Friday, August 31, 2007

Mayor Freddy Thielemans
Blogger and Mayor Freddy ban the Racists

All those who have complained about the racist site Blog Cochon will be pleased to know that Blogger has decided to ban the site from public viewing on the basis that it is in contravention of its Contents Policy. Blogger is to be congratulated and supported in its exemplary actions.

But, true to their parasitic nature, the anonymous authors of Les Cochons (to describe these short-lived blogs collectively) keep moving from one site to another, abusing their host Blogger all the while.

Currently, their English-language 'international edition' is still open at and they have opened two others at and

Clearly, the despicable Oink-Oink as he calls himself in English, is a person of leisure who has all day to set up these temporary blogs, the idea being to give us all a grand runaround and finally to exhaust us and Blogger, hoping we will give up the chase. There seems to be a strong element of attention-seeking here and one wonders if it's worth the time and effort just to keep chasing.

In the last day or two, I have been looking at these nasty blogs and checking out their links to others which are blatantly more white supremacist like Seulement Blanc at Of course, the more links you open, the more you discover. It would be a fulltime occupation to have these blogs closed needing a dedicated group of individuals.

The owner of Blog Cochon either supports or runs an outfit called SITA, 'Stop Islam and Terror Actions', which uses the phoney 'War on Terror' and the government conspiracy of 911 to justify his Islamophobia and the calculated insults and incitements stemming from it. The question we need to ask is: are these people just prejudiced individuals or are they being financed and backed by other shadowy organisations using them as shit-stirrers?

Along with other more blatantly supremacist organisations M. Cochon is, despite its ban, promoting a march to take place in Brussels next September 11 which, while pretending to commemorate 911, will focus on attacking Islam and immigrants. 20 thousand racists are expected. These deceivers conveniently ignore the Muslims who died in the Twin Towers and present 911 as an all-out attack by Islam on the West.

This march has been banned by Freddy Thielemans, the Socialist Mayor of Brussels, on the basis that it is very likely to lead to confrontations and unrest endangering public safety. He is, I believe, morally quite right. And according to the European Convention on Human Rights he is fully entitled to do that. Some years ago, we were able to use the same law to convince the Aberdeen municipal council in NE Scotland to ban a National Front demo.

Organised by some Norwegian rightist, the Nazis on the Continent appear to be prepared to ignore the ban and march anyway, no doubt with the intention of deliberately causing confrontation and provoking violence.

M. Cochon says he intends to be there himself. What, dressed up as Grouik-Grouik, for the cameras? Naw, too risky, I'd say. If you value your bacon, M. Cochon, best hide behind your computer screen. The situation could become highly volatile so we can only hope that the local police are successful in blocking all entries into Brussels.

Freddy, being a bit of a bon viveur, is currently the target for all the insults and poison emitting from Les Cochons and their racist pals.

But for banning this march Mayor Freddy deserves our congratulations. Take five minutes to send him your support. Letters or emails can be sent to:

M. Freddy Thielemans,
Mayor of Brussels,
Hotel de Ville
Grand-Place 11000

(Warning: any racist scumbags reading this who think they can send abuse by email, just watch it! Your emails can be traced back to you.)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unite against the Chickenhawk Fascists!

In a dull and predictable manner the white supremacists behind Blog Cochon and their sympathisers, are beginning to spit and snarl, calling me an anti-semite amongst other things and encouraging their sympathisers to flag my blog and complain about it, in one case for having added the word 'nigger' in the labels section. Clearly the person doing this never bothered to read the article concerned!

Their sheer vengeful nastiness exposes them to the world for what they really are: a very unevolved, parasitic amoeba.

They are also pathological liars.

My regular readers will know that I have consistently condemned both racism and anti-semitism in all its forms, anti-semitism being applicable to indigenous semites regardless of religion, be they Jewish, Muslim, Christian or whatever.

As a matter of interest, I have recently added to my links a French site called Liberté de Penser which supports both Judaism and Israel. It's owner, Christine Louis-Quéré, is clearly as much against anti-semitic Islamophobes and closet-racists (such as the coward who hides behind the anonymity of Imam Grouik Grouik) as she is against the more obvious fascists and Nazis.

That, of course, is exactly as it should be: Jews, Muslims, Christians, humanists, atheists, left, right, centre et al working together to defend Europe from this murderous filth which is trying to bring the nightmare of Nazism back again.

United we are strong!

Dealing with the Nasties

Since launching my personal campaign against the crypto-fascists of Le Blog du Cochon Hallal the good news is that Blogger has, it seems, decided to suspend it. It seems too early to assume that it has been banned and, in any case, what these nasties have done is to open two mirror blogs still using Blogger as a host.

This illustrates well my assertion that these types are like scavengers who feed off the body of democracy when it appears to be dying or in a weak state. And just like a virus it seeks to spread from one part of that body to another, making it difficult for the host (in this case Blogger) to eliminate it.

All credit to Blogger for having reacted in the way it has and perhaps I was overly harsh in suggesting it was acting cynically etc. If the suspension of a blog that is clearly an incitation of race and religious hatred masquerading as a satire leads to a ban I know that many, including myself, will applaud Blogger for such positive action.

Racism, in all its many slippery forms, remains a form of ignorance that Europeans should have left behind in the Dark Ages. They didn't and were almost entirely responsible for the anti-semitism that led to the persecution of the Jews over centuries, culminating in the Third Reich.

We were mistaken in thinking we had finished with Nazis and the fascists. After WWII they should have been banned totally and in finality. Instead, our rulers just put them back into the cupboard with the rest of their skeletons and fed us a lot of bullshit about the need to allow them to roam free to cause further havoc within what in capitalism is described as 'democracy.'

