Monday, January 30, 2006


Any intelligent, informed person will have realized by now that the sabre-rattling warmongers in Washington DC and 10 Downing Street are planning a military attack against Iran in the near future. The Israelis are noisy enough in their threats to conduct an air-strike on Iran by the end of next March and since June 2005 US strategic forces have been prepared to launch an attack using not only conventional weapons but so-called 'tactical' nukes and nuclear 'city-busters'.

If the planned attack is launched, it will be the first time since the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan that the USA will have again used nuclear weapons. The first time they did this it was against a country with which they were already at war. In the case of Iran, they will do so against a non-nuclear country which in no way has committed an aggression against any other country, least of all the US.

All the huffing and puffing presently going on about Iran's contravention of the International Atomic Energy Authority's regulations is not only patent humbug, it hides a much more machiavellian purpose. It will give the USA the legal semblance for making a nuclear attack.

Iran has been on the 'neocon' nazis hit list for a long time. Through relentless scheming to ensure that their Hitlerite PROJECT FOR A NEW CENTURY is fully adopted as official doctrine attacking Iran is part of the "permanent war" strategy now influencing the Pentagon . A strategy, that is, of permanent war lasting for the next 20-30 years!

It was for this that the Bush/Blair Axis of Evil was preparing us after the premeditated, staged attack of 911. When serial-killer and arch war criminal Blair talks about the rules having changed this is what he means: they CHANGED the rules to the way THEY would like them in order to sell to their public an artificial "War on Terror" whose real purpose is to prepare it for the USUK's intention to conduct decades of RESOURCE wars over vital strategic resources such as oil, minerals and even water.

In the Middle East the name of the game at present is Oil, bringing in all the major petroleum companies. But now up comes another problem: the Euro has fast come into competition with a seriously ailing dollar and is now threatening the ol' greenback as never before.

What you and I are seeing played out before our eyes is an Empire in its death throes, lashing out all around it to the bitter end. So desperate has it become that it is now preparing to use nuclear weapons to subjugate the world by the ultimate atomic terror.

There are encouraging signs that powers such as Russia, China, India and Brazil will, at the IAEA in early February, now defend Iran's right to develop a peaceful nuclear programme. If that should happen, the USUK will fail in its plan to bring about economic sanctions (themselves a serious killer weapon as sanctions in Irak proved) through the UN Security Council.

If matters reach that point we will all see the USUK wolf baring its teeth in preparation for another illegal war against a non-aggressor. Either the USA and its unholy 'coalition' of the blackmailed with its Number One quisling, Blair, (the Beast and the Whore of Babylon?) will, together with Israel's nazis, unleash a blitzkrieg ... or will Israell 'go it alone' but only after having been given the green light to do so?

In any event, a first-strike attack could lead to terrible disaster for all concerned. Even were nuclear weapons not used at its incept a rapidly-escalating war could cause them to be unleashed by either the US or Israel.

World War III would have begun.

That is why a small group of us are desperately trying to get the reality out to the world that the US is already prepared to use the option of nuclear weapons in an attack on Iran. Clearly none of the mainstream media would dare to publish such a reality. In any case, practically every western media hack is directly or indirectly on the payroll of Blair's and Washington's War Party.

The only way we can get this information out is through activating a self-motivated group of bloggers and mailers through the Net.

I would therefore ask everyone who reads this blog to take the message and run with it. There is only a little time left.

"We're in for Another War." - Mike Whitney

Step by step, Iran is being set up for war. What difference does the provocation make? The determination to consolidate the oil reserves in the Caspian Basin was made more than a decade ago and is clearly articulated in the policy papers produced by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) The Bush administration is one small province away from realizing the its dream of controlling the world’s most valued resource. They won’t let that opportunity pass them by.

We're in for another war.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Last December, a small but effectively organized group of individuals (Campaign Iran) succeeded in passing unanimously a resolution to commit the UK anti-war movement to campaign actively against the danger of any military intervention against Syria or Iran.

The venue was the International Peace Conference, organized by the UK Stop the War Coalition.

So what has happened since then?

