re-compose his movement under another name.

Under the infulence of the recent immigrants to France, the French society is changing and it appears that while the "native" French did not have the wits and guts to take on the Ziomob in power, those who immigrated to France do have what it takes.

It is amazing to listen to these recent immigrants defending the secular and multi-ethnics nature of the French Republic and denoucing the ethnic and tribal nature of Jewish ortanizations in France. For example, Dieudo was once asked what he thought of the attemps made by such French Blacks to create an organization which woud speak for them. Dieudo rejected this approach, saying that the organization which should speak for them should be the French Parliament. Amazing idea, no?

Thanks to Dieudonne, Zionism is now finally being denounced as a tribal and racist, ideology and suport for Israel is now becoming as morally repugnant as support for Apartheid. The entire intellectual edifice which was carefully built by the Zionists in France for many decades is not coming crashing down because once these issues are out in the open, the Ziomob has already lost the key battle. In fact, Dieudo has said that he has already won the next election.

What will happen next? Dieudonne does not take his participation in the upcoming elections too seriously. As a typical comedian, he can sit there and say "I will bring you all to the light" with a serious face. When asked if he is really serious, her replies that nobody in French politics is serious and that the difference between him the the rest of the French politicians is that they are lousy comedians whereas he is a professional.

Humor as a weapon of liberation can be very powerful. The ridicule which Dieudonne is now heaping on the previously sacred cows of French Ziopropagnda, such as the "The Eternal Memory of the Shoah" (all in caps), and all the rest of the Zionist brainwashing toolkit might well prove to be a formidable weapon for which the Ziomob does not have a standard answer.

It will be very interesting to see what happens between now and June 7th - the next election.

In the meantime, here are some links to Dieudonne's non-political skits. Enjoy!

L'equipe du 11

Avant le mariage

Apres le mariage

Le garagiste

La prison

Le journaliste premiere partie

Le journaliste deuxieme partie



Ron Paul: "Prepare for Revolutionary Changes"

Congressman Ron Paul tells the US House of Representatives some home truths:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Right-wing rampage by Obama administration
Balance sheet of a week of reaction

The past week has provided a definitive demonstration of the subservience of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party to the military-intelligence apparatus of American imperialism. Day by day, the White House and the Democratic-controlled Congress delivered decisions along the lines demanded by the Pentagon and CIA, in many instances directly repudiating the campaign promises made to win popular support during the 2008 election.


Our man at Bilderberg: 'You are not allowed to take pictures of policemen!'

I am leaving the toxic orbit of Bilderberg so I can breathe freely. So I can walk down a sidestreet without being followed by plainclothes policemen. I'm tired of men in the lobby, men on the stairs, the same men in different doorways, on different corners wherever I go. Cars pulling away from the kerb when I approach. The same cars, the same feelings. I'm tired of complaining at the station. I've complained three times now, and the final time turned nasty.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Osama bin Laden was US Operator

This allegation by Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari confirms what many of us have always said about both Bin Laden and the phoney terrorist organisation, 'Al Qaeda'. Both were and are US-sponsored hoaxes.

May 11, 2009 "New Karala" -- Washington, May 11 : Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has alleged that elusive Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was a US operator who had tried to destabilise his late wife Benazir Bhutto's government back in 1989.

In fact, as premier Bhutto had "warned America about Osama bin Laden in 1989 with a call to then US president George H. Bush", Zardari said on NBC's Meet the Press programme Sunday.

"She rang senior Bush and asked of him: 'Are you destabilizing my government?' because he (apparently referring to bin Laden) paid the then opposition $10 million to overthrow the first woman elected (prime minister) in an Islamic country," Zardari added.

"So, we knew that he was your operator," said Zardari responding to a question about bin Laden's whereabouts.

"You'll have been there (in Afghanistan) for eight years. (So) you tell me. You lost him in Tora Bora, I didn't, I was in prison," he countered when asked where bin Laden was before hurling the allegation at Washington.

Asked if Pakistan was actively looking for bin Laden, Zardari replied: "The world is looking for him and we are part of the world look-out brigade."