Hence we are persuaded of Bertholt Brecht's argument that fascism and Nazism are the savage beasts that capitalism keeps on a leash until such time as it may be opportune to release them when the capitalist system is heading for another crash. Given that another crash is now just around the corner we must assume that the double-headed beast is straining on its leash again to break free and devour us all.

Until such time these creatures are quite happy to take advantage of the protection being given them by what Capital calls democracy. Like Gollum in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings they are experts in the art of deception, slipping, sliding and dodging, claiming for example that they are only exercising their 'freedom of expression.' They must be very naive or have no respect for their readers, expecting them to believe such transparent lies when even the most cursory investigation of their blog and website shows up their innate racism and intolerance.

But wasn't it always so? Fascism and Nazism have traditionally used these deceptions to enlist supporters. And, of course, they continue to use the lie of white supremacy as an easy way to catch those who are susceptible to confuse emotion with logic and tribalism with reason. France naturally remains a breeding-ground for these extremists because of its history in WWII where at least half the country was Vichy playing an active part in handing over its Jews to Hitler. And Sarkozy's playing the race card only gave the green light for these canaille.

But Britain has no cause to be self-righteous either for Blair was just as bad and was responsible for causing untold destruction both to our judicial system and to our communities, both economically and socially. And before him that other petty-bourgeois fascist, Thatcher. And unlike the French, Blair was too stupid to keep a reluctant Britain out of America's disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Single-handedly, Blair calculatedly played the race card and stoked-up the fires of communal strife, quite cynically using Muslims as scapegoats not only to justify the Blair/Bush phoney 'War on Terror' but as a foil to cover-up New Labour's plan to continue where Thatcher left off in destroying the social fabric of Britain.

And yes, there are sites in English which are just as if not more repugnant than Les Cochons. It was by chance that I came across this blog via the Bravenet exchange. Some have mistaken me for an English hypocrite for picking on a Francophone blog. But of course it isn't exclusively that with an English-language version too. Clearly the shadowy characters, ces cochons, who run this gluepot for lowlife are well-organised and financed so we must ask just how far do they go into the areas of apparent respectability in French and European extremism?

I am honoured that they have picked on me for having had the brass to dare call out for their banning. Maybe that earns me a few brownie points on the karmic scales. And my readership has increased a bit and so have the comments received. What strikes me about these comments is the remarkable level of ignorance some writers have of Islam as well as their inability to understand that words like 'Salaam' and phrases like 'Peace be Unto Him' may be used by a non-Muslim as a mark of respect for Muslims who, in my experience, respond positively to such little acts. Respect for others seems to be something that these Islamophobes simply do not comprehend or if they do have no intention of practising.

Where no respect is offered no respect is due. Where people behave like savages they shouldn't be surprised to be treated as such. It is true that racism is the product of social conditioning so, in the long term, a programme of reeducation is required. But acts of racism, including its incitement, notwithstanding its disguise as satire should be treated with zero tolerance. It's the only way to treat a virus.

In Gregorian time, we are now in the 21st Century, a time when the old paradigm of the Twentieth Century is in a state of increasing chaos and breakdown, what the Hopi Indians call koyaaniskatsi. The capitalist system is itself in a state of drawn-out breakdown and heading for a crash. It is in times like these that racist vermin come out from their hiding places to capitalise on the fear and ignorance of proles who have been confused and brain-washed by the politicians and the media. Hence blogs like Les Cochons which are part of the final reaction of a dark, imperial past based on greed, genocide and white supremacism. They are the flotsam of an already dead past, the remnants of an old paradigm which still haunts the human unconscious fighting desperately against the inevitability of its own self-extinction.

But they are not quite extinct yet. And because they are fighting for their life they remain dangerously venomous. And like anyone who has never had the courage to deal with his or her inner demons or remains blissfully unaware of them such people project their own fears onto others in the external world. Hence racist attitudes and a hate of the Other.

Clearly, we are dealing with a form of psychosis but one which has a potential to spread like an epidemic through the darker corners of the human mind. Either we act now to deal with it or it will spread. The choice is ours and so are the consequences.

Note to Campaigners

Les Cochons are still operating at Blogger mirror sites here and here. Their English language hate site is still here

Please do continue to send complaints to Blogger demanding their total ban here

If you can read French then read 'Imam Grouik Grouik et ses oeuvres nauséabondes sur Blogspot.Com' at
Liberté de Penser

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Beginnings through Truth and Reconciliation

The Islamic communities, amongst others, have the potential of turning recent attacks upon them by Bush, Blair & Co to their advantage by helping to turn into reality a dialogue focused on Truth and Reconciliation.

Here, in Scotland, with independence on the horizon it seems to me that our country could provide the perfect stage for such an initiative. Despite the likely attempt of outside forces to use such incidents as the Glasgow Bomb Attack as false flag incidents meant to cause internecine strife within our communities the aftermath of these attacks appear to be relatively short term, perhaps due to the way Muslim Asians have assimilated into local communities. If such an incident had taken place at Heathrow or in the USA it might have been a different story.

Does community cohesion in Scotland act as an antidote to Islamophobia and so are we any different to other areas of the British Isles where Asian communities have settled? In observing that the Glasgow incident was not caused by home-grown terrorists was First Minister Alex Salmond appealing not only to Scots community-mindedness but suggesting something more which, in a typical Scots manner, remained unsaid?

That is to say, was he inferring that these outward forces are out to divide and rule the communities in Scotland as they have in other parts of the world? That it is in fact the State itself which is causing false flag terrorism, the State which has no wish for Scotland to become free again?

Scotland has its own problems with southern rule and this often manifests in what appears to be anti-English sentiment when in fact its causes have their origins in the imperialism of the southern ruling classes.