Precisely nothing it would appear, give or take a few extremely minimal gestures in a pamphlet featured at the head of the STW's national website. As usual, the UK Anti-War movement is leading from behind.

Unaware of the significance of the Bush/Cheney/Blair troika's doctrine of "permanent war", unconvinced that what we are now facing is nothing less than a Hitlerite rolling agression which even the US Department of Defense predicts will blight the Planet over the next 20 years, they remain stubbornly in denial of the nightmare realities we are now facing.

If the prevailing ethic of our US anti-war colleagues is coloured by the traditional 'Can Do' attitude associated with North America, then what we are currently facing in the UK is its opposite 'Cannot Do' with everyone expecting someone else to do the hard work.

Are we to watch radioactive mushroom clouds billow over Iran before anyone lifts a voice in protest?

There ARE folk who are extremely concerned but feeling quite disempowered. It looks like we're going to have to build something up from the grass-roots. Well, sobeit. That's what happened 25 years ago so maybe again.

Whatever happens in March and, failing our ability to stop it, may it take an 'Act of God' to prevent the proposed attack. Will the US generals have enough courage or ability to prevent mad dog Cheney from pushing the button? Would that the US Congress use its emergency powers to prevent their usurper, rogue 'President' from abusing his?

However, there IS something you can do, dear reader, and that is to alert your own communities and your politicians to what a US/Israeli attack on Iran really means. Read my column below for details on what YOU can do, wherever you are.

Good Luck and All Power to You!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


As a peace campaigner from the 'eighties, one of the questions I keep asking myself is: given the imminent threat of nuclear war in the Middle East why is the UK peace movement unable to replicate its past success?

We can find all kinds of reasons for this, including the mistaken priority that both CND and the Stop the War Coalition (STWC) appear to put on solely organizing annual demonstrations. Demos have their place but more important to a peace movement is the need to conduct a permanent lobbying campaign aimed at all sectors of society.

The success of a peace movement would, in itself, lead to such changes as to be a kind of revolution. Dr Martin Luther King recognized that but unlike him the current 'Anti War' Movement appears to put political posturings ahead of long-term peace activities. Too many sectarian politicos playing games.

The more I study the documentation freely available on the Net from organizations such as Global Research, another important distinction between 'then' and 'now' occurs to me.

In the 'eighties it was those such as the radical historian, Edward Thompson, who were able to analyze US/NATO military strategy and publicize the alarming findings: the USA had moved away from the nuclear stalemate of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) to a new, aggressive first-strike posture. Coupled together with the AIR-LAND BATTLE scenario of a 'European Theatre of War' this was enough to scare the bejeezus out of enough of us as to produce what has been described as the largest peace movement in recorded history.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union (resulting in part due to its inability to keep up with Ronny Raygun's unilateral arms race) fears of a nuclear war in Europe disappeared from the horizon. Clinton, it appears, did not entertain the use of 'tactical' nuclear weapons in a 'limited theatre war'. The use of first-strike 'tactical' nukes was revived by the Straussian 'neo-con' Strangeloves as part of their essential armoury to fight a 'permanent war' whose blueprint --far from a "war against terrorism"-- is an ongoing imperialist battle for global conquest, the PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY.

The PNAC, when linked to current US global "permanent war" strategy, provides a practical military blizkrieg doctrine which would leave Adolf Hitler green with envy: global military domination and control of all the planet's natural resources in the interests of an increasingly totalitarian USA.

Since the illegal take-over of the US administration by the Bush/Cheney cabal, the 'neocons' through Cheney and Rumsfeld have been beavering away at implementing the PNAC's objectives by so altering US military war strategy as to more easily accomodate them. Bear in mind that the PNAC's priorities hinge very much on the ability to fight and rapidly win resource wars, the key resource being Oil.

Hence Irak. Then Iran.

But Iran, being a tougher nut to crack has required the USA to first encircle it geopolitically with a spider's web involving the NATO countries, Israel and a new alliance with recently independent members of the ex-USSR. At the same time, it has been playing a relentless chess-game in order to isolate Iran through the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) and the UN Security Council as a step not only towards economic sanctions but in order to remove Iran's right to be protected from nuclear attack.

