Friday, August 31, 2007

Mayor Freddy Thielemans
Blogger and Mayor Freddy ban the Racists

All those who have complained about the racist site Blog Cochon will be pleased to know that Blogger has decided to ban the site from public viewing on the basis that it is in contravention of its Contents Policy. Blogger is to be congratulated and supported in its exemplary actions.

But, true to their parasitic nature, the anonymous authors of Les Cochons (to describe these short-lived blogs collectively) keep moving from one site to another, abusing their host Blogger all the while.

Currently, their English-language 'international edition' is still open at and they have opened two others at and

Clearly, the despicable Oink-Oink as he calls himself in English, is a person of leisure who has all day to set up these temporary blogs, the idea being to give us all a grand runaround and finally to exhaust us and Blogger, hoping we will give up the chase. There seems to be a strong element of attention-seeking here and one wonders if it's worth the time and effort just to keep chasing.

In the last day or two, I have been looking at these nasty blogs and checking out their links to others which are blatantly more white supremacist like Seulement Blanc at Of course, the more links you open, the more you discover. It would be a fulltime occupation to have these blogs closed needing a dedicated group of individuals.

The owner of Blog Cochon either supports or runs an outfit called SITA, 'Stop Islam and Terror Actions', which uses the phoney 'War on Terror' and the government conspiracy of 911 to justify his Islamophobia and the calculated insults and incitements stemming from it. The question we need to ask is: are these people just prejudiced individuals or are they being financed and backed by other shadowy organisations using them as shit-stirrers?

Along with other more blatantly supremacist organisations M. Cochon is, despite its ban, promoting a march to take place in Brussels next September 11 which, while pretending to commemorate 911, will focus on attacking Islam and immigrants. 20 thousand racists are expected. These deceivers conveniently ignore the Muslims who died in the Twin Towers and present 911 as an all-out attack by Islam on the West.

This march has been banned by Freddy Thielemans, the Socialist Mayor of Brussels, on the basis that it is very likely to lead to confrontations and unrest endangering public safety. He is, I believe, morally quite right. And according to the European Convention on Human Rights he is fully entitled to do that. Some years ago, we were able to use the same law to convince the Aberdeen municipal council in NE Scotland to ban a National Front demo.

Organised by some Norwegian rightist, the Nazis on the Continent appear to be prepared to ignore the ban and march anyway, no doubt with the intention of deliberately causing confrontation and provoking violence.

M. Cochon says he intends to be there himself. What, dressed up as Grouik-Grouik, for the cameras? Naw, too risky, I'd say. If you value your bacon, M. Cochon, best hide behind your computer screen. The situation could become highly volatile so we can only hope that the local police are successful in blocking all entries into Brussels.

Freddy, being a bit of a bon viveur, is currently the target for all the insults and poison emitting from Les Cochons and their racist pals.

But for banning this march Mayor Freddy deserves our congratulations. Take five minutes to send him your support. Letters or emails can be sent to:

M. Freddy Thielemans,
Mayor of Brussels,
Hotel de Ville
Grand-Place 11000

(Warning: any racist scumbags reading this who think they can send abuse by email, just watch it! Your emails can be traced back to you.)

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