Much of the anti-English sentiment, I believe, goes back to a lingering hurt felt by various communities of the manner in which they were treated in the past. This particularly in the Highlands where the events which took place at Culloden and after seem like only yesterday. Then there is the continuing sense of division between the Highlands and the Lowlands, all these factors leading to the division of Scotland and its communities into several smaller countries within the country of Scotland.

These old wounds and misunderstanding still need to be healed. But by causing fake terrorist incidents the British government should understand that far from dividing the population the final effect will be to cause even stronger resentment among Scots of the way the southern government persists in sabotaging their affairs.

At first glance, the divisions on this Island appear daunting. But if we are to search for a solution it seems to me that it must be found in the immediate problems that cause fear and division in our communities throughout Britain.

In Scotland, the old sectarianism between protestantism and catholicism are traditional. But what cynical politicians of the Blair/Bush ilk have been trying to do is to import a new sectarianism through their phony 'War on Terror' employing similar methods used by their agents to cause sectarian strife in Ireland. The late historian, Edward Thompson, in his book, Writing by Candlelight, warned that all the dirty tricks used by the British State to divide and rule through sectarian warfare in Ireland would return home to roost on the mainland of the UK. Clearly that is what has happened.

The target of this new attack has been Islam but through it the liberty of all communities. The intention, it seems, has been to stir up traditional feelings of white superiority and a fear of foreigners to serve the phony 'War on Terror' as well as to cause racial unrest in Scotland in the way sectarianism was used in Ireland when it suited the UK Government to do so. As this country moves towards independence we should be prepared for many more false-flag incidents to be imported here by the spooky denizens of the Thames Embankment.

Mordor in London: MI6 HQ, Thames Embankment

The only way that these state-sponsored attacks can be dealt with effectively is for the very communities that are being targeted by them to act fearlessly. That requires the development of grass-roots movements which must have the courage to deal with such attacks head-on by seeking the truth behind the cosmetics of government and media manipulation. Just as the Solidarity movement in the old Poland finally led to the collapse of the old Soviet-backed apparatchiks, a similar movement in the West could lead to the collapse of State-backed oppression. Here, it is the interests of people on both sides of the border in the British Isles that need to be served, not the interests of Atlanticist imperialism.

In order to focus people on common interests means also to have the courage to look at the misunderstandings and events in history which have led to disempowerment and deep wounds in our various communities. Only some kind of Truth and Reconciliation movement can do this and in this process the Muslim community, aided by non-Muslims at every level of society, including the various churches of all faiths can and must play a major part. For the various faiths to turn their backs on the present attack on the Muslim communities would be a repetition of what happened in Nazi Germany and the fascist countries. It will not only rebound on these very same churches but on the people as a whole. Ultimately everyone suffers.

Only a Truth and Reconciliation movement can hope to change history by replacing the repetition of past mistakes with a new beginning for the British Isles.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

vulture and child in africa

Fisk's article, which should be read first to understand the comment, is published in the The Independent (UK) and reprinted here at

Comment by Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent

FPF - Sunday - 26 August 2007 - Concerning 9/11, the unreliable Fisk wrote: "I am the Middle East correspondent of The Independent, not the conspiracy correspondent."

This concerning the 'inside job' of 9/11 and the massacre of first 3000 people, and now ten thousands more because of the enormous cloud of poisonous dust covering Manhattan etc. when the three buildings - with all the asbestos - were 'pulled' in a controlled demolition. And now Fisk is calling people who ask about scientific proof and the law of nature 'ravers'?

Like the Chomskys of this world?

Maybe we'd better ask Fisk and his UK collaborators to explain the D-Notice to us? And the bad effect it has on the UK media? The total control which the UK Crown, the so called UK government, the Home Office, the military, secret services etc have on all UK media?

I've said it before and will gladly repeat it: none of those so called 'liberal' papers in the UK: The Independent, The Observer and the Guardian, none of those 'alibi' rags can be trusted one way or the other. The alternative information on Internet - like on sites by 'Information Clearing House' - is much better.


Look at their deeds, not their words: for instance at the late Observer owner, Tim 'Tiny' Rowland, who was one of the influential press barons for the multinational group of war 'Lords' in London, running the wars and profits. Rowland helped wreck Africa and always collaborated with MI5 and MI6. Plus with the CIA, Mossad etc.

I've seen Fisk in Beirut during the time I lived and worked as an independent correspondent for ten years in the area, based in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia and neighbor to Libya.

And it's a fact that people like Fisk, Chomsky etc have already worked for decades for the group wrecking mankind - as in Chomsky's case MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a university-complex which 'fabricated' him and put him on a pedestal while wheeling and dealing as one of the main contractors with the military industrial complex. You really think they'd make and pay Chomsky for decades, if they don't like what he's doing? Gimme a break!


Fisk thinks the WTC drama was not the criminal work of the US/UK junta with Israel's help, and finishes as usual with some questions: ''I would like to know the full story of 9/11, not least because it was the trigger for the whole lunatic, meretricious "war on terror" which has led us to disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan and in much of the Middle East.

Bush's happily departed adviser Karl Rove once said that "we're an empire now ­ we create our own reality". True? At least tell us. It would stop people kicking over chairs."

"At least tell us," Fisk writes. But that's also contrary to logic and journalistic knowledge: one has to investigate, because they're not spilling their beans voluntarily. Especially not the criminal beans.

And Fisk could at least tell us that the phrase: "We're An Empire Now...We Create Our Own Reality" could be read in the NY TIMES MAGAZINE in an article by Ron Suskind, who was quoting an aide in the White House. Not Rove, even if he's a bad genius, the propaganda minister and Goebbels of the plutocrats.

But in the article it's the usual Fisk c.s. ambiguity: 25% correct and the rest is ads and propaganda, the 'liberalism' like some sugar making the medicine go down. And make people think those computer 'coolies' (Chinese term meaning 'bitter labor') really are 'liberal'...