Once Iran has been successfully isolated then the way is open for an attack by the USA and Israel with the full cooperation of the NATO countries, including France, Germany, Turkey and the UK. Permission for such an attack was given by Bush last June. An attack in which NATO would be fully complicit could occur anytime.

NATO complicity is what makes things so different. Because the strategic war-plans are now so altered as to include the optional use of nuclear weapons in attacks against smaller countries like Iran, nuclear war is very much in the offing. March 2006 is the likely 'window of opportunity'.

Meantime, what is the Anti-War Coalition's response? Three words on their website's headline banner, "Don't attack Iran"
. THREE words with a brief mention inside its new leaflet "The US and Britain are plotting new aggression - against Iran above all. The war could spread and it could become a nuclear war."

COULD become a nuclear war? Hey someone, quickly explain to them what current US strategy is based upon!

The US Military's CONPLAN 8022 was completed in 2003, “putting in place for the first time a pre-emptive and offensive strike capability against Iran and North Korea.”

"STRATCOM’s readiness for global strike was certified to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and President George W. Bush in January 2004."

As for CND's website, it carries nary a word about Iran. If this is the UK's peace movement today then God help us all.

Poor Edward Thompson must be turning in his grave bawling, "will someone please knock their heads together! Don't any of them understand or care what's happening? Was everything we did in the 'eighties a total waste of time?"


THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST SANCTIONS & MILITARY INTERVENTION IN IRAN (CASMII) has published an advice page, GET INVOLVED, which I would recommend to all concerned individuals as something real that they can do at present.

Monday, January 23, 2006

For UK, US and Australian Readers

There's a VERY EASY and FREE way to fax and email your parliamentary representatives.

Prepare a draft letter and fax/email it to them using the services provided at and

You will find a comprehensive list of all MPs, MEPs etc at WriteToThem once you tap in yr postcode. I have done this already and posted the text below to 18 MPs, including MSPs and constituency MEPs. You can do the same ensuring their fax machines and email inboxes get flooded with letters of concern. Use the text below if you like, modifying it as you wish.

Finally, please circulate this information far and wide.


Similar facilities must exist for other countries. With your help, I will publish these hyperlinks as and when I discover them.

USA: Please use the CONTACTING THE CONGRESS Online Directory at



Dear MP,

As one of your constituents, may I draw your attention to the intention of the US military to use so-called 'tactical mini-nukes' and nuclear 'city-busters' in a pre-emptive (first strike) attack on Iran?

The evidence is clear enough : a statement from Strategic Command has effectively confirmed ex-CIA agent Philip Giraldi’s claim in The American Conservative( 1st August 2005) that Cheney had requested that STRATCOM prepare for nuclear strikes against Iran (See Nuclear War against Iran- Michel Chossudovsky, 3rd January at

A nuclear attack on Iran would be a crime of inconceivable proportions with totally unpredictable outcomes. It would be opposed by Russia, as well as China, contrary to mendacious press reports from those who have an obvious motive in convincing us otherwise.

Are MPs in (Westminster etc) aware of this danger? Probably no more than the public at large where the level of awareness at present is alarmingly low.

I would therefore be grateful if you and (your party) can do everything possible in the next few weeks to come to alert the people of the UK to this danger. If such an attack were to be carried-out, HMG must have no involvement in it whatsoever.

Further to that can you please ensure that your party confronts Mr Blair with this danger and challenges him and his government to have nothing to do with any US attack, apropos of which the US should not be permitted to use British bases in any way.

As the likely time of such an attack is next March there is little time left to act.

Yours sincerely,


PS For further information on the proposed military attack on Iran, refer to the Medialens archive,

'Bush/Cheney, US War Doctrine & Plans to Nuke Iran'


Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran
by Michel Chossudovsky

Nuclear War against Iran
by Michel Chossudovsky

Chimes of Freedom blog,

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Sunday, January 22, 2006
Israel declares war: Iran the next nuclear Holocaust

In Washington and Tel Aviv it is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the US administration who brought you Iraq, are preparing to do the same for Iran. Preparing the next nuclear holocaust: military action in Iran.

by Henk Ruyssenaars

Jan. 22nd - 2006 - An Israeli statement given yesterday by many is seen as an official declaration of nuclear war concerning Iran. It was made by the Israeli Minister of War, Shaul Mofaz, who internationally is despised for the atrocities committed by the Israeli armed forces, the IDF. Reported by one of the neocon's own propagandists, Josef Federman who produces 'info' for their disinformation bureau Associated Press (AP).

