Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dealing with the Nasties

Since launching my personal campaign against the crypto-fascists of Le Blog du Cochon Hallal the good news is that Blogger has, it seems, decided to suspend it. It seems too early to assume that it has been banned and, in any case, what these nasties have done is to open two mirror blogs still using Blogger as a host.

This illustrates well my assertion that these types are like scavengers who feed off the body of democracy when it appears to be dying or in a weak state. And just like a virus it seeks to spread from one part of that body to another, making it difficult for the host (in this case Blogger) to eliminate it.

All credit to Blogger for having reacted in the way it has and perhaps I was overly harsh in suggesting it was acting cynically etc. If the suspension of a blog that is clearly an incitation of race and religious hatred masquerading as a satire leads to a ban I know that many, including myself, will applaud Blogger for such positive action.

Racism, in all its many slippery forms, remains a form of ignorance that Europeans should have left behind in the Dark Ages. They didn't and were almost entirely responsible for the anti-semitism that led to the persecution of the Jews over centuries, culminating in the Third Reich.

We were mistaken in thinking we had finished with Nazis and the fascists. After WWII they should have been banned totally and in finality. Instead, our rulers just put them back into the cupboard with the rest of their skeletons and fed us a lot of bullshit about the need to allow them to roam free to cause further havoc within what in capitalism is described as 'democracy.'

Hence we are persuaded of Bertholt Brecht's argument that fascism and Nazism are the savage beasts that capitalism keeps on a leash until such time as it may be opportune to release them when the capitalist system is heading for another crash. Given that another crash is now just around the corner we must assume that the double-headed beast is straining on its leash again to break free and devour us all.

Until such time these creatures are quite happy to take advantage of the protection being given them by what Capital calls democracy. Like Gollum in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings they are experts in the art of deception, slipping, sliding and dodging, claiming for example that they are only exercising their 'freedom of expression.' They must be very naive or have no respect for their readers, expecting them to believe such transparent lies when even the most cursory investigation of their blog and website shows up their innate racism and intolerance.

But wasn't it always so? Fascism and Nazism have traditionally used these deceptions to enlist supporters. And, of course, they continue to use the lie of white supremacy as an easy way to catch those who are susceptible to confuse emotion with logic and tribalism with reason. France naturally remains a breeding-ground for these extremists because of its history in WWII where at least half the country was Vichy playing an active part in handing over its Jews to Hitler. And Sarkozy's playing the race card only gave the green light for these canaille.

But Britain has no cause to be self-righteous either for Blair was just as bad and was responsible for causing untold destruction both to our judicial system and to our communities, both economically and socially. And before him that other petty-bourgeois fascist, Thatcher. And unlike the French, Blair was too stupid to keep a reluctant Britain out of America's disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Single-handedly, Blair calculatedly played the race card and stoked-up the fires of communal strife, quite cynically using Muslims as scapegoats not only to justify the Blair/Bush phoney 'War on Terror' but as a foil to cover-up New Labour's plan to continue where Thatcher left off in destroying the social fabric of Britain.

And yes, there are sites in English which are just as if not more repugnant than Les Cochons. It was by chance that I came across this blog via the Bravenet exchange. Some have mistaken me for an English hypocrite for picking on a Francophone blog. But of course it isn't exclusively that with an English-language version too. Clearly the shadowy characters, ces cochons, who run this gluepot for lowlife are well-organised and financed so we must ask just how far do they go into the areas of apparent respectability in French and European extremism?

I am honoured that they have picked on me for having had the brass to dare call out for their banning. Maybe that earns me a few brownie points on the karmic scales. And my readership has increased a bit and so have the comments received. What strikes me about these comments is the remarkable level of ignorance some writers have of Islam as well as their inability to understand that words like 'Salaam' and phrases like 'Peace be Unto Him' may be used by a non-Muslim as a mark of respect for Muslims who, in my experience, respond positively to such little acts. Respect for others seems to be something that these Islamophobes simply do not comprehend or if they do have no intention of practising.

Where no respect is offered no respect is due. Where people behave like savages they shouldn't be surprised to be treated as such. It is true that racism is the product of social conditioning so, in the long term, a programme of reeducation is required. But acts of racism, including its incitement, notwithstanding its disguise as satire should be treated with zero tolerance. It's the only way to treat a virus.

In Gregorian time, we are now in the 21st Century, a time when the old paradigm of the Twentieth Century is in a state of increasing chaos and breakdown, what the Hopi Indians call koyaaniskatsi. The capitalist system is itself in a state of drawn-out breakdown and heading for a crash. It is in times like these that racist vermin come out from their hiding places to capitalise on the fear and ignorance of proles who have been confused and brain-washed by the politicians and the media. Hence blogs like Les Cochons which are part of the final reaction of a dark, imperial past based on greed, genocide and white supremacism. They are the flotsam of an already dead past, the remnants of an old paradigm which still haunts the human unconscious fighting desperately against the inevitability of its own self-extinction.

But they are not quite extinct yet. And because they are fighting for their life they remain dangerously venomous. And like anyone who has never had the courage to deal with his or her inner demons or remains blissfully unaware of them such people project their own fears onto others in the external world. Hence racist attitudes and a hate of the Other.

Clearly, we are dealing with a form of psychosis but one which has a potential to spread like an epidemic through the darker corners of the human mind. Either we act now to deal with it or it will spread. The choice is ours and so are the consequences.

Note to Campaigners

Les Cochons are still operating at Blogger mirror sites here and here. Their English language hate site is still here

Please do continue to send complaints to Blogger demanding their total ban here

If you can read French then read 'Imam Grouik Grouik et ses oeuvres nauséabondes sur Blogspot.Com' at
Liberté de Penser

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