Because what Fisk produces is not honest reporting, it's propaganda covered with 'journalism'.

In Sweden they call an unreliable person like that 'en full fisk'.

And I think they're right.




* GEORGE BUSH II - SPEAKING THE TRUTH FOR ONCE WHEN HE CONFIRMED WHY WE ALL MUST BE AFRAID OF THE US/UK JUNTA'S WAR MACHINE: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, AND NEITHER DO WE..." - August 5, 2004 - At the signing of the defense act for the fiscal year 2005 (H.R. 4613) -


* FPF-COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information.

Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars

The Netherlands

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Canadian Police Provocateurs are Cornered by Peaceful Demonstrators


Peaceful protesters stop police provocateurs from starting a riot at the Stop the SPP protests in Montebello, Québec.

CEP President Dave Coles confronts men with rocks and sticks.

Sign the Open Letter
Tell the networks not to follow FOX down the road to war

43,010 signers


"My station was intimidated by the administration and its foot soldiers at FOX News."

That is CNN's Christiane Amanpour explaining why the major television networks failed to accurately inform the public in the lead-up to the Iraq war, choosing instead to follow FOX's lead.

Now, FOX is beating the drums for war with Iran. Robert Greenwald's short film, "FOX Attacks: Iran", outlines the evidence from the station's own broadcasts, comparing their reporting before the Iraq war with what they are saying now about Iran.

You have a sacred responsibility to the American people to provide accurate and reliable information so we can best make the decisions which affect our lives. We urge you to accurately and thoroughly report all sides of this important story.

Please do not blindly follow FOX down the road to another war.


The Glasgow Airport Attack, June 30th: Key problems with the Official Conspiracy Theory

Dangerous racist preconceptions! -

Necessity for genuine investigation, scepticism: No one doubts that under conditions of political provocation or war on Muslim lands, some Muslims are capable of misunderstanding their religion to the point where they plan to kill innocent civilians.

However the number of such plots and attacks is very much in doubt, as we should also be aware of the possibility of False-flag Terrorism. Therefore we should be able to approach every event with an open mind and not be bounced into the conclusions which the mainstream media are presenting, often just repeating to the public things they have been fed by MI5/MI6 etc.

In addition as Nafeez Ahmed has shown there can be many intermediate forms between non-state and state terrorism, e.g. when the secret services entrap and manipulate non-state actors - as happened in the '80s with the MI5-instigated 'Scottish National Liberation Army' (recently revived the Sunday before the election by the (no) ricin (no) plot Greater Manchester Police reporting SNLA letter bombs across the front page of the Scottish Mail on Sunday).

Fortuitous timing tilts balance against Independence -

The airport fire attack happened just 4 hours after Salmond tells the Queen in Holyrood, we are thinking of going independent. Four weeks earlier Blair was forced onto the backfoot about the autonomy of the Scottish criminal jurisdiction; four days later Abdullah was hauled off to Paddington Green and it was announced that the MOD was needing Faslane for home-porting of aircraft carriers as well as Trident.

Does the Anglo-American "War on Terror" provide a standing over-ride to Scottish independence? In which case we will need to develop greater independence of mind from the 911 myth and the 'meme' of Islamic terrorism it justifies.

Strange games with gas cannisters -

The papers report unsourced allegations that around 2 in the morning of the previous day (Friday 29th June) a swarthy looking man was seen running away from a car which had veered onto the pavement outside a nightclub and just next to an unmarked government office. Strange that the said absconder should have taken the time to have removed a gas cannister from the back of the car, thus providing a Baghdad comes to London story line for the press and (in retrospect) a crucial link to the Glasgow event - where Abdullah was fighting off an attacker with one hand while also pulling gas cannisters out of the back of the burning vehicle!

Surely an armed police stand down? -

According to Muslim friends, there are always two or three sets of armed police patrolling along the front of the airport building plus more inside. Yet Strathclyde Police released a statement saying that they don't usually have police there, except when they are notified of some specific alert.

Not even with the Queen in Scotland and on the busiest day of the travelling year?? Not even when the MI5-based Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre had warned of enhanced likelihood of terrorism in the period of handover from Blair to Brown? Not even when for the past two weeks the US authorities had been putting air marshals on all flights to Glasgow airport, following announcement that terrorism was feared there (and/or Prague)?!? Give us a break!

The case of the failed Technology and Design student -

The late Kefeel is said to have been the originator of all three bombs-which-weren't. Yet he is also said to have attended a Technology and Design course at advanced level. It also seems remarkable that Kafeel was not aware of the presence of high crash barriers outside the airport, which in the event trapped his car - just where it could be left to burn for a suspiciously long time causing maximum panic and minimum casualties?

Which real terrorists use mobile phones?

Everyone knows that mobile phones can be monitored. Even if they were to have been used e.g. as part of a triggering mechanism, a new SIM card would have been bought. Yet, as in Madrid, mobile phones can be used to provide convenient 'links' to the designated Arab patsies for a false-flag terror event, . The Australian doctor arrested as part of the terror network was quite quickly released as the mobile phone evidence proved ridiculous.

Arriving 'just too late'? -

The police say that from the mobiles in the cars found around two in the morning and afternoon in Piccadilly they found a "goldmine" of evidence. It follows that they would very quickly process the phones to dig out the numbers they contained.

Yet it wasn't until Saturday morning that they arrive at the Lettings Agency and Taxi company in Paisley, and in the latter case they meekly went off to return just half an hour before the attacks having initially been told that there was no one senior there at the taxi office to deal with queries. Was a game being played whereby the men were being 'beaten' like grouse towards a spectacular and speedy reply to Salmond's challenge? (Remember that there have been instances of hypnotic mind control and also the technology exists to make a car veer out of control and crash.)