Forbes offers the AP propaganda under the caption "Talk of Military Action in Iran Standoff" - on the same web site where one can find "Top Topless Beaches" and "Where We Want To Live In 2006". Quote: "Israel's defense minister hinted Saturday that the Jewish state is preparing for military action to stop Iran's nuclear program, but said international diplomacy must be the first course of action. "Israel will not be able to accept an Iranian nuclear capability and it must have the capability to defend itself, with all that that implies, and this we are preparing" Shaul Mofaz said.

Of course it is sheer madness what those warmongers are doing again, and one can wonder about the mental health and/or disappeared brain capacities of those who advocate the next genocide. French President Jacques Chirac said - according to Stratfor - that any states that use terrorist means or weapons of mass destruction against France "must understand that they would expose themselves to a firm and adapted response from us." On a visit to the nuclear submarine base L'Ile-Longue in Brittany, France, Chirac said France's nuclear forces have been configured for such an event.


What in the French mind also means that anybody, under whatever 'false flag' trying to pull off a dirty trick in 'la douce France' - by whatever group or nationality - will be punished likewise: nuclear. One wonders what information the French had to find those remarks necessary. AP referred to Germany's defense minister who 'said in an interview published Saturday that he is hopeful of a diplomatic solution to the impasse over Iran's nuclear program, but argued that "all options should remain open". This last remark - if true - qualifies him for a coming War Tribunal: as an accused.


Asked by the low level 'Bild am Sonntag' weekly whether the threat of a military solution should remain in place, Franz Josef Jung was quoted as responding: "Yes, we need all options." One has to know that Bildzeitung - the Bildpaper - by thinking people in Germany is looked upon as something spreading brain-aids.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Saturday that Chirac's threats reflect the true intentions of nuclear nations, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported. "The French president uncovered the covert intentions of nuclear powers in using this lever (nuclear weapons) to determine political games," IRNA quoted Asefi as saying. AP reconfirms the nefarious plans by stating again that 'Israel long has identified Iran as its biggest threat and accuses Tehran of pursuing nuclear weapons." - The same pack of war on Iraq lies all over!


The fact that Germany, France and Britain have said that talks aimed at halting Iran's nuclear progress were at a dead end and called for Iran's referral to the U.N. Security Council, shows that reality has no place anymore in the warmongering. None of those not to be trusted 'Heads of State' - or so called church- or 'moral leaders' has ever dared to question Israel's bellicose nuclear armament. Nor have those cowards and opportunists questioned Israel's total neglect of SEVENTY-TWO United Nations resolutions concerning Israel's inhumane treatment and malevolence not only of the Palestinians which are 'holocausted' by them.

And they all know: Iran is controlled 24 hrs a day and seven days a week for two decades already: you can't move a wheelbarrow or mini-van in that country without NSA/CIA - [] - recording it all. The International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, will meet Feb. 2 to discuss a possible referral to the US's Security Council - where figures concerning the control on Iran can be presented. []

Israel's Mofaz said 'sanctions' might be part of the treatment given Iran and it's population: they already killed with sanctions many more than half a MILLION babies in Iraq, so further genocide - which they call 'depopulation' - is in the making. - []


The general impression is that Israeli leaders further 'wag the tail' of the American 'Dog of War', and plan for an own unilateral preventive nuclear strike to start the war with. Backed as usual by the neocon war criminals in their Pentagon, and a the bribed and/or bullied collaborators like England and The Netherlands. Even while knowing that millions of lives will be lost in a horrible Hiroshima-like way.

Israel's war plans concerning Iran radicalized since Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said last year 'that Israel should be asking the European countries for space and shelter, if they confess all the time being guilty of the debated Holocaust'. Instead of exterminating the Palestinians for being in their own land. The main reason for the war however being the start of Iran's oil bourse and the danger for the US 'fiat money' called the 'dollar', the 'make believe' money made by the privately owned banks of the Federal Reserve* out of green paper and ink.


