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Divine Retribution: Blair is jailed!
More Show Trials in Blair's Corrupt Britannia

Blair's grey old, Ahrimanic Britain is becoming a place of regular show trials, the kind which befits the totalitarian state it has become, particularly in the last ten years of his dictatorial, neocon rule.

Today, on evidence that a decade ago would have been thrown out as circumstantial, the latest in Blair's show trials ended with five Muslims being convicted of a bomb plot conspiracy. These days the judges know better than to challenge politicians. The politicization of the judiciary has grown as quickly in Blair's Britain as it has in the USA. That is no accident. What Bush does to destroy civil freedoms in the US, Blair soon mimics. The two hit jobs are a joint operation. It was no accident that the UK (Blair really) so enthusiastically backed the rogue Bush in two illegal wars. So we can now talk about the USUK's Anglo-Saxon alliance.

Bush's entirely spurious 'war on terrorism' was, of course, his justification to con the people of the USA into his murderous enterprise in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since the faking of 911, those of us who have followed these ghastly events know how both the CIA and MI6 were used to provide false evidence to justify the Iraq war. A recent book on the subject of how the intelligence services were used to fake evidence that Bush and Blair instructed them to come up with is Neil Mackay's THE WAR ON TRUTH.

The shoddy way this latest show trial has been conducted has all the signs of a fait accompli about it. Flimsy, sometimes laughable, evidence was produced for the unfortunate five's convictions. The convictions themselves were draconian and meant to be exemplary, from 35 years to life meaning life.

It is early days yet to find too much evidence on the Net challenging the authenticity of these trials. That will come. Meantime, I'm making two links here to recent articles on Postman Patel's blog which has been quick to denounce the fakery of what has been a show-trial carefully manufactured for the needs of the mainstream media (MSM).

Islamophobia never really existed in its present full-blown form until Bush and Blair created it as a Goebbellian propaganda tool. Just as Hitler scapegoated the Jews as Germany's enemies so the diabolic twins nominated Muslims to be the twenty-first century's Jews. Islamophobia is nothing more than a convenient vehicle by which racism and imperialism is promoted while the fear of the (coloured) Other is used to project the aggressor's own violence onto his victim.

So Islam must lose twice. On the one hand its people are bombed to pieces in a Made in USUK hell on earth. Then they are blamed for daring to resist or retaliate, labelled terrorists and banged-up for life. So what are they supposed to do? Commit mass suicide like the Essene Jews at Masada? They don't need to. Their lives, held so cheap compared with every USUK soldier's, are being taken in liberal quantities every day. Much of the blood-letting is then blamed on 'sectarian terrorists' but there's never an investigation into the use of these terrorists by the USUK to destabilize populations and justify the building of walls and heavy 'security' policing. Or the regular use of torture that has been deliberately promoted by the USUK.

Any sensible person would be alarmed by the way in which Bush and Blair are staging show trials. For they are a thing of totalitarian systems, the very thing that the capitalist west used to get so self-righteous about when it was Stalin who was holding them. Unlike Stalin and Hitler, Bush and Blair have a very sophisticated corporate media apparatus which can be relied upon to give the proles their daily dose of lies, propaganda and brainwashing.

And in the present mind-bending epidemic of terror plots and show trials how many non-Muslims in Britain and the USA are able to understand that the real enemy we, the people, now face are not Islamic terrorists but criminal leaders who, with a pretence of the love of freedom 'n' democracy, are gleefully pushing us all to hell in a handcart? What does it take to wake up these sleepwalkers, these sheeple?

Lawyer Imran Khan's statement on behalf of the 5 now incarcerated at Her Majesty's pleasure:
"In the name of Allah the merciful, the compassionate, we bear witness there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, and Mohammed as his messenger.
This was a prosecution driven by the security services, able to hide behind a cloak of secrecy, and eager to obtain ever greater resources and power to encroach on individual rights.
There was no limit to the money, resources and underhand strategies that were used to secure convictions in this case.
This case was brought in an atmosphere of hostility against Muslims, at home, and abroad. One stoked by this government throughout the course of this case.
This prosecution involved extensive intrusion upon personal lives, not only ours, but our families and friends.
Coached witnesses were brought forward. Forced confessions were gained through illegal detention, and torture abroad. Threats and intimidation was used to hamper the truth. All with the trial judge seemingly intent to assist the prosecution almost every step of the way.
These were just some of the means used in the desperate effort to convict. Anyone looking impartially at the evidence would realise that there was no conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK, and that we did not pose any threat to the security of this country.
It is not an offence to be young, Muslim and angry at the global injustices against Muslims.
Allah says in the Qur'an, "Oh mankind, worship your Lord who created you, and those before you, that you may become righteous."
(Imran Khan's Statement has, so far, been studiously ignored by much of the 'freedom-loving' MSM)
The economics of 7/7 and other mysteries of capitalism explained by William Bowles
Read it here

"Spare a Penny, Guv? "
Sponging Rich Bastards
Quotes from today's Tomb

"It's official: Tony Blair will leave office, having overseen the rise of the richest rich bastards that have ever raked it in on UK soil. The wealthiest 1,000 people in the UK have seen their wealth grow by 20% in the last year."

"Unsurprisingly, many of these people (Mittal, Branson, the Hinduja brothers) have been close to New Labour."

"This news emerges not long after the UN report suggesting that Britain was one of the worst places to grow up in, and shortly after it was revealed that 200,000 more children live in poverty this year."

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Ha, Ha, Ha, America

To watch Video click here on Link

What in the hell is this? Apparently, it's some sort of hybrid music video/documentary/comedy/Chinese propaganda thing featuring electro beats and an arrogant text narrator who taunts our weak American work ethic. Equal parts mesmerizing, hysterical and humiliating, this video is a sure sign that our American empire is on the ropes
Tungurahua, the Voice of Pachamama

Tungurahua Volcano erupts in Ecuador and undersea Earthquake hits England

Curious thing; there is this report on the Beeb today:

Apparently the people of Ecuador are saying that their Goddess is a bit cheesed-off too. What's more, their politicians are full of shit, just the same as here.

It's a worldwide phenonema; the problem with Britain is that people always just have another cup of tea and say "We mustn't grumble".