Emergence of a new exemplary breed of action hero -

The suspicious absence of armed shoot-to-kill police enabled a suitably British Glaswegian to emerge, rapidly feted in all the tabloids and on an instant website, one who was able to link Glasgow airport to the canonical "war on terror" sequence of New York, Madrid and London.

From now on the public are to be cast as auxiliary fighters involved in the war on terror, not just victim bystanders - hence also the new cabinet level terrror supremo Admiral West announcing that it is henceforth British to snitch. It was doubtless pure coincidence that another doughty fighter in the war on terror, BBC News chief, Helen Boaden, happened to be in the airport at the time 'Smeato' made his stunning debut.

Perhaps many of these suspicions are just co-incidence or cock-ups - but all of them?

Will corroboratory CCTV footage ever be released? ... as it hasn't in New York, London, Madrid and Paris in the Diana death.

Further reading:

Whose Bombs? July 6th analysis by Nafeez Ahmed

Long thread on the website linked to , namely


Keith Mothersson

Friday, August 24, 2007

Britain's New Illuminati Puppet, Gordon Brown


Gordon Brown shows why he is yet another braindead illuminati puppet

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google/Blogger refuses to ban Racist Blog

From its title, Le Blog du Cochon Hallal is clearly meant as a calculated insult against Muslims. If it had been called Kosher Pigs there would have been a tremendous outcry from the international Jewish community and Blogger would have been forced to close it down without further ado.

But Google/Blogger's attitude appears to be totally cynical and tailored simply to market forces. knowing that the Muslim community is incapable of organizing the kind of opposition that Jewry can it continues to allow this blog the freedom to spread its despicable poison across the Planet.

Such blogs are in four-square contravention of Blogger's own Contents Policy:

"HATEFUL CONTENT: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status and sexual orientation/gender identity."

Les Cochons describes itself as "satirical" and "irreverent". What is amusing about insulting another's faith or beliefs in this way? Far from being either of the things it claims this blog is very much an incitement to racial hatred.

Apart from its overtly racist nature such a blog is likely to contravene the European Convention on Human Rights. But that doesn't seem to worry Blogger who, though the blog flies in the face of its own terms, allows it to continue along with just a health warning.

By doing so, Blogger perpetuates the cynicism of capitalist business organisations which will quite happily endorse fascist movements if they think there's some profit in doing so. Probably the worst example of this were the capitalists who backed Adolf Hitler. Perhaps, being a North American outfit, Blogger remains ignorant of that historic antecedent.

I have already heard some who call themselves Socialists tell me that no matter how revolting such blogs are and despite the fact that they break the host's rule that they should be allowed the freedom to spew their poison. I fundamentally disagree.

These blogs are like a virus and should be treated as such. When Socialists and libertarians support their existence on the spurious dogma of a free-for-all then they must expect what will inevitably follow. Fascists and racists are not so much birds of prey but scavengers who take advantage of the freedoms a liberal society might allow them. If they are protected by law they take that as a sign that they are free to do as they will.

And that usually means picking on minority groups like western Muslims from which they are guaranteed to make political capital. This is the situation that prevails in countries like Britain, France, Holland, Canada, Australia and the USA where fascists are allowed so much freedom that even apparently more respectable mainstream politicians now play the race card.

Neither fascism or racism should be tolerated. And by allowing scum the freedom to publish, both Blogger and Google put themselves among the lowest and most vile company of the human species.

Complaints to Blogger about Les Cochons should be made at this link:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Friday, August 17, 2007

Backspin for War
By Norman Solomon
Media with Conscience

The man who ran CNN's news operation during the invasion of Iraq is now doing damage control in response to a new documentary's evidence that he kowtowed to the Pentagon on behalf of the cable network. His current denial says a lot about how "liberal media" outlets remain deeply embedded in the mindsets of pro-military conformity.

Days ago, the former CNN executive publicly defended himself against a portion of the "War Made Easy" film (based on my book of the same name) that has drawn much comment from viewers since the documentary's release earlier this summer. As Inter Press Service reported, the movie shows "a news clip of Eason Jordan, a CNN News chief executive who, in an interview with CNN, boasts of the network's cadre of professional military experts.' In fact, CNN's retired military generals turned war analysts were so good, Eason said, that they had all been vetted and approved by the U.S. government."

Inter Press called the vetting-and-approval process "shocking" -- and added that "in a country revered for its freedom of speech and unfettered press, Eason's comments would infuriate any veteran reporter who upholds the most basic and important tenet of the journalistic profession: independence."

But Eason Jordan doesn't want us to see it that way. And he has now fired back via an article in IraqSlogger, which calls itself "the world's premier Iraq-focused Web site." Jordan runs that Web site.

The journalist who wrote the Aug. 14 article, Christina Davidson, was in an awkward spot: "War Made Easy" directly criticizes her boss, and it was the subject of the article.

Davidson's only assessment of the film that wasn't favorable had to do with its criticisms of Jordan. "While there's no doubt that journalistic laziness contributed to the uncritical re-broadcasting of the Bush administration's official line," she wrote, "Solomon takes it a little too far in trying to make the case that all of the cable networks were actively complicit in promoting the war. Solomon bases his reasoning primarily on one choice quote from Eason Jordan, former CNN news chief and current CEO of IraqSlogger's parent company, Praedict."

In fact, the film provides a wide range of evidence that "all of the cable networks were actively complicit in promoting the war" -- the result of chronic biases rather than "journalistic laziness." And CNN, like the rest of the cable news operations, comes in for plenty of tough scrutiny in the documentary. As the magazine Variety noted in a review of "War Made Easy" a few days ago, "Fox News is predictably bashed here, but supposedly neutral CNN gets it even harder."