There's a very good article about it, and by using the following Url. one gets working links too: "Iran's Bourse, the Dollar and "Pre-emptive" War - - We all know (hopefully) from reading Dr. Gordon Prather - [] - 3 times a week here at and World Net Daily (and even from rags like the Washington Post) that if the government of Iran began to enrich uranium for nuclear bomb making purposes right now, it would take them 10 years to make one simple gun-type nuke (Prather's term) (and never mind the delivery system). In other words, all the hype about some imminent nuclear danger is a pack of lies.

Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., the great witness to the Office of Special Plans, has said repeatedly that she believes one of the principal reasons for the invasion of Iraq was that in the year 2000 Saddam Hussein had begun demanding Euros instead of dollars as payment for "his" oil.

Now there is this incredible article by Krassimir Petrov, Ph.D., along the lines of Dr. Prather's piece this weekend speculating that the reason the neocons and the Israeli government keep asserting Iran will have nukes and require bombing by March, is because they are about to open a new oil and gas exchange - the Iranian Bourse, and will be demanding payment in Euros.

This is bad news for the US dollar because the Saudis et al. demand dollars for their oil and the powers of the Earth must therefore hold large amounts of US currency. Iran, a state run by people who for some reason aren't happy with us, plan to demand Euros in their new exchange. That could lead to the government banks of the world - [] - to diversify their holdings and a flooding of the US with our government's paper money that has been held in those foreign accounts. Then comes inflation - bad inflation.

So the owners of the London Banking Establishment* have their global media machine and the Israeli Minister of War Shaul Mofaz's comment, and overtly threatening a military strike by the neocon war machine, adding to growing tensions with Iran, leading to a new nuclear holocaust by them of our world.

With the same pack of lies which was the false basis for most of the neocon's wars for profit.*




Henk Ruyssenaars


* In Washington it is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the US administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran. - Url.:

* Defend the people of Iran from a nuclear attack! - Url.:

Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

Saturday, January 21, 2006


It is not my wish to act like a doomsayer or to alarm anyone unnecessarily. In the dark times we live that would be a cruel and unforgivable thing to do.

The western countries have, in the most cynical fashion, chosen to demonize and persecute the Islamic world, to turn it into a new "menace" (now that the "Red Menace" no longer exists) in order to justify to their peoples a state of "permanent war". It is a very frightening situation in which we are now but very few are aware of what the warmongers are preparing. In my opinion, and in the growing awareness of many others, the new 21st Century imperialism we now face is already just as bad as the nazism of Hitler's Third Reich.

This is the Fourth Reich.

Some of you will know that the gangster regime presently running the USA is now planning, along with the cooperation of NATO (including the UK) and Israel, a pre-emptive (first strike) attack on Iran. This attack will probably be to destroy Iran's nuclear reactors and air defences. Most of these defence systems are buried in hardened shelters, deep underground. They are built specifically to withstand the heaviest assault by conventional weapons so what the US intends to use against them are so-called 'tactical mini-nukes', nuclear missile warheads of an explosive yield of anything between half to four or five times the size of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These mini-nukes are intended to pierce the earth before exploding. Not only would such weapons leave huge open craters but they would still cause immense devastation to the surrounding area. It is impossible to believe that such devastation will not spread into civilian towns and cities. Moreover, massive radioactive clouds will blow across the planet carrying deadly radiation to many other countries. The annual monsoon weather could carry radioactive clouds south-eastwards and this could mean Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and parts of SE Asia will be affected.

I find the prospect of such a thing happening so horrific that these days waking every day feels to be entering into a nightmare world. But a nightmare world is precisely what these madmen have created. It is time that all sane, decent folk stand up against this unspeakable insanity and say, "Enough! Stop!"

