Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hit them and hit them hard

Channel Four, producers of the "investigative" programme, Dispatches, have been reported to the industry regulator, Ofcom, by the West Midlands police for undermining community cohesion by misreporting the words of a Muslim preacher at the Birmingham Green Lane mosque.

The preacher, an American Muslim, Abu Usamah, is reported by C4 as having made several racist and homophobic remarks. These, Abu Usamah says, were all taken out of context and, after examining over 50 hours of footage, the police decided to support his claims.

Despite the apparently incriminating documentary made by C4 the police not only found no grounds to prosecute Abu Usamah but, instead, decided that C4 itself had a case to answer. Their report states that "the broadcasting of this material in a form so altered from that originally delivered by the speaker is sufficient to undermine community cohesion and creates an unfair, unjust and inaccurate perception of both the speaker and sections of the Muslim Community within the West Midlands."

Predictably, C4 deny everything. They would.

Yet, outside of the bubble of media unreality, C4 has a record of supporting both the war-mongering policies of the Anglo-Saxon Alliance and of producing programmes which are clearly meant to demonize both Islam and the British Muslim community. The Dispatches programme has played such a leading role in this as to lead me to believe that it is being used as a willing and regular conduit for the British and American secret services in their media propaganda war of disinformation.

The Dispatches producer was seen spouting indignantly on C4 News today on Abu Usamah's "shocking" homophobic views. It is ironic that this apparent champion of sexual liberties feels so shocked by another's alleged views whilst condoning all along the daily genocide committed by his government in his name in countries where it has no business to be.

Dispatches has played a leading role in producing an endless stream of disinformation about the phony 'War on Terror'. Whilst pretending to represent community interests both it and Channel Four have played a major part in promoting British government war crimes and in surreptitiously attempting to cause unrest in British communities.

It is not Ofcom that they should answer to, it is the War Crimes tribunal in the Hague. While the time for that has not yet come let's hope that Ofcom has the courage to uphold the police complaints and to hammer C4 mercilessly where it most hurts them, financially.

It is the only language that the gutter press understands.

Time for Muslims to cry freedom

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