CNN is among the news outlets at the core of the myth of "the liberal media" -- perpetuated, in part, by the fact that people are often overly impressed by the significance of rhetorical attacks on some media organizations by more conservative outlets. (Before his resignation from CNN in 2005, Eason Jordan was himself subjected to denunciations from the right -- for allegedly skewing news coverage to curry favor with the Baghdad government during Saddam's rule and, after the invasion, for reportedly stating that U.S. troops had targeted some journalists in Iraq.) But antipathy from right-wing pundits is hardly an indication of journalistic independence.

Stretching to defend Jordan's CNN record, IraqSlogger complains that the CEO of its parent company is unfairly characterized in the film: "Solomon assumes that Jordan was seeking the blessing of Pentagon officials on the propriety of his choices, when in fact he was just doing a boss's duty."

The article then provides a quote from Jordan, supplying his explanation to set the record straight: "Employers routinely vet prospective employees with their previous employers. In these cases, we vetted retired generals to ensure they were experts in specific military and geographic areas. The generals were not vetted for political views."

The explanation can only flunk the laugh test.

Eason Jordan was CNN's chief news executive when, on April 20, 2003 (a month after U.S. troops invaded Iraq), he appeared on CNN and revealed that he'd gotten the Defense Department's approval of which retired high-ranking officers to put on the network's payroll. "I went to the Pentagon myself several times before the war started and met with important people there and said, for instance -- At CNN, here are the generals we're thinking of retaining to advise us on the air and off about the war' -- and we got a big thumbs-up on all of them. That was important."

With war euphoria riding high, Jordan was eager to shore up his -- and CNN's -- image as cooperative pals of the nation's military commanders. Now, Jordan is trying some backspin with the claim that he was merely checking job references.

"Often journalists blame the government for the failure of the journalists themselves to do independent reporting," I note in the documentary. "But nobody forced the major networks like CNN to do so much commentary from retired generals and admirals and all the rest of it." What Jordan did on behalf of CNN "wasn't even something to hide, ultimately. It was something to say to the American people on his own network, See, we're team players. We may be the news media, but we're on the same side and the same page as the Pentagon.' And that really runs directly counter to the idea of an independent press. And that suggests that we have some deep patterns of media avoidance when the U.S. is involved in a war based on lies."

Part of that deadly avoidance comes when powerful news executives do the bidding of the Pentagon -- and then, later on, claim that they did nothing of the kind.


Note: Although this article refers to CNN and cable networks, the general principle applies just as well in the UK to both private TV companies and the BBC.

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Rockefeller admits Elite Goal to Microchip Population, "War on Terror" was Hoax &c

Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo has gone in-depth on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, who personally told him that the elite's ultimate goal was to create a microchipped population and that the war on terror was a hoax, Rockefeller having predicted an "event" that would trigger the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan eleven months before 9/11.

Rockefeller also told Russo that his family's foundation had created and bankrolled the women's liberation movement in order to destroy the family and that population reduction was a fundamental aim of the global elite.


Note: Russo quotes Rockefeller as saying that the intention of the New World Order is to replace capitalism with something he describes as socialism.

Clearly, neither Russo or Rockefeller have the slightest understanding of socialism.

I believe what they mean is totalitarianism. The confusion between socialism and totalitarianism is peculiar to North America where the population was successfully brainwashed and confused into believing it.

The European tradition, however, is different and goes back centuries, at least to the English Civil War, the Diggers and the Levellers who were ruthlessly put down by the Cromwellians.

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Happy Birthday, dear Fidel, 81 not out

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Asia By DU, Africa By AIDS

By Hamid Golpira

09 August, 2007
Tehran Times

Today is Nagasaki Day, a time for reflection on weapons of mass destruction, genocide, and man's inhumanity to man.

This is the 62nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, which will be holding a solemn ceremony in memory of the victims of that tragedy and to encourage people to work for world peace and nuclear disarmament. Similar ceremonies were held on August 6 in Hiroshima and other places to mark the anniversary of the first nuclear attack on a city.

In the Hiroshima Peace Declaration 2007, describing the scene of the parachute descending with the atomic bomb that destroyed his city 62 years ago, Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba said: "The eyes of young girls watching the parachute were melted. Their faces became giant charred blisters… Hiroshima was a hell where those who somehow survived envied the dead."

Elsewhere in his speech, he said: "To ensure that 'no one else ever suffers as we did,' the hibakusha (atomic bombing survivors) have continuously spoken of experiences they would rather forget, and we must never forget their accomplishments in preventing a third use of nuclear weapons."

Truly it is a great accomplishment that the hibakusha have prevented a third use of nuclear weapons.

However, another type of radiological weapon, depleted uranium, has been used by the U.S. military in Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. There is also some evidence that Israel used depleted uranium munitions in Lebanon during the 2006 war.

DU causes genetic damage, birth defects, cancer, immune system damage, and other serious health problems and is probably the cause of Persian Gulf War Syndrome.

Physicians in Iraq have documented a threefold increase in childhood cancers and a fivefold increase in birth defects since the U.S. military first used DU weapons in southern Iraq in 1991.

To see horrible pictures of babies deformed as a result of genetic damage caused by depleted uranium weapons, go to these sites:
rimes_against-humanit y_1.htm,, ,,,
um=1&tab=wi&am p;amp;hl=en&q=du%20babies

The use of depleted uranium weapons is a genocidal act that is part of a global depopulation program.

According to some scientists, large areas of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, northern Pakistan, northern India, and Central Asia could become depopulated as a result of contamination caused by depleted uranium dust carried by the wind.

Other scientists say that only the areas attacked with DU weapons will become depopulated.

However, it appears that the U.S. military has contingency plans to attack other countries in the region. Perhaps these plans were drawn up to complete the devastation.

Meanwhile, Africa is being decimated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In several African countries, over 10 percent of the population is HIV positive.

