Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google/Blogger refuses to ban Racist Blog

From its title, Le Blog du Cochon Hallal is clearly meant as a calculated insult against Muslims. If it had been called Kosher Pigs there would have been a tremendous outcry from the international Jewish community and Blogger would have been forced to close it down without further ado.

But Google/Blogger's attitude appears to be totally cynical and tailored simply to market forces. knowing that the Muslim community is incapable of organizing the kind of opposition that Jewry can it continues to allow this blog the freedom to spread its despicable poison across the Planet.

Such blogs are in four-square contravention of Blogger's own Contents Policy:

"HATEFUL CONTENT: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status and sexual orientation/gender identity."

Les Cochons describes itself as "satirical" and "irreverent". What is amusing about insulting another's faith or beliefs in this way? Far from being either of the things it claims this blog is very much an incitement to racial hatred.

Apart from its overtly racist nature such a blog is likely to contravene the European Convention on Human Rights. But that doesn't seem to worry Blogger who, though the blog flies in the face of its own terms, allows it to continue along with just a health warning.

By doing so, Blogger perpetuates the cynicism of capitalist business organisations which will quite happily endorse fascist movements if they think there's some profit in doing so. Probably the worst example of this were the capitalists who backed Adolf Hitler. Perhaps, being a North American outfit, Blogger remains ignorant of that historic antecedent.

I have already heard some who call themselves Socialists tell me that no matter how revolting such blogs are and despite the fact that they break the host's rule that they should be allowed the freedom to spew their poison. I fundamentally disagree.

These blogs are like a virus and should be treated as such. When Socialists and libertarians support their existence on the spurious dogma of a free-for-all then they must expect what will inevitably follow. Fascists and racists are not so much birds of prey but scavengers who take advantage of the freedoms a liberal society might allow them. If they are protected by law they take that as a sign that they are free to do as they will.

And that usually means picking on minority groups like western Muslims from which they are guaranteed to make political capital. This is the situation that prevails in countries like Britain, France, Holland, Canada, Australia and the USA where fascists are allowed so much freedom that even apparently more respectable mainstream politicians now play the race card.

Neither fascism or racism should be tolerated. And by allowing scum the freedom to publish, both Blogger and Google put themselves among the lowest and most vile company of the human species.

Complaints to Blogger about Les Cochons should be made at this link:


  1. Anonymous11:20 pm

    I really believe that your post is totally misplaced and somehow outrageous. It is also the reflect of a major ignorance of Islam and reminds me of terrible means used in the past to achieve monstrous and despicable goals.

  2. Well, bless you, dear chap. Outrageous huh? Tell that to all the victims of USUK imperialism, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I know more about Islam than you might realize. "Monstrous and despicable goal," eh? Funny that's just what Bush's chickenhawk 'crusaders' are up to to steal Oil and Gas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Well, I AM honoured by Les Cochons who attribute its closure to a sick Brit!

    Thank you, Google/Blogger, Your decision is much appreciated!

  3. Anonymous4:40 am

    Well , clearly you have choosen your camp .
    I prefer Coca than charia , it's up to you to back islamist imperialism wich seems "so sweat" .

    This is not "racism" this is hard policy and only policy .

    Italia saw Blackshirts , Germany Brownshirts , dont support Greenshirts .

  4. Anonymous6:22 am

    Rory IS right. Those people are the scum of the earth, the lowest of the low, parasites, viruses indeed, unworthy of living. The sooner they are dealt with, prevented from spewing their venom, the better.

  5. Anonymous10:59 am

  6. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Google/Blogger refuses to ban Racist Blog From it...":

    "- Imam Grouik Grouik et ses oeuvres nauséabondes sur caché derrière l'anonymat, ce lâche personnage est très prolixe dans ses multiples délits d'incitation à la haine raciale et son raisonnement particulièrement nazifiant. Sa façon d'opérer n'est pas sans rappeler un autre anonyme "Lary Rayte" qui à l'instar d'imam grouik grouik, se targait d'oeuvrer dans le champ libertarien et la pensée de Voltaire...(Amis de Voltaire et de la Liberté...sortez les camisoles)! Et tandis qu'imam grouik grouik s'agite comme un obsédé sur son clavier et ses dizaines de blogs annexes (là encore un procédé de Lary Rayte) semble paradoxal que son pote Dominique Cadorin alias Francis Percy Blake de demeure non réactif à tous ces évènements d'une importance capitale pour cette nébuleuse raciste...pensez donc, une manifestation à Bruxelles un 11 septembre pour envoyer la racaille facho aller casser la gueule aux personnes d'origine magrébine, c'est un must pour cette association de délinquants du Net ! Alors silence radio chez france