[... and then an earthquake hit 'the Garden of England' just to remind them who's boss around this Planet. Hope the message is finally getting through. Kosmik]

Maitreya, Nemesis News

Now read WAR FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A PLANETARY PARADIGM SHIFT, (16 January 2006) in the January 2006 Archives of this Blog

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The Biggest Secret: David Icke

David Icke's most powerful and explosive book so far includes the astonishing background to the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales. Every man, woman and child on the planet is affected by the stunning information that Icke exposes.
He reveals in documented detail, how the same interconnecting bloodlines have controlled the planet for thousands of years. How they created all the major religions and suppressed the spiritual and esoteric knowledge that will set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons.This is the book that revealed the existence of a reptilian race from another planet and/or dimension covertly controlling humanity. (see also The Stars Are Falling)
The Biggest Secret also exposes the true and astonishing background to the British Royal Family and, through enormous research and unique contacts, he reveals how, and why, Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered in Paris in 1997. This includes information from a close confidant of Diana for nine years, which has never before been made public.
The Biggest Secret is a unique book and is quite rightly dubbed "The book that will change the world." No one who reads it will ever be the same again.
Diana Inquest Update - Coroner Steps Down
Yet another coroner backs out as the Diana inquest is getting "too hot to handle"."Baroness Butler-Sloss is to step down in June as coroner for the inquests into the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, it has been announced. Lady Butler-Sloss said she lacked the experience required to deal with an inquest with a jury."

Read the Review here

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Corrupt Britannia sinks below the Waves

The British establishment is reeling with scandals. We can only hope that this signals its terminal implosion, something which should have occurred half a century ago.

Like a terrier with its teeth embedded deep into the ankles of the Royal Family, billionaire Mohammed Al-Fayed continues with a determined campaign to expose Prince Philip and Prince Charles as being the architects of Princess Diana's death. Whether or not Diana was pregnant by Al-Fayed's son, Dodi, he insists that neither Philip or Charles could bear the thought of Diana getting married to the Egyptian she loved.

Philip's racist comments are well-known but never commented on by a fawning British MSM which does everything it can to protect the collapsing image of Britain's royals. But, with the recent resignation of Lady Butler-Sloss, Coroner at the current investigation into Diana's death, even Britain's MSM is beginning to smell a putrefying rat in the official story that the death was caused by an accident.

No one in the British establishment, it appears, has the courage to take on such an investigation and to face the consequences of the truth behind what was very possibly a cover-up of what happened that night in a Paris underpass. Who, in Britain, would dare to point to the royals as being criminals, let alone murderers? It's just not going to happen. The British are particularly good at whitewashes, snow jobs, and you can expect another one of those in a story which will run and run like Jack the Ripper's.

And then there's Blair and the cash for honours scandal in which he and his cronies handed out peerages to the wealthy in return for their huge 'donations' to the Labour Party. Now what we're beginning to see is the tip of the iceberg exposing how British zionism continues to play a seriously corrosive part in the country's politics and foreign policy.

Britain's attorney-general and old-time Blair crony, Lord Goldsmith, is squirming at the accusation being made by certain British MPs like the Liberal, Norman Baker, that he is no way qualified to make a final decision whether or not the public prosecutor should act upon police recommendations to bring charges in the cash for honours scandal.

The reason Baker gives is that both Goldsmith and Lord Levy --who was twice arrested and is presently under bail-- are both leading members of the parliamentary British-Israel and Commonwealth Committee which recently funded a trip to Israel by Lord Goldsmith. It should never have done so says Baker and what is more serious is that Goldsmith should have no influence on any decision whether or not to charge his crony Levy with conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Despite Goldsmith's squeals that he promises to receive "independent advice" on the matter the British MSM seem in no mood to buy any more lies from the man who twice changed his mind on whether Britain should have gone to war in Iraq.

The Jewish establishment, finely-tuned to the slightest criticism, has already accused the British police of 'anti-semitism' for daring to arrest "Britain's premier Jew", Lord Levy. It seems that certain people should remain above the law. So we can expect more indignant cries from those quarters in the near future. And I expect to be accused of anti-semitism for even mentioning it!

The ordinary proles very rarely get a glimpse into the corrupt workings of their country's establishment. These two stories, however, emanate a stink much closer to home than (vide Shakespeare) anything 'rotten in Denmark.'
Here's an example of how the corruption in the Royal household is intimately linked to the corruption in the Blair administration. You really can't distinguish one from the other, can you?
Palace told Blair aide: beware of honours probe chief
"Buckingham Palace is today thrust into the centre of the 'cash for peerages' affair as The Observer discloses that the most senior courtier in Buckingham Palace expressed deep unease to Downing Street about the Metropolitan Police officer leading the investigation."
baghdad wall

"Is it humorous or grim, this pretence that American actions in Iraq have anything to do with the well-being of Iraqis?"

"Another aspect of the Baghdad clampdown is the
appearance of torture stations across the capital. Aside from erecting enclosures, some of them formal walls, others make-shift concrete barriers, the US has been building up a large and secret apparatus of incarceration across the capital, with a rolling wave of torture - the scorched, blackened skin of an electrocuted detainee is the ensign of the occupation."

From the Tomb

Now read
And this is what they're really after

Fidel Castro, Undefeated


Una recopilación de imagenes de EL COMANDANTE EN JEFE. (fondo musical, Silvio Rodriguez- Playa Giron) Revolucionario y luchador. Ha hecho de Cuba el único pais de las Americas que no se acuesta ante el imperio.

Fidel Castro. El mas grande. Un ejemplo de vida. Impresindible.

A compilation of images (music, Silvio Rodriguez, Playa Giron) of THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, revolutionary and fighter. He made Cuba into the only country that would not bow down before Empire.

Fidel Castro. The grandest. An exemplar of life. Impressive

Vivo en un país libre
cual solamente puede ser libre
en esta tierra, en este instante
y soy feliz porque soy gigante.

I live in a free country
Which may only be free on this Earth,
In this moment,
And I am happy because I'm a giant.

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Economic Armageddon Is Coming
By Joel S. Hirschhorn
Stop being a compliant consumer. Face the ugly truth. Don’t get fooled by the stock market. Accept the need for the mistreated middle class to become the revolutionary class. The British military establishment's most prestigious think tank sees what too few over-consuming Americans are willing to anticipate. Unjustified and mounting economic inequality is planting the seeds for global economic conflict ...
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 9 PM on PBS (check local listings)

How the administration marketed the war to the American people has been well covered, but critical questions remain: How and why did the press buy it, and what does it say about the role of journalists in helping the public sort out fact from propaganda?
In this clip from the premiere of BILL MOYERS JOURNAL on PBS, Bob Simon of 60 Minutes, who was based in the Middle East, talks about the reporting he was seeing and reading out of the beltway, and John Walcott and Warren Strobel of Knight Ridder newspapers (now The McClatchy Company), discuss their work burrowing deep into the intelligence agencies to determine whether there was any evidence for the Bush Administration's case for war.
On Wednesday, April 25 at 9 P.M. on PBS (check local listings), watch "Buying the War," a 90-minute documentary that explores the role of the press in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, which includes interviews with Dan Rather, formerly of CBS; Tim Russert of Meet the Press; and Walter Isaacson, former president of CNN.
Two days later on April 27, BILL MOYERS JOURNAL airs at its regular timeslot on Fridays at 9 P.M. with interviews and news analysis of underreported stories across an array of beats, including: the environment, media, politics, the economy, arts and culture, and social issues.