In three articles published in the International Journal of STD and AIDS in 2002 and 2003, an international team of scientists led by Dr. David Gisselquist said that more than half the cases of AIDS in Africa before 1988 were due to unsterilized syringes and other medical exposures to contaminated blood and only about 30 percent of cases, not the 90 percent claimed, were sexually transmitted.

Even now, in many places in Africa, especially rural areas, syringes are still being reused.

So, why is the World Health Organization not providing enough syringes to Africa, and why are the rich countries not funding such a project?

This is either complete incompetence or indifference or a deliberate act.

Many activists say there is a policy of deliberate neglect of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa that is part of a program to depopulate the continent.

Asia by DU, Africa by AIDS, and we can add South America by hunger and poverty. If this is not a world depopulation program, what is it?

At the end of the Hiroshima Peace Declaration 2007, Mayor Akiba said: "Let us pledge here and now to take all actions required to bequeath to future generations a nuclear-weapon-free world."

But, in light of the depleted uranium assault on Asia and the neglect of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, we should do more.

Let us also pledge here and now to take all actions required to bequeath to future generations a genocide-free world.

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Hit them and hit them hard

Channel Four, producers of the "investigative" programme, Dispatches, have been reported to the industry regulator, Ofcom, by the West Midlands police for undermining community cohesion by misreporting the words of a Muslim preacher at the Birmingham Green Lane mosque.

The preacher, an American Muslim, Abu Usamah, is reported by C4 as having made several racist and homophobic remarks. These, Abu Usamah says, were all taken out of context and, after examining over 50 hours of footage, the police decided to support his claims.

Despite the apparently incriminating documentary made by C4 the police not only found no grounds to prosecute Abu Usamah but, instead, decided that C4 itself had a case to answer. Their report states that "the broadcasting of this material in a form so altered from that originally delivered by the speaker is sufficient to undermine community cohesion and creates an unfair, unjust and inaccurate perception of both the speaker and sections of the Muslim Community within the West Midlands."

Predictably, C4 deny everything. They would.

Yet, outside of the bubble of media unreality, C4 has a record of supporting both the war-mongering policies of the Anglo-Saxon Alliance and of producing programmes which are clearly meant to demonize both Islam and the British Muslim community. The Dispatches programme has played such a leading role in this as to lead me to believe that it is being used as a willing and regular conduit for the British and American secret services in their media propaganda war of disinformation.

The Dispatches producer was seen spouting indignantly on C4 News today on Abu Usamah's "shocking" homophobic views. It is ironic that this apparent champion of sexual liberties feels so shocked by another's alleged views whilst condoning all along the daily genocide committed by his government in his name in countries where it has no business to be.

Dispatches has played a leading role in producing an endless stream of disinformation about the phony 'War on Terror'. Whilst pretending to represent community interests both it and Channel Four have played a major part in promoting British government war crimes and in surreptitiously attempting to cause unrest in British communities.

It is not Ofcom that they should answer to, it is the War Crimes tribunal in the Hague. While the time for that has not yet come let's hope that Ofcom has the courage to uphold the police complaints and to hammer C4 mercilessly where it most hurts them, financially.

It is the only language that the gutter press understands.

Time for Muslims to cry freedom
U.S. atomic bomb test unreported

The inside story of British death squads in Northern Ireland

from Socialist Worker

Simon Basketter reveals how a campaign to terrorise Catholics was orchestrated by military intelligence

Operation Banner: An Analysis Of Military Operations In Northern Ireland is the official history of an occupation that started in 1969 and formally ended on 31 July this year.

The book is co-written by General Mike Jackson, who was second in command of the Parachute Regiment when they shot dead 14 unarmed people after a civil rights march in Derry. He was later to command British forces during the invasion of Iraq.

According to the official history, the conflict in Northern Ireland was about two warring tribes, the Catholics and Protestants, who had to be kept apart for their own sakes by British soldiers.

But in reality the occupation of Northern Ireland was brutal, repressive and murderous. Far from keeping “warring tribes” apart, military intelligence recruited, trained and armed Loyalist murder gangs in Northern Ireland, ordering them to carry out a series of assassinations.

The latest source to shed light on the death squads run by the British army in Northern Ireland is known only as “John Black”. He is a convicted Loyalist terrorist.

Black alleges that he – along with dozens of other members of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), a Loyalist terror organisation – were trained and armed by British military intelligence.

“Military intelligence trained, armed and moulded squads of Loyalists to put pressure on the IRA,” he says.

He also claims UVF members were ordered by military intelligence to carry out assassinations in order to sow terror among the Catholic population and undermine the Republican movement.

Black was convicted twice of terrorist offences, in the 1970s and in the early 1990s. He says he carried out some 50 UVF operations sanctioned by the army’s secret Force Research Unit (FRU). He became a “killer, bomber, arsonist and robber”, he says.

Black was a UVF member in the early 1970s when he was first approached. As well as being trained in firearms at army barracks and firing ranges around Northern Ireland – primarily at Palace Barracks near Holywood in County Down – Loyalists were given intelligence on potential targets and details about which targets to attack.

As many as 120 people could have been trained by military intelligence. At times they were given uniforms to provide cover while they were with their handlers. Black even drank with his handlers in the bars on military bases.

While the army-backed murder squads were active, military intelligence would impose an Out Of Bounds (OOB) order on the area in which the attack was about to take place. A OOB means an intelligence operation is under way – so police and army stay out of the area. This gave Loyalist murder gangs the freedom to operate with impunity.

Black says he was trained by the army in how to use a variety of handguns, machine guns and rifles, as well as in bomb making techniques. He claims his handlers gave the UVF consignments of guns and ammunition.