Zardari also reiterated his belief that bin Laden is dead. "I have a strong feeling and I have reason to believe that because I've asked my counterparts in the American intelligence agencies and they have not heard of him since seven years."

--- IANS

Just 9% of the Vote can put Racists into the European Parliament

Nick Griffin leads a racist party who are committed to deporting every non-white person from Britain. He is a racist who has denied the existence of the Holocaust - calling it a "Holohoax".

The HOPE not hate campaign was started because we believe that all people are born equal and that we need to work together rather than against each other. We are proud of Britain and of each other. We are campaigning to stop the racist BNP - but need your help if we are going to stop them.


Monday, May 11, 2009

War Crime in Sri Lanka: Civilians slaughtered by Army Shelling

In what constitutes a blatant war crime by the Sri Lankan government, the army’s merciless bombardment of a so-called no-fire zone, a small strip of land on the country’s northeast coast, killed and wounded thousands of Tamil civilians over the weekend.


Summer Winds augur ill for the Sri Lankan Tamil

The Rajapakse brothers are devious but also farsighted. The Indian, and the Tamil in particular, is more emotion-driven. The Sri Lankans are not merely looking at the military defeat of the Tigers; they want to write a new and final chapter of the Mahavamsa, which will conclude that the Sinhalese finally settled the 2000-year struggle with the Tamils under the Rajapakse brothers by sending the Tamils back in boats to where they originally came from.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Anglo-American Fascism

In Britain the police raids go on as do the arrests which without exception are being carried out under the Terror Act. The latest were on Thursday when six people were arrested in relation to demonstrations in support of Gaza last January.

This is the police state that Blair and now Brown are chiefly responsible for having created where literally anyone who speaks out or protests at government policy is deemed a potential terrorist.

"...Alex Jones has been covering some of this about a new leaked 'lexicon' government document that breaks down society into groups and individual 'terrorist' threats ... this lexicon document intended to be issued to police and law enforcement officers classifies everyone who's not serving government in some sort of state role or capacity as 'potential terrorists'. From people who are technophobes and don't understand new technology, to people who openly 'disagree' with government policy. "

In a Department of Homeland Security document "entitled Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment (PDF link) ... A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines “rightwing extremism in the United States” as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority."

"Controversy over the assessment was heightened earlier this week when another disturbing DHS security document emerged."

"Entitled “Domestic Extremism Lexicon”, it shockingly lists the “alternative media” with other radical extremist groups and implies that people who disagree with the mass media’s version of events are potential domestic terrorists.

Though the DHS reports apply to the US they should be taken into consideration where UK police strategy is concerned. The UK 'War on Terror' is nothing more than a copycat version of what was first instigated by George W. Bush and immediately imitated by Tony Blair.

Although the UK has its own history of encroaching police powers which I have covered elsewhere on this blog and particularly in the article, Edward Thompson and the Growth of Britain's Police State, a pattern of events in the Blair/Brown administration over the last twelve years illustrates how a US-instigated phoney 'War on Terror' provided Blair and his successor Brown to attack British freedoms and to vastly accelerate their country's slide into a police state.

There was a time not long ago when people such as Bush, Blair and Brown would have been denounced and punished as traitors and criminals. Instead they are lauded by a corrupt establishment whose inherent criminal nature they served-out faithfully.

The increasingly oppressive character of the police on both sides of the Atlantic signals the true nature of an Anglo-American fascism masquerading as 'liberal democracy'.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who's behind the Financial Meltdown?

The Subprime 25

These top 25 lenders were responsible for nearly $1 trillion of subprime loans, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of 7.2 million “high interest” loans made from 2005 through 2007. Together, the companies account for about 72 percent of high-priced loans reported to the government at the peak of the subprime market. Securities created from subprime loans have been blamed for the economic collapse from which the world’s economies have yet to recover ...


"Yes, the banksters have stuffed all the upside profits into off-shore tax-havens, and campaign funds for their political puppets, who're now passing all the downside losses back to the taxpayer in the biggest theft of public money for private gain in history.

And the media are selling the story as "too big to fail" and "saving the banking and financial sector". When really, its all about grabbing as much public money as you can and subjecting the population to debt peonage for a generation.