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Donna J. Thorne likes Patrick Henry too.
She quotes:"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth…. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not..? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know.. it — now." Patrick Henry, 1775. cont
I'll give you another quote, Donna J. Thorne. "They that would give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin.
And a third quote from the immortal Che Lynch Guevara:
"If we, in a small point of the world map, are able to fulfill our duty and place at the disposal of this struggle whatever little of ourselves we are permitted to give: our lives, our sacrifice, and if some day we have to breathe our last breath on any land, already ours, sprinkled with our blood let it be known that we have measured the scope of our actions and that we only consider ourselves elements in the great army of the proletariat but that we are proud of having learned from the Cuban Revolution, and from its maximum leader, the great lesson emanating from his attitude in this part of the world: "What do the dangers or the sacrifices of a man or of a nation matter, when the destiny of humanity is at stake."
"Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism, and a battle hymn for the people's unity against the great enemy of mankind: the United States of America. Wherever death may surprise us, let it be welcome, provided that this, our battle cry, may have reached some receptive ear and another hand may be extended to wield our weapons and other men be ready to intone the funeral dirge with the staccato singing of the machine-guns and new battle cries of war and victory."

Such Wanton Arrogance and Disregard ... In Our Name!

Photo: A man reacts after his pickup truck was overrun by a US military vehicle in central Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, April 11, 2007. Several cars were damaged and two civilians hurt when a US military convoy pushed their way though morning rush hour. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

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BBC = Blair's Broadcasting Corporation

In the Blue-Pill Matrix world, the BBC is a news service which disseminates an impartial view of daily events. In the real world, it is nothing more than a shameless and servile tool of the British capitalist state and, in recent months, a mouthpiece for Tony Blair's neocon, very-British form of fascism.

This message has to be repeated over and over until the public out there are disabused of the lies perpetuated by the BBC that it is a benign teller of truths. If it tells the truth then it is very much a western capitalist, Blue-Pill version meant to accomodate the views of Britain's ruling elites. It is very much a minority truth, totally out-of-step with the vast majority of Brits who do not support its warmongering propaganda.

Far from being the benign, somewhat avuncular, cricket-loving animal it is so often portrayed as, the BBC is a very nasty, well-organised, international mouthpiece for genocide and the repression of true democracy. In other words, it remains true-to-form, a remnant of Britain's imperial past; a remnant which was taken over sixty years ago to serve the old imperialists' successor, the United States.

Hence the BBC line is more or less Washington, DC's line. A line which will change according to whoever might be occupying the White House at any given time. And when it comes to British affairs, you can be sure that there is a hotline between 10 Downing Street and the BBC Newsdesk. You and I are simply at the receiving end of this news-by-diktat.

Today, the BBC's vitriol is reserved for Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian revolution. The BBC is giving extensive coverage to a protest that took place in Caracas over the Venezuelan government's refusal to renew the broadcasting licence of right-wing Radio Caracas TV (RCTV).

RCTV played a significant anti-Chávist role during the failed 2002 coup when it deliberately broadcast misinformation about what was going on.

During the April 2002 coup attempt RCTV was one of the main protagonists in the organization and execution of the coup. It was the first to broadcast the false claim that Chavez supporters were shooting at opposition demonstrators, which then served as a justification for high level generals to declare their disobedience to the government, also on RCTV.

RCTV then had exclusive interviews with coup plotters and the talk show host Napoleon Bravo read Chavez’s supposed resignation letter on RCTV. Later it turned out that the letter was never signed by Chavez and that he had actually not resigned at all, but had been taken into custody.

When the coup began to falter and thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in support of Chavez, RCTV refused to provide any news coverage of the developments and switched from 24-hour news coverage to the broadcasting of old cartoons and movies instead.

(, 3 January 2007)

Of course, the BBC report doesn't mention any of the above. In its news release on the Net it presents the demonstration as a popular uprising of "thousands" countered only by a pro-Chávist demonstration of "hundreds." Well, anyone who has been on an anti-government march in Britain will know how good the BBC is at misreporting numbers so I, for one, will reserve my judgement on the BBC's 'hundreds' v. 'thousands' in Caracas.

The report was then carried on BBC News 24 which is satellite broadcast all over the planet. That report conspicuously omitted any mention of a counter-demo and concentrated, instead, on what appeared through the magic of the editor's cutting-room to look like the beginnings of an anti-Chávist uprising. All in the BBC's dreams.

Now, imagine the failed coup had taken place not in Caracas but --as in my own dreams-- in London. Not against Chávez but Blair and not with RCTV but the BBC. How would Tinpot Tony feel about renewing the BBC's licence?

In fact, the comparison is not far wide of the mark. The BBC, under Greg Dyke's directorship, did challenge Blair about his serial WMD lies which legitimised the invasion of Iraq. For having dared to do so, Dyke 'resigned' (he had no choice) and was replaced with one of Blair's toadies, Michael Grade. Ever since that time the BBC has been reduced to playing the part of the neocons' whoring mouthpiece.

All that took place in the Red-Pill world which the BBC is prohibited from reporting. Unlike the BBC's reactionary bosses who would find themselves out of work in an anti-capitalist revolution, Greg Dyke commented significantly on his 'resignation' that, being financially independent, he hadn't taken the director's job for the money. You can be sure that no British government will ever make a mistake like that again!

Meantime, spare a thought for all the poor souls who continue to languish in the BBC's dark satanic mills, their consciences compromised by a state not very different to the Soviet Union against which it used to rail so self-righteously during an earlier Cold War.

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Paul Wolfowitz helped Bush master-mind the holocaust in Iraq.

Together with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co, Paul Wolfowitz is a terrorist and a war criminal.

He was appointed to the top job in the World Bank in a blatant act of cronyism.

Now get your own back on America's traitors by signing the Petition at to get Wolfowitz fired from a job he never deserved.


