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The Glasgow Airport Attack, June 30th: Key problems with the Official Conspiracy Theory

Dangerous racist preconceptions! -

Necessity for genuine investigation, scepticism: No one doubts that under conditions of political provocation or war on Muslim lands, some Muslims are capable of misunderstanding their religion to the point where they plan to kill innocent civilians.

However the number of such plots and attacks is very much in doubt, as we should also be aware of the possibility of False-flag Terrorism. Therefore we should be able to approach every event with an open mind and not be bounced into the conclusions which the mainstream media are presenting, often just repeating to the public things they have been fed by MI5/MI6 etc.

In addition as Nafeez Ahmed has shown there can be many intermediate forms between non-state and state terrorism, e.g. when the secret services entrap and manipulate non-state actors - as happened in the '80s with the MI5-instigated 'Scottish National Liberation Army' (recently revived the Sunday before the election by the (no) ricin (no) plot Greater Manchester Police reporting SNLA letter bombs across the front page of the Scottish Mail on Sunday).

Fortuitous timing tilts balance against Independence -

The airport fire attack happened just 4 hours after Salmond tells the Queen in Holyrood, we are thinking of going independent. Four weeks earlier Blair was forced onto the backfoot about the autonomy of the Scottish criminal jurisdiction; four days later Abdullah was hauled off to Paddington Green and it was announced that the MOD was needing Faslane for home-porting of aircraft carriers as well as Trident.

Does the Anglo-American "War on Terror" provide a standing over-ride to Scottish independence? In which case we will need to develop greater independence of mind from the 911 myth and the 'meme' of Islamic terrorism it justifies.

Strange games with gas cannisters -

The papers report unsourced allegations that around 2 in the morning of the previous day (Friday 29th June) a swarthy looking man was seen running away from a car which had veered onto the pavement outside a nightclub and just next to an unmarked government office. Strange that the said absconder should have taken the time to have removed a gas cannister from the back of the car, thus providing a Baghdad comes to London story line for the press and (in retrospect) a crucial link to the Glasgow event - where Abdullah was fighting off an attacker with one hand while also pulling gas cannisters out of the back of the burning vehicle!

Surely an armed police stand down? -

According to Muslim friends, there are always two or three sets of armed police patrolling along the front of the airport building plus more inside. Yet Strathclyde Police released a statement saying that they don't usually have police there, except when they are notified of some specific alert.

Not even with the Queen in Scotland and on the busiest day of the travelling year?? Not even when the MI5-based Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre had warned of enhanced likelihood of terrorism in the period of handover from Blair to Brown? Not even when for the past two weeks the US authorities had been putting air marshals on all flights to Glasgow airport, following announcement that terrorism was feared there (and/or Prague)?!? Give us a break!

The case of the failed Technology and Design student -

The late Kefeel is said to have been the originator of all three bombs-which-weren't. Yet he is also said to have attended a Technology and Design course at advanced level. It also seems remarkable that Kafeel was not aware of the presence of high crash barriers outside the airport, which in the event trapped his car - just where it could be left to burn for a suspiciously long time causing maximum panic and minimum casualties?

Which real terrorists use mobile phones?

Everyone knows that mobile phones can be monitored. Even if they were to have been used e.g. as part of a triggering mechanism, a new SIM card would have been bought. Yet, as in Madrid, mobile phones can be used to provide convenient 'links' to the designated Arab patsies for a false-flag terror event, . The Australian doctor arrested as part of the terror network was quite quickly released as the mobile phone evidence proved ridiculous.

Arriving 'just too late'? -

The police say that from the mobiles in the cars found around two in the morning and afternoon in Piccadilly they found a "goldmine" of evidence. It follows that they would very quickly process the phones to dig out the numbers they contained.

Yet it wasn't until Saturday morning that they arrive at the Lettings Agency and Taxi company in Paisley, and in the latter case they meekly went off to return just half an hour before the attacks having initially been told that there was no one senior there at the taxi office to deal with queries. Was a game being played whereby the men were being 'beaten' like grouse towards a spectacular and speedy reply to Salmond's challenge? (Remember that there have been instances of hypnotic mind control and also the technology exists to make a car veer out of control and crash.)

Emergence of a new exemplary breed of action hero -

The suspicious absence of armed shoot-to-kill police enabled a suitably British Glaswegian to emerge, rapidly feted in all the tabloids and on an instant website, one who was able to link Glasgow airport to the canonical "war on terror" sequence of New York, Madrid and London.

From now on the public are to be cast as auxiliary fighters involved in the war on terror, not just victim bystanders - hence also the new cabinet level terrror supremo Admiral West announcing that it is henceforth British to snitch. It was doubtless pure coincidence that another doughty fighter in the war on terror, BBC News chief, Helen Boaden, happened to be in the airport at the time 'Smeato' made his stunning debut.

Perhaps many of these suspicions are just co-incidence or cock-ups - but all of them?

Will corroboratory CCTV footage ever be released? ... as it hasn't in New York, London, Madrid and Paris in the Diana death.

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