Looting the taxpayer for private gain at the same time as starving the economy of credit to push people out of jobs and out of their homes. Then you can slash public-spending and increase taxes at the same time as buying up deflating assets with public money for pennies on the dollar. Then the MSM can lecture us all again about the wonders of the "free-market" and "entraupeneurs" as the next generation of parasites flaunt their 'bonuses' and 'golden-handshakes/parachutes/pensions".

And to add further insult they even 'appoint' the unelected and odious dissembler, Peter Mandelson, to decide which businesses will be kept alive with public money and how many public-sector jobs to slash. Whilst at the same time casting themselves as 'saviours' of jobs having deregulated the banks so that they could loot everyone else and create a derivatives bubble-economy."

Gangsters, Bankers and Parasites -- New Labour -- New Plutocracy

Taking On the Banking Cabal

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Crisis as a way to build a Global Totalitarian State

Statements made by certain representatives of ‘the global elite’ indicate that the current crisis is being used as a mechanism for provoking some deepening social upheavals that would make mankind – plunged as it is already into chaos and frightened by the ghost of an all-out violence – urge of its own free will that a ‘supranational’ arbitrator with dictatorial powers intervene into the world affairs.

The events are following the same path as the Great Depression in 1929-1933: a financial crisis, an economic recession, social conflicts, establishing totalitarian dictatorships, inciting a war to concentrate power, and capital in the hands of a narrow circle. This time, however, the case in point is the final stage in the ‘global control’ strategy, where a decisive blow should be dealt to the national state sovereignty institution, followed by a transition to a system of private power of transnational elites.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Unity of The Left, Chimera or Reality?

(Rome-Paris) Four parties and movements of the quarrelsome and divided Italian Left have allied for the European parliamentary elections next June. That is good news. Communist Refoundation, Party of Italian Communists, Socialism 2000, and United Consumers have agreed to unify their meagre forces in order to surpass the 4% electoral barrier so that Communists, with their red flag with the hammer and sickle emblem, can again sit in the Assembly of the European Union.


The Blair War Crimes Foundation

So at last we have a Blair War Crimes Foundation, something I was pleased no end to hear about. Many moons ago, in cooperation with Chris Coverdale from Make Wars History, I lodged an official complaint of war crimes against Blair and Co with the police. The complaint, I was told later, was forwarded to the Counter Terrorism Command at Scotland Yard. Suffice to say I have heard nothing about it since.

Our rulers, who while sanctimoniously preaching to us about the Rule of Law, are continually busy in undermining and breaking same may feel they are safe enough to ignore us as individuals will nevertheless remain insecure in the knowledge of their crimes catching up with them.

"Blair ... and his collaborators face a new determination on the part of tenacious non-government bodies that are amassing “an impressive documentary record as to criminal charges”, according to the international law authority Richard Falk. He cites the World Tribunal on Iraq, held in Istanbul in 2005, which heard evidence from 54 witnesses and published rigorous indictments against Blair, Bush and others."

"At present, the Brussels War Crimes Tribunal and the newly established Blair War Crimes Foundation are building a case for the former prime minister’s prosecution under the Nuremberg Principle and the 1949 Geneva Convention."

"In a separate indictment, a former judge of the New Zealand Supreme Court, E W Thomas, wrote: “My predisposition was to believe that Mr Blair was deluded, but sincere in his belief. After considerable reading and much reflection, however, my final conclusion is that Mr Blair deliberately and repeatedly misled cabinet, the British Labour Party and the people in a number of respects. It is not possible to hold that he was simply deluded but sincere: a victim of his own self-deception. His deception was deliberate.”


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Predicting Obama's Actions

U.S. Will Target Opium Production in Afghanistan

"What I think is happening here is that the USUK smack industrial complex has decided to drive up the street price of heroin.

My theory will be confirmed if we hear that Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan includes counter-narcotics operations…

If heroin money is going to be used to buy U.S. Treasuries, it would be desirable for the price of heroin to be as high as possible. We’re in an economic crisis, after all. This is no time for cheap heroin!"


The Invisible Hand of the Market: British Troops Seize £50 Million of Afghan Opium

Friday, May 01, 2009