Loyalists were given classes on how to avoid leaving incriminating evidence at the scene of crimes and how to steal cars for use in assassination operations.

Black says he was told, “We don’t expect that active service units of the UVF will kill somebody every time they go out. The mere fact that an attempt has been made and shots fired – even if they wound or miss altogether – is all part of the terror tactics.” The policy was meant to “scare the shit” out of Catholics.

McGurk’s Bar

A bomb was planted in McGurk’s Bar – a predominantly Catholic bar on North Queen Street in Belfast – on 4 December 1971. It exploded, killing 15 men, women and children.

In the immediate aftermath of the McGurk’s Bar bombing, the army told the media that the bomb had belonged to the IRA. It had been inside the bar waiting to be transported when it exploded, they said.

This was a lie. Seven years later a UVF man received 15 life sentences for the bombing. For years, the families of the victims have been lobbying for the bombing to be reinvestigated. They argue it was the result of collusion between the UVF and the army.

Black says he was told about the planned bombing two weeks before the attack and was with his handler at the time it happened. He also claims he saw his handler take pot shots at Catholic teenagers on the streets of Belfast.

Pat Irvine, whose mother Kitty was killed in the McGurk’s bombing, told Socialist Worker, ‘‘It is clear that the attack took place in collusion with the state. We are concerned with ensuring that Black’s paymasters, and those who took the decisions at the highest levels of the establishment, are exposed for their role in collusion.

“The family of Kitty Irvine knows this for certain. No doubt, the source will be accused of fantasy or profiteering, as with any other whistleblower on the dirty war in the north east of Ireland.

“The British authorities will try to stymie any further investigation into their own government’s and army’s felonies. The government and military are guilty of war crimes against Irish men, women and children.”

Bloody Sunday

In the weeks leading up to Bloody Sunday in Derry, on 30 January 1972, in which the Parachute Regiment killed

14 people, Black claims he was informed by his handlers that the army had been ordered by the cabinet “to use whatever force and tactics necessary to put these troublemakers down”.

“The Bloody Sunday massacre was sanctioned by the government and top military chiefs,” he believes.

The day before Bloody Sunday, Black says he was taken for a training session at Palace Barracks, where he was given a pep talk by a major who praised him for “having the courage and loyalty to participate in covert actions against the common enemy”.

The major told Black, “We are hoping to provoke a confrontation with the IRA in Derry – and give them an example of what to expect in future attacks.”

Black was provided with a uniform, a gas mask, camouflage face paint and a rifle as cover for the time he would spend in Derry with his handler. Black says he watched from a military intelligence observation post as soldiers opened fire on civilians. He claims to have seen members of military intelligence shooting at – and hitting – unarmed civilians from the gun nest in the observation post.

New Lodge Six

In 1973, handlers organised and took part in a gun attack in Belfast that left six Catholic men dead. The killings took place within hours of each other on the night of 3 February and early hours of 4 February in the New Lodge area in the north of the city.

The army claimed all six were shot dead during a gun battle with the IRA. But no gun battle took place – and none of the six dead men was armed.

Locals and a number of the victims’ families have always alleged the killings took place as a result of collusion between paramilitaries and the army. Black claims he was one of a team of four gunmen led by an FRU member who opened fire in the New Lodge area that night.

Black said his handler phoned him on the day: ‘‘He rang and told me that something was planned for that night – and that our role in it was to create the impression that the New Lodge was under attack from Loyalists.

‘‘Later I listened with him to the military radio until a code came over it, which was the cue for us to start shooting. Me and two other UVF men were positioned in an entry close to Edlingham Street beside the New Lodge.

“The four of us fired shots for around 15 minutes, then we went to a different point at Edlingham Street where British soldiers were firing into the area.”

Black said that the attack was designed to draw the local IRA into a gun battle with the troops.

John Loughran, a spokesperson for the victims’ families, told Socialist Worker that he is hopeful that Black’s claims will help uncover the truth about what happened that night.

‘‘It is the families’ view that these killings were sanctioned at the highest political levels in Whitehall,” he says.

“Now that this has been acknowledged by someone involved in the murky underworld of British military intelligence, this must be considered as new evidence. This is the basis for a new investigation into the killings of six innocent men.”

Counter gangs

In 1971 British army brigadier Frank Kitson proposed establishing ‘‘counter gangs’’ to defeat the rapidly developing ‘‘insurgency’’ in the north of Ireland.

The philosophy was simple and brutal – terrorise Catholics through the use of Loyalist gangs that were controlled by the security forces, but whose activities could not be traced back to the British government.

From the late 1970s onwards, both Labour and Tory governments backed the Force Research Unit which supplied names, addresses and photographs of targets to paramilitaries. During this time the FRU worked alongside the Special Branch of Northern Ireland’s police force.

In the 1980s, the FRU was led by Colonel Gordon Kerr. He now heads British intelligence in Iraq.

The key person supplying the information was British army agent Brian Nelson. He infiltrated the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), a Loyalist paramilitary group. His information was responsible for the murder of at least 30 Catholics, including solicitor Pat Finucane.

Jack Grantham, a former FRU handler, described Nelson’s role “as an extension of the operational capability of the British army”.

“By that I mean refining their targeting, increasing their operational efficiency by re-arming them and using them to target known subversives which fitted the criteria and other type of person that the FRU wanted eliminating.”

In January this year the Northern Ireland police ombudsman’s report concluded that one UVF unit in the Mount Vernon area of north Belfast was run by Northern Ireland Special Branch. That unit carried out up to 16 murders.

Earlier this month the Department of Public Prosecutions said there would be no prosecution of police or soldiers over the death of Pat Finucane.

The following should be read alongside this article:
» The British army’s campaign against Catholics in Northern Ireland
» The British army’s campaign against Catholics in Northern Ireland

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Cartoon by Steve Bell