Now Sign the Fire Wolfowitz Petition here

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Guerilla Girl (La guerrillera)
Frank Piasecki Poulsen

Un viaje a la selva colombiana para rodar la historia del ingreso y adiestramiento de una joven en las FARC: así es "Guerrilla Girl", documental producido por Zentropa, la firma de Lars von Trier, y recién estrenado en Dinamarca.

Escondido en la profundidad de la selva colombiana se encuentra un campo de entrenamiento de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). El director danés Frank P. Poulsen y su equipo cruzaron la frontera clandestinamente y lograron llegar a este campamento móvil para documentar la preparación de Isabel, de 21 años, para luchar contra el régimen.

En tres meses, Isabel, que acaba de despedirse de su familia, su compañero, sus amigos, la casa y el estudio, se entrenará como combatiente guerrillera. Para ella es difícil adaptarse a la dura vida de la selva. Se demora en la ducha, y tampoco le resulta fácil sacrificar una res preñada. El cineasta demuestra un instinto notable. La cámara está presente siempre para captar todo, desde la fabricación de un fusil de palo hasta las charlas sobre las medidas anticonceptivas obligatorias para las mujeres.

La correspondencia de Isabel y su diario personal son utilizados para ilustrar la difícil transición de una vida normal a las filas de las FARC. A pesar de todo, Isabel supera el arduo entrenamiento con la ayuda de la comandancia y de sus camaradas.

El impactante documental muestra el rostro humano de los jóvenes reclutas de las FARC, blanco de la guerra de los Estados Unidos contra el "terrorismo". El equipo de Rumko estuvo a punto de ser interceptado por fuerzas militares gubernamentales, cuando se desplazaba fuera de las montañas, con su material filmico comprometedor.

"La gente se pregunta por qué Isabel dejó todo atrás por unirse a las FARC", dice el director de la película, Poulsen. "Bueno, el presidente de Colombia es un narcogángster. Su régimen asesina a la gente que se atreve a criticar su política. A lo mejor la pregunta debe ser: ¿qué estamos haciendo apoyando a este tipo?", agrega.

A journey into the Colombian forest to record the history of the induction and training of a young woman in the FARC, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia: "Guerrilla Girl", a documentary produced by Lars von Trier’s Zentropa and recently released in Denmark.

Hidden in the depth of the Colombian forest is a FARC training camp. The Danish director, Frank P. Poulsen and his film-crew clandestinely cross the border to arrive at a mobile camp to document the preparation of 21-year-old Isabel to fight against the regime.

In three months, Isabel, who has taken leave of her family, her partner, her friends, her home and her studies, will train to be a fighting guerillera. It’s difficult for her to adapt to the tough life of the forest. She stays too long in the shower, nor finds it easy to slaughter a pregnant cow. The film director demonstrates a remarkable instinct. The camera catches everything from the manufacture of a wooden gun to chats about female contraception

Isabel’s correspondence and her personal diary are used to illustrate the difficult transition from a normal life into FARC. In spite of everything, Isabel manages the arduous training with the aid of her command and her comrades.

This impressive documentary shows the human face of FARC’s young recruits, targets in the US “war against terrorism.” Having moved outside the mountains with compromising film material, Rumko’s team were on the verge of being intercepted by government troops.

“People ask why Isabel left everything behind to join FARC,” says Poulsen, the film’s director. “Well, the President of Colombia is a narco-gangster. His regime assassinates those who dare to criticize his policies. Perhaps it would be better to ask: what are they doing supporting such people?"


The BBC's Neocon Propaganda War

The BBC's approach to war and world affairs is, first and foremost, a reflection of the British puppet state's viewpoint. It is questionable that the BBC was ever an independent organization. But, along with the widespread damage to civil and judicial freedoms caused by the noxious Blair de facto dictatorship, the BBC's reputation has dropped to an all-time low of news-whoring.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am constantly warning them that the Mainstream Media (MSM) in both the US and the UK --or USUK for convenience-- is deliberately fuelling speculations that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon and that, for this reason, the US and possibly Israel might carry out a 'preemptive' attack on that country.

The BBC's approach amounts to blatant warmongering. No amount of complaints appear to make the slightest bit of difference. Financed by a compulsory tax in the form of a licence fee, payable by anyone owning a television receiver in the UK, the BBC has huge resources to hand and is a major international satellite broadcaster.

BBC 24 News is received across the planet and many viewers mistakenly believe that it practises a balanced reportage. This is nothing more than a myth which the BBC is, itself, responsible for having perpetuated. The reality is that, particularly under the oppressive Blair regime, the BBC has become a servile tool for the broadcasting of USUK war propaganda.

This was reflected some time ago in comments made by Professor Professor Geir Lundestad, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel committee, when he observed that "media organisations could receive the Nobel peace prize in future."

Prof Lundestad mentioned several contenders, such as CNN, the New York Times, Le Monde and El País.

However, he made a notable exception of the BBC. "Some years ago, the BBC would have been an obvious candidate because it was the international model for news organisations. Nowadays, it is more debatable." He added: "We all know about the problems the BBC has had in recent years," without elaborating.

(The Guardian, 7 October 2006)

What he wouldn't elaborate on was the manner in which Tony Blair had fired the then BBC Director, Greg Dyke, for his daring to criticize Blair on the Irak War and the --to say the least-- dubious circumstances surrounding the 'suicide' of the ex-IAEA inspector, Dr David Kelly, who was scapegoated by the Blair regime.

Ever since Dyke's 'resignation' (he was fired on Blair's instructions) the BBC has taken an extreme lurch to the neocon right and the promotion of the Bush-Cheney-Blair-Zionist war party. Greg Dyke was replaced by a leading zionist, Michael Grade.

Two recent instances of the BBC's highly propagandistic news coverage has been its anti-Chávez reportage on Venezuela and a complete news-blackout on the arrest and trial of two members of the neo-nazi British National Party who were caught with what was reported locally as the largest weapons-haul ever made by the British police.

Not to be unfair, that news-blackout affected the entire British MSM and appears to have been at the behest of Blair.

The above are just two instances taken at random. The actual list of the BBC's right-wing bias would be unending.


The BBC is preparing Britain and the rest of the world for US military aggression on Iran. Ever since Bush started his vicious propaganda campaign against Iran, the BBC has meekly followed suit. No doubt, on Blair's insistence.

Just last night on its News 24 programme it screamed out that the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) had 'leaked' a document proving that Iran was 'secretly developing weapons-grade' fissile material. It conspicuously failed to say anything more about this document so I conducted my own search and found this Reuters press release.