You would think that organizations in the UK like the Stop the War Coalition and CND would be working 24/7 to alert the people of the UK to this serious danger. But they seem to be so shocked by the terrible belligerence of Washington DC's war-makers that they have turned into so many tiny rabbits being mesmerized by a great cobra. At the moment, all we are hearing from the Anti-War Movement is an ominous silence. This silence needs to be broken and broken now. A lot of time has already been wasted. Let no one waste another second.

That is why I am now appealing to you. At the moment, it appears there are only a few individuals who are ringing the alarm-bells. But everything starts in a small way.

Speaking to you from my heart, I have every faith in the tremendous potential of human communities everywhere to work for Peace and the New World that is surely coming. But time is running very short. The proposed attack on Iran is in March 2006.

There isn't very much time. But instead of being paralyzed by fear and powerlessness think what you can do in the name of Mother Earth. And then do it!

For those who want more evidence that my warnings are not false, please consult the Medialens archive, BUSH/CHENEY, US WAR DOCTRINE & PLANS TO NUKE IRAN


More About Iran War Plans from Professor Jorge Hirsch

How to Stop the Planned Nuking of Iran

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The Meaning of the IAEA Iran Vote - Where have we seen this before?

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How to Stop the Planned Nuking of Iran - Congress should enact emergency legislation

Jorge Hirsch is a professor of physics at the University of California San Diego.

More about Iran from GLOBAL RESEARCH, Canada

MEDIALENS FORUM: 'Bush/Cheney, US War Doctrine & Plans to Nuke Iran'

Monday, January 16, 2006


The ratcheting-up process to prepare the public in the West for a first-strike attack on Iran appears now to be reaching a critical moment. Whilst, on the one hand, the New World Order gets ready to pass a new milestone to war by applying to the United Nations for economic sanctions (as it did to weaken Irak before the 2003 invasion), the UK's late-night ITN News (16 January) is to host a feature on the likelihood of an Israeli lightning attack against Iran's nuclear reactors. Make no mistake, we are being prepared.

As an old-time Western Dissident, the constant outpouring of lies and blatant propaganda of the western media comes as no surprise. I guess I took the Red Pill nearly forty years ago. But to watch the cold-blooded way in which the Media operates, preparing the masses through its premeditated deceit for yet another killing field is something indescribably sickening.

And that is what it is presently doing with Iran.

There is a blueprint for all this: it's called the Project for a New American Century, written by cold-blooded white men for a scale of planetary genocide which makes Wounded Knee look like a picnic and even Hitler's Third Reich seem fumblingly amateurish.

These are the resource wars that, over thirty years ago, some ecologists warned us would come. The resource in question is Oil and the West's determination that it should continue to monopolize its sources to the very last. Cut out all the bullshit propaganda. The West's interests in Iraq and Iran are purely that of a geopolitical chess-game in which death and suffering happens to be the eternal price that the serfs must pay to keep the robber barons in the style to which they are accustomed.

But the serfs are fast waking up, seeing that the so-called War on Terrorism is actually a War against them. All the legislation being pushed through western parliaments, supposedly to protect them from terrorism, is soon discovered to be nothing more than the New World Order's desperate attempt to round up the serfs and contain them in police states.

Curious how we find ourselves playing out the judeo-christian myth of Armageddon, isn't it? Well not if you've read Jung and have a smattering of an understanding of the significance that Myth plays in the collective unconscious, how things unravel themselves into the conscious world when we aren't looking.

Living in a world where the predominant archetypes are of a judeo-christian nature, it surprises me not at all that we should find ourselves in what appears to be the endgame of Armageddon. Except that, in the real world, Armageddon is not being played out by Man but by Nature, Gaia herself. And compared to the machinations of the New World Order the Armageddon that is already all around us is the one so effetely described by the War Party's media as the "Climate Changes."

What we see all about us is the corporate capitalism of a 'New World Order' spiralling increasingly out-of-control mimicking a planetary biosystem also, apparently increasingly in chaos.

That's the reality, forget the endless torrent of words for which the talking heads are paid to spew out. It is in the enactment of nothing less than a tremendous planetary paradigm shift that we find ourselves now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In the last 24 hours the BBC and Channel 4 News (UK) have been doing their bit to ratchet-up the current anti-Iranian propaganda war. And the quisling, Bliar, has kept his Washington handlers happy by adding his own ("no measures barred") threats to Teheran. Were it not for the fact that what Bliar is actually doing is to add a 'diplomatic' voice in support of the Bush/Cheney thugs who actively advocate a pre-emptive attack on Iran using nuclear weapons his actions would be no more than those of a discredited right-wing plant of a politician with so much blood on his hands that a little more wouldn't worry him overmuch.

The anti-Iran propaganda war, with similarities to that which led to the invasion of Irak in 2003, is different in that the U.S. threat to use tactical nuclear weapons in a first-strike is either quietly played down or not mentioned at all. Nor is the fact that Iran is the first country to develop a nuclear programme who, once actively supported by the USA to do so (when under the Shah), is now perceived as a 'rogue state' against whom active (nuclear) military measures might be taken for its wishing to continue that programme.

Not only is the anti-Iranian propaganda based upon a brazen, historic lie but, if the western public were to know just what kind of military scenario is envisaged, would be seen as a terrifying imperial escalation in the kind of (nuclear) blitzkrieg tactics that the West and NATO are now prepared to use.

Just now there is an ominous silence emanating from the peace movement. Perhaps those among it who have troubled to find out what an attack on Iran would really mean, ie a nuclear war which could well escalate into a global one, are so horrified at what the Bush regime are preparing for that they have been paralyzed into inaction.

Whatever the reasons for this morgue-like silence, it must be broken and soon. Otherwise the responsibility for the nuclear horrors to come will fall on the shoulders of each and every one of us for not acting when we could.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


The traditional alliance of the British crown with its former American colony, an alliance that served as a foundation for the British foreign policy during the times of Winston Churchill and also Margaret Thatcher, is called into question today. In effect, the United Kingdom has no other option than choosing between its Atlantist commitment and its European interests. However, as Cedric Housez notes while analyzing statements by British leaders, they reject this choice. Today’s criticism of Tony Blair’s participation in George W. Bush’s military adventures is limited to expressing a will for a balance in transatlantic relations.



Interesting article about the "privileged relationship".

Historically, it is British governments who have always insisted on the existence of a "special" or "privileged" relationship, attempting to convince themselves that the US actually needs them: "the United Kingdom is presented as a “bridge” between Europe and the United States and, thus, as a guarantor of good transatlantic relations."

However, the UK role has been that of an US alter ego (some would say Trojan Horse) within Europe, whose job was and is to maintain its (European) allegiance to US policies and political philosophies, ("The United States should be the driving force of a western pole that controls and benefits the world...European countries must follow the American “locomotive” and the United Kingdom should create that tie.") and when this has not been forthcoming, to disrupt European unity when it dared to stray from US designs. This was demonstrated clearly during the build up to the Iraq war. (

However, as the piece points out, there is rising criticism of US-UK ties, even though this may not have reached proportions important enough to consider realignment or a more agressive use of its supposed influence: "The British former European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Chris Patten, and the former British ambassador to the United States from 1997 to 2003, Sir Christopher Meyer, allege that the invasion of Iraq would not have taken place had Tony Blair not supported George W. Bush". This supposed influence has been disproved though, by the new Security Doctrine and Bob Woodward's revelations: "It was just two weeks later when the president decided to go to war. “That decision was first conveyed to Condi Rice in early January 2003 when he said, ‘We're gonna have to go. It's war.’ He was frustrated with the weapons inspections. He had promised the United Nations and the world and the country that either the UN would disarm Saddam or he, George Bush, would do it and do it alone if necessary,” says Woodward" .

All this has obviously had its effects, even though it remains doubtful whether the US would ever actually do anything alone. The US Dept. of State has now gone on record (confirming the takeover of State by Donald Rumsfeld's policies):

"Building on its experience in Iraq, the Bush administration says it wants to be able to form "coalitions of the willing" more efficiently for dealing with future conflicts rather than turning to existing but unreliable institutional alliances such as Nato."