Can anyone find any evidence here that the IAEA is warning of Iranian nuclear weapons development? The Reuters/Yahoo article goes on to make the customary speculations but evidence there is none.

That didn't stop the BBC in its headlong rush to serve its neocon bosses in Downing Street and Washington, DC. Not only is the BBC sure that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb but that it threatens the continued existence of that famously peaceable nation, Israel, with the nasty terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, provocatively flying its flags along the Israel-Lebanon frontier.

The BBC then interviewed several Israeli 'experts' who, naturally, spoke in the most objective manner of how Israel was victim to threats from Iran and why a 'pre-emptive' attack against its nuclear reactors would, therefore, be the most sensible thing to do.

Of course, no mention was made by the BBC's jejune reporter, Matthew Price, of the terrible radioactive aftermath to which such an attack would lead, making Chernobyl pale into significance, or the even greater holocaust of a US-led attack using so-called 'low-yield' tactical nuclear weapons.

To get things into perspective, these 'low-yield' tactical nukes are capable of anything between a third to six times the destruction caused by the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombs. The US Military now considers this level of destruction to be "acceptable." And so does the BBC apparently which keeps its lips sealed about the US nuclear option.

The BBC has, so far, failed to report on another significant statement from Iran that that country is reluctant to exit the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to which it, unlike Israel, is a signatory.

So much for its 'balanced' reporting.

The BBC's approach to war and world affairs is, first and foremost, a reflection of the British puppet state's viewpoint. It is questionable that the BBC was ever an independent organization. But, along with the widespread damage to civil and judicial freedoms caused by the noxious Blair de facto dictatorship, the BBC's reputation has dropped to an all-time low of news-whoring.

Does it care? I doubt it. It and its employees now see themselves sliding down the slippery slope to privatization so, in the meantime, will do anything to ingratiate themselves with Britain's rulers. It's a very sad day when a well-known British dissident (himself a victim of Blair's tyranny), ex-Ambassador Craig Murray, admits to better treatment from Rupert Murdoch's SKY News than from the BBC.

Those in Britain who are concerned at the rapidity their country is being turned into a police state should, without any further delay, launch a popular campaign to expose the BBC's dirty warmongering. A vital part of such a campaign should be the promotion of a countrywide non-payment of the annual licence fee, the BBC's life-blood.

The BBC should also be subject to a mass letter-writing campaign in which it is warned that it and its employees would be held to be war criminals for their further promotion of illegal military occupations by the USUK and for their gleeful promotion of a possible upcoming war against Iran.

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The Great 911 Deception & its Reptilian Effect

In their nightmare plans for the future of humanity, 911 was meant to be a symbolic act of terror, a gateway into the nether world of humanity's knee-jerk, flight or fight, reptilian mind. A mind based on fear and negative emotion.

About a month before the US Presidential elections in 2000 I had an overwhelming sensation of a huge cloud of evil enveloping humanity. In my mind's eye I saw a bottomless black pit into which this evil would drag us down to imprison and enslave us there for another entire cycle of the ages, to control us with an icy grip right down to the molecular level of being.

This force was truly reactionary. It was anti-evolutionary, of the reptilian mind, desperate to stop humanity from moving on to a more enlightened age on this Planet.

At that time, I wasn't paying much attention to the US elections. Switching on the TV one day, I saw George Bush and felt an emanation of the same negative energy I had felt before ever seeing him. I realized that this man was totally under the trance of that negative, anti-evolutionary, destructive force. Everything that has happened in the last seven years has confirmed those intuitions in an unbelievably horrific way.

On hearing about the attack on the Twin Towers, I felt that same dark vibration. Except this time, it had an element of black comedy about it. The entire reportage of that event had a sense of comic-book unreality, as if what we were being shown was somehow unreal, fabricated. Since then, it has even been suggested that what we saw as airplanes hitting the towers were, in fact, holograms.

Well, that theory had more than a whiff of disinformation about it and I merely mention it here to illustrate the feeling of unreality I got about an incident which, right from the start, felt to me as if it had been staged with the intention of terrorizing the public both in the US and elsewhere.

I couldn't swallow the official spin we were being given about Bin Laden, 'Al Qaeda' etc. I knew, I just knew because my intuition told me, that the terrorists behind 911 were George Bush & Co and the manipulators in the shadows who (a) had him nominated as a presidential candidate, (b) were behind the electoral fraud and thuggery in places like Florida, and (c) ensured that a thoroughly corrupted judiciary selected Bush in favour of Gore. And then it was repeated in 2004 when (d) several electronic voting machines 'malfunctioned' in favour of a Bush victory.

That is why I cannot bring myself to acknowledge Bush as President. He is not and should never have been allowed that office. He is, to put it bluntly, a usurper. He's a rogue and a criminal mass-murderer who, in the seven years, since the White House was first hijacked --yes hijacked, terrorist-style--has destroyed our constitutional freedoms and brought a terrible suffering upon the world's innocents.

No one in the MSM, either in the US or the UK dare say this. If they did they'd be fired on the spot. So you're just not going to hear anything approaching the truth on Fox, CNN, Sky, the BBC or Britain's 'independent' channels. They're all under the total control of that same dark force that forced Bush on the people of the US and the world. They're all part of the lying-machine whose purpose it is to keep the Bubble of Unreality afloat, to ensure that we, the common people, remain sleep-walkers unaware of the terrible thing that has befallen us.

That is why there is such a huge reality-gap between the MSM and the blogosphere where anyone is (at this time of writing) free to express themselves. And folk like me have Bush and Blair to thank for making us into bloggers. For it was only after another state-sponsored false flag event in London on 7 July 2005 that I decided to start this blog and to call it Chimes of Freedom, acknowledging the dark cloud of totalitarianism which the Bush-Blair Axis of Evil had cast upon the world.

Yet, this is still chickenhawk terrorism, hardly comparable to the Hitler kind. Not yet. Not in the West, except for the periodic staging of a terrorist event to shock and traumatize us all into a state of helplessness and cognitive dissonance1. The blitzkriegs the Bushes and the Blairs are conducting are against the innocent and the weak in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. True to chickenhawk nature, they can only pick on the defenceless. But the hidden forces that put them into power and keep them there are far worse, quite capable of planetary holocaust if things don't go their way.

In their nightmare plans for the future of humanity, 911 was meant to be a symbolic act of terror, a gateway into the nether world of humanity's knee-jerk, flight or fight, reptilian mind. A mind based on fear and negative emotion.

A knee-jerk condition of mind which was deliberately fostered by Bush and Blair to make the uninformed believe Saddam Hussein was behind 911 and that a CIA-created organization called 'Al Qaeda' is behind all the manufactured terrorism, while the real terrorists hide behind this projected 'reality'. The purpose of their evil game, for which they should be punished with hard labour for life, was to deliberately manipulate humanity's reptilian mind in their lust for unconditional power.

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'War of the Words
The American people have become the unwitting victims of their own information warriors'


1 'Cognitive Dissonance': See this blog's archives for February 2006: 'Cognitive Dissonance and the New Amerikan Reich,' Tuesday, February 14, 2006.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"I ain’t the world’s best writer, ain’t the world’s best speller
But when I believe in somethin,'’ I’m the loudest yeller"

Lies My Teacher Told Me:
Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

by James W. Loewen

Not too long ago a shocking realization hit me. Though I was an attentive history student in high school, and later earned a college degree in American history, I realized I knew absolutely nothing about the Vietnam War. How could that happen, I wondered?

How could someone who spent so much time studying history in school, and even more time studying it outside of school, be ignorant of such an important event? And more importantly, if it had slipped by me, what about others like me?

James Loewen provides the answer in Lies My Teacher Told Me. It turns out that 90 percent of high school history classes never even mention Vietnam – and those that do paint an incomplete and misleading picture. Loewen believes American students are being systematically lied to and misled in their history classes.

His book chronicles the litany of outrages perpetrated in those history classes and in our educational system as a whole. Though its unabashed left-wing perspective makes it unlikely to appeal to our country’s conservative educational institutions, Loewen’s book should be a wake-up call for anyone interested in history or education.

History, ultimately, is a selection of facts, and Loewen argues convincingly that current textbooks have chosen to include all the wrong facts. It is no wonder that most students find history boring when it is taught as merely a succession of presidents, with a pleasant little war every now and then to spice things up.

But shouldn’t students learn all aspects of our history? Instead of being spared the unpleasantness of racial violence, shouldn’t they learn that over a three-year period in the 1860s, an average of one African-American per day was murdered in Hinds County, Mississippi?

Shouldn’t American students learn that president Woodrow Wilson was a vicious racist and that the Federal government, which was integrated when he took over, had been purged of African Americans by the time he left office?

Shouldn’t they learn about the government’s kidnapping and deportation of thousands of Mexican-Americans – including many who had been born in the United States – in the 1930s? Shouldn’t they learn about the concentration camps in which Japanese Americans were confined during World War II?

Shouldn’t they learn about Paul Robeson, perhaps the most talented performing artist in American history, whose acting and singing career was prematurely ended by McCarthyism? Shouldn’t they learn that America’s foreign policy during the 20th century consisted of violently overthrowing the government of any country that refused to bow to U.S. corporate interests? Shouldn’t they learn that the CIA, acting on behalf of the United Fruit Company, hunted down and murdered one of the century’s most important revolutionaries, Che Guevara, in 1967?

But there are no villains, Loewen points out, in American history textbooks. No American has ever done anything wrong. Bad things just “happen.” In high school history there are slaves but no slaveholders, wars but no warmongers, crimes but no criminals. After all, it might confuse students to learn that Thomas Jefferson raped slave women, or that Abraham Lincoln often used the word “nigger.”

Textbooks do a good job of covering up for American heroes, but in doing so they rob education of its greatest potential lesson: that in life, there are no easy answers. George Orwell’s 1984 was supposed to be satire, but the prediction he made in it – that history would be falsely rewritten by the government in order to remove its most distasteful aspects – has become literally true.

American history as taught in public schools is propaganda of the highest order, just like that once used in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. The result of all this, sadly, is that one can learn far more about how our society works from a single Ani DiFranco song than from an entire U.S. History textbook.

Why is history taught like this? The main reason is that textbook publishers, to ensure that their books will make money, self-censor their works to remove all material that might remotely offend someone. Because textbook adoption committees in most states are dominated by a powerful and well-organized coalition of right-wing activists, books dealing honestly with issues of race and social class have no hope for adoption. In most high schools history is not a form of education, but of indoctrination.

Textbooks’ sunny, blindly patriotic view of history discourages activism by promoting the falsehood that if one does nothing, everything will turn out fine in the end. A textbook then becomes merely a tool for preservation of the status quo – it keeps the Haves in control, and assures the Have-nots that there is no need to worry.

In Texas, state law explicitly states that “textbooks shall not contain material which serves to undermine authority.” Perhaps this is why Texas students are never taught that theirs is the only state that has fought three wars – the Texas War for Independence, the Mexican War of 1845, and the Civil War – to preserve slavery.

The most common theme in American history textbooks is the idea that the United States is a land of opportunity, and that anyone, no matter how poor, can succeed through hard work – an idea that is pure hogwash. Authors conveniently omit the statistics showing that the United States has the world’s greatest disparity between rich and poor, and that opportunities for social mobility are far fewer here than in most other countries.

Textbooks fail to chronicle how corporate influence over government has steadily increased since 1900. They ignore the fact that in order to aspire to our nation’s highest office – the presidency – one must be born white, male, and rich.

But history textbooks are utterly unconcerned with such social issues. U.S. history as taught in textbooks is nothing more than blind patriotism, a flag-waving story of American achievement. For those of us who cannot wave such a flag, it is a history that rings false.


Monday, April 16, 2007

A Terrifying Truth
by Dave Lindorff

It wasn’t too long ago that the death of socialism, the triumph of capitalism and the end of history were being widely hailed.

What a difference a few years and a few fractions of a degree in world temperature change makes!

We may still be contemplating the end of history, but of a different sort. It is suddenly becoming painfully obvious that the pursuit of profit and the philosophy of growth for growth’s sake and of dog eat dog is about to kill us all off.

Now that it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the earth is headed for a global heat wave the likes of which hasn’t been seen in hundreds of thousands and perhaps tens of millions of years — the kind of killing heat that in the past has led to mass extinctions — it is ludicrous to talk about things like carbon trading and raising vehicle mileage standards.

We need a revolution in the way we human beings live and the way we treat each other.

There is no way that the world’s 6.5 billion people — and especially the 2 billion of them who live in wealthier societies — can continue to consume energy at even close to the level that we have been consuming it. There is no way we in the developed world can continue to live the way we have been living, in oversized houses, heated in winter and cooled in summer. There is no way in the northern hemisphere we can continue to have teakwood or mahogany-floored living rooms and eat strawberries in December.

There is no way that we can continue to squander trillions of dollars on war and military spending every year.

No way, that is, if we plan on leaving a livable world for our children and grandchildren.

The so-called “green” politicians who talk about instituting carbon-trading schemes, about driving hybrid automobiles, about buying fluorescent light bulbs, and about turning down the thermostat and wearing sweaters, are deceiving us or themselves.

None of this is going to save us.

What will save us is recognizing that the age of consumer-driven capitalism is over.

We either come up with a new way to organize society, in which production is based upon real needs, not upon manufactured needs, and in which scarce resources are made available to those who need them, not just to those who can afford them, or we will all be doomed — or at least our progeny.

The peoples of the world — especially of the developed world, but really everywhere — need to recognize that unless our expectations are changed, unless our selfish desire for more is curbed, unless wasteful production is ended, we are all likely to be on that extinction list.

So where are the leaders of boldness and vision in politics, media and academia who are ready to tell the truth? Where are the people who are willing to listen to, and reward that truthtelling?

This is not an “inconvenient” truth we need to confront. It’s a terrifying truth.

We need to change everything, and we need to do it quickly, too.

Here in America, that means an end to subsidies for suburban sprawl. There should be no more federal or state funds for road building and road repair. If people want to live miles away from where they work, let them pave their own roads. That’s the only way to get people to realize they’re going to have to start supporting funding for mass transit, and to start thinking about living near where they work. We need to end subsidies for agribusiness, which has virtually decimated local agriculture to the point that prime farm states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey now import all their food from the West Coast. Ridiculous!

We need to levy a massive tax on gasoline, so that no one will buy cars, and so that those who have them will drive them only rarely. Large, heavy vehicles for personal use should be outright banned. Trucks too should be heavily taxed, so that products will reflect the true cost of the environmental damage that shipping them around causes.

Electricity and home heating fuels should also be heavily taxed, with some kind of a rebate program for low-income families, so that people will stop heating and cooling large homes.

As these things are done, there clearly will be massive dislocation. People who live in hot climes like Florida or Arizona will no doubt decide they can’t afford to cool their homes, and will move north. People in cold regions may decide it’s too expensive to heat their homes and will move to more temperate zones. Companies like the Detroit automakers will go bust or shrink enormously. Power plants will be shut down. Oil companies will go bankrupt.

That all has to happen, but it doesn’t mean people have to starve. We as a society need to demand a government that will help those who are displaced by the crisis to relocate and to find new productive ways to earn a living. A huge government program of investment in alternative energy systems would be able to hire many of those whose jobs are lost by the shutdown of the carbon economy.

A new ethos needs to be developed. Conspicuous consumption, egoism and the so-called “American Dream” of having it all for one’s self and one’s family need to be replaced with a new—actually a very old—concept: communalism.

Instead of thinking of ourselves as consumers and competitive free agents, we need to start thinking of ourselves as passengers on a boat that is sinking. If we all run for the lifeboats and life preservers and fight to see who can be saved, the life vests will be torn and ruined and the lifeboats will fall into the sea and sink. In the end, we’ll all go down. If, on the other hand, we change tack, recognize that we’re all in this together, and make orderly plans to save ourselves collectively, we may all be able to get away.

To succeed, we need to acknowledge that everyone is at risk, everyone is contributing to the common goal of survival, and everyone will be taken care of.

The same approach needs to be taken in the larger world. If the poorer nations believe that they are going to be abandoned to catastrophe and famine, they will do two things: continue to try and survive by the old strategies of wasteful energy use and environmental destruction, and of mass migration to safer havens. The first response — for example the continued destruction and burning down of rainforests for wood and cropland and ethanol feedstocks — will threaten us all with ever worsening global warming. The second will lead to overcrowding of more fortunately situated nations, and a drain on their resources.

The only answer is again for all the wealthy nations, and those that are better situated by geography to survive climate change, to commit themselves to helping the more threatened nations and societies. This is not a matter of altruism; it is the simple logic of survival.

But before we can start making the huge changes that are called for — really the dismantling of the whole capitalist system and the freemarket ethos — we need to start hearing, and demanding to hear, the truth — from scientists, from politicians, from business leaders, from the media, and ultimately from ourselves.

For starters, let’s stop kidding ourselves that the latest UN report on climate change is the real story. That report, ominous as it sounds, doesn’t tell the half of it. The report was first watered down by the scientists who reviewed it, and then it was censored by the governments that feared its findings. For one thing, it didn’t even mention that all the projections for warming during this century don’t even take into consideration the role that hundreds of billions of tons of methane gas underlying the Arctic and Antarctic permafrost and trillions of tons of methane lying in the form of frozen hydrates deep under the ocean could play if that super global warming gas should start pouring out into the atmosphere.

We are in a situation where it is wholly inappropriate to act on optimistic assumptions. Rather, we need to consider worst-case scenarios, and start planning and acting with those in mind. That means, for example, that to keep that methane fiasco from occurring, we don’t want the permafrost to go away in the polar regions, we don’t want the oceans to warm precipitously and we don’t want the ice caps to melt away. That means we have to act much more dramatically than just worrying about coastal erosion and lowered crop yields might lead us to do.

This is a crisis that isn’t going away. It is a crisis that isn’t going to be solved with band-aids. It is a crisis that isn’t going to be solved by smooth talk. And it is a crisis that will get worse the longer we take to recognize its true gravity, and the longer we take to face up to the revolution that needs to take place if we are to prevent it.

And that is the truth.

from Atlantic Free Press

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brown in a moment of forgetfullness?
"Shared Values"?

Yesterday, Gordon (he does that funny thing with his mouth like a frog) Brown, Britain's Blair-in-waiting, got to meet that little prick doing an illegal squat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Naturally, the BBC made a big thing about it, speculating on its significance and timing.

Frogface is interviewed during which he emphasises the "special values" shared between the two countries. Given the widespread anger and disenchantment that the average Brit feels for the Blair-Brown oligarchy and its brown-nosing of Bush, someone should remind him that he speaks only for himself and the tiny elite which presumes to run a disUnited Kingdom.

These "special values" are always assumed, never questioned. Only at emotional moments will the quislings nail their imperialist colours to the mast and reveal --as Blair did before dragging his country kicking and screaming into committing a war crime in Iraq-- that the destinies of Amerikka and Britain are intertwined in an unspoken racial hierarchy.
"For what they oversee and perpetuate is a vicious racial hierarchy, which manifests itself on practically every axis of life: in the labour market, the prisons, healthcare, the education system and cultural production. That is on a national level: globally, the British empire has been supplanted by the American one, but British soldiers still do their bit for the international racial hierarchy."

This, of course, is the Bush-Cheney-Blair troika's great 21st Century Crusade for Freedom and Democracy against the evil, terrorist Islamic hordes. Instead of 'freedom 'n' democracy' it's much simpler to say 'corporate capitalism' or fascism but we mustn't say that must we because that would give our game away, wouldn't it?

Calling a spade a spade only a professional journo such as John Pilger would dare refer to Blair as 'Duce'. As usual, Pilger's got it exactly right. Not only are contemporary fascists like Blair the antithesis of true democracy but they even strut around in the same macho Mussolini-like way. Though I have to say that when it comes to strutting, chickenhawk Blair doesn't come close to either Musso or Adolf who really had the art of the thing.

As for Frogface, his accession to the throne, should it ever come, will be the greatest non-event of history, celebrated only by a self-indulgent MSM that has really nothing better to do than regurgitate within the bubble of unreality it's paid to keep afloat the 'shared values' of an inherently racist, corporate capitalism (read fascism).

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Parental Warning for the MSM
"The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to."– Thomas Jefferson

LENIN'S TOMB is a widely-read blog that I visit daily and regular readers of my own blog will know that I sometimes reproduce articles from Tomb in their entirety.

Today's Tomb makes some acerbic comments about a blogger's code-of-conduct that is being circulated on the Net. Very suspect that, a blogger's code-of-conduct. Don't at all like the rotten whiff emanating from the fact that the BBC, the British state's propaganda mouthpiece, is promoting it quite so enthusiastically.

If bloggers are concerned about abuse, death threats &c all they have to do is to filter their feedback. Anyone who enters a public arena like the Net must expect that kind of thing, it's part of the trade.

No, we'll do without elitist codes of conduct from wimps like Mr O'Reilly whose motives are, I suspect, rather dodgy. Net freedom presupposes that blogging must remain a self-regulatory pastime.

Mr O'Reilly and the BBC, you speak for yourselves and let the rest of us be, ok?

George W. Bush: The Quiet Dictator

As of this week, the Bush Administration's descent into totalitarian depravity has reached a new low so despicable that even a few Republicans are beginning to criticize it.

It was revealed this week that the Bush Administration is planning to keep people as prisoners for their entire lives, even though there is no evidence that those people have committed any crime against the United States. The lack of evidence against these people is so striking that the American government does not even have enough grounds to bring them before a form of military tribunal that has been set up by George W. Bush precisely for the purpose of evading the standards of justice set by the United States Constitution.

Furthermore, it has been determined that these prisoners are of no use to American spies. As Reuters news service puts it, these are people "the government believes have no more intelligence to share".

In the old, pre-Homeland, United States of America, a person had to be convicted of murder, by a jury of peers, in a public, open trial, on the basis of evidence without a reasonable doubt, and with the opportunity for fair representation and appeal to the justice system to rule out mistakes and prosecutorial fraud. Oh, but that was before The Homeland was created, and as we're told over and over again, in the Homeland, everything changed.

At first, it was a scandal that the President of the United States had claimed the power to set up his own courts, outside of the judicial branch of government, to force people through military tribunals that would be little more than kangaroo courts. Now, it appears that Mr. Bush, the Master of our Homeland, has decided that he does not have to give prisoners any trial at all, ever. He can just lock them up, forever.

On what basis does George W. Bush justify his seizure of dictatorial powers? The Bush Administration says that the people it is imprisoning are "suspected terrorists".

This claim is a strange one, given that the American government admitted that it has no evidence that these prisoners have committed any crime against the United States. If there is no evidence against these prisoners, how can they be suspected terrorists? Is this just another thing that George W. Bush feels in his gut? Do they just look guilty?

It is a sad day for those Americans who actually care about freedom, to see the American President give himself the power to convict people and punish them with life sentences without any need of evidence or even the formality of a show trial. This power is at the heart of totalitarianism, and now that George W. Bush has seized it, he is nothing more than a dictator.

It is worse than if George W. Bush only declared himself above the law. By declaring prisoners to be guilty without evidence and without trial, George W. Bush has declared that his word is the law.

American liberals have long been warning that George W. Bush is leading America toward dictatorship. Well, now it has been revealed that Bush has already taken dictatorial powers for himself. The dictatorship is here.

The saddest thing of all is that most Americans just don't care. So long as they are not taken prisoner, they don't care if other people are. So long as they are not tortured, they don't care if other people are. So long as they are able to live safely in their homes, they don't care if other people, in other countries, are killed in their homes.

There is a new nonchalance in America about the withering of freedom. Freedom has now become an abstract concept for most Americans, something that is to be given only to some people, but not to others. Now, under the shadow of The Homeland, Americans seem to like the idea that only good people that the government approves of have the privilege of freedom. Gone are the days when freedom was regarded as a universal human right. Americans seem to want only security and vengeance.

This new attitude is typified by a letter sent by Margaret Gutzmer of Stafford, New York, to the editors of the Democrat and Chronicle. In this letter, she gives the following advice for the war in Iraq. "I think it's time that our boys shoot up roads for the hidden bombs, then shoot up and bomb all the buildings, bar none. Then come home."

There are a few sane voices of protest in the ruling Republican Party. Republican Senator Richard Lugar had the decency this week to go on national television and say that keeping people in prison for their entire lives, without trial, even though there is no evidence against them, is "a bad idea."

Where were the other Republicans in the United States Senate and House of Representatives? Where was their protest? There was none from them. They merely walked away from the news, quietly whistling to themselves, doing nothing. They know full well that their party has become the home to people like Margaret Gutzmer, people who are hungry for a good show of complete, unrestrained destruction, topped off with a display of wanton pain and humiliation.

Even on the Democratic side of American politics, few national leaders have bothered to speak out against the Bush Administration's grab of dictatorial powers. One of the few, Senator Carl Levin, has made the simple request that "There must be some modicum, some semblance of due process," but most of his Democratic colleagues in Congress have not bothered to issue statements on the matter. They, like their Republican counterparts, are choosing to remain silent, afraid that any protest might offend the blood and guts constituency.

People once imagined that an American dictator would have to march into power dramatically, with tanks and guns, the declaration of martial law, and the imprisonment of hordes of good citizens who would not be silent while their freedoms were taken away. Now, we see that this notion was nonsense. An American dictator has slipped in, quietly, taking power little by little in secret, and through measures that never got to the front page of our newspapers. George W. Bush has seized the powers of dictatorship through the same means as Adolph Hitler: By giving the people exactly what they want.

text from Irregulartimes.Com