"We 'ad hoc' our way through coalitions of the willing. That's the future," a senior State Department official said in a briefing this week that reflected Washington's search for alternatives to the post-second world war global architecture in the new era of its "war on terror"."
"We are focused on the enduring dynamics of coalition warfare,"

Of course these "coalitions of the willing" are only likely to include US vassals, such as the UK with its "privileged relationship", and will, of course be outside international law, otherwise there would be no need for such coalitions...

David Sketchley, MEDIALENS, 08/01/06


I believe there [are] a significant number of Brits who would support the idea of a multipolar balance of powers were it to be properly presented to them by both Government and Media.

Both those seem to have thoroughly lost themselves in blind Atlanticism and a peculiar form of racism dismissed as "Euro-scepticism" (more accurately, Europhobia)

What do you do with a European population where the prevailing thought-form remains that Europe is vaguely "somewhere over there", that remains so stubbornly in denial of its predominantly European ethnicity?

Please include me in that group who see HMG as playing the part of a Trojan horse, rather than acting as Uncle Sam's alter ego. And Irak II, as you point out, has clearly exposed the subversive nature of the game that HMG plays in the EU.

Of course, other EU countries are only too aware of perfidious Albion but can only react to it with embarrassment. They warn us: keep playing this game and you will find yourself increasingly marginalized, playing a second-class role.

But when have British governments ever troubled to look further ahead than a few more years of electoral office? As for the media, Rupert Murdoch has more than effectively performed a coup d'etat in favour of Langley, Virginia through his kindergarten Press.

As Cédric Housez points out, the prevailing view among Britain's rulers is still that of a unipolar capitalist world policed by the US military. The idea of a multipolar balance of powers is, even if considered, dismissed. It is only taken seriously by a few UK politicians, some soldiers and -more significantly- by professional military think tanks.

This really happened: about 25 years ago, I confronted that well-known Atlanticist, Dr David Owen (whatever happened to him?), with the remark that it was such a pity that Britain -with its much-vaunted 'independent nuclear deterrent'- had not emulated De Gaulle by abandoning NATO.

"Where do you come from?!" he exploded, his face going all the shades of puce you can imagine. From a far more loyal place than he ever did, I would now add as an afterthought.

Gangsters and traitors, to the Tower with them all!

Gilipolla, MEDIALENS, 08/01/06

Friday, January 06, 2006


"The key similarities of all these issues facing all of these countries (and many more of course from the Western world, is a crumbling of human rights in the face of stronger and stronger central governments. We are living under the illusion of 2 party states (thinking, perhaps, that is bad enough), but in reality we are living under one party states, largely autocratic. Whatever illusion exists of that second party in each country (at present the democrats in the U.S., the Conservatives in the U.K. and Labour in Australia), we must be prepared to accept they don't exist. Examine the politics, the influences, the opinions and policies of the opposition parties and you will see the illusion. We must continue to believe that there is a choice; once we become aware that there is not we will have to face the fact that the democracy and freedom the West promises to bring the rest - on the wings of bombs and bullets - is an illusion, and that what we really bring is that which we are facing - cruel dictatorships - differing only from the more conventional dictatorships in that ours keep us in a state of submission and reign terror on foreign nations, and theirs show truthfully what they are.

Again, it is time the West looked to South America - Chavez and Venezuela, the people of Venezuela, for some real advice on how a democracy is run. One particularly useful tip is this; it is run by the people, for the people."


Isn't it amazing what, on the face of it, a few individuals like Bush, Blair and Howard can do to drag us all back into the dark ages?

Yet, without the complicity of the media, the Kerry Packers and Rupert Murdochs none of it could happen. They dare to distract from reality by calling us conspiracy theorists when the biggest conspiracy against humanity & the planet is theirs and theirs alone!

While the darkness spreads from Mordor we all seem to be like little hobbits, so immersed in the business of daily life that we are unable to look up at the darkening clouds. I don't know what it will take to break this collective spell but break it we must.

If bloggers could so effectively have helped Craig Murray in putting out some of the truth to the world then there must surely be more that we can do collectively?

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the vanishing into thin air of the West's ideological bogeyman I had thought the time had finally come for the West to face its own tyrants. That, of course, was before we were all doped-up on the smoke 'n' mirrors of "Terrorism".

Truly, a war of words and minds and collectively we're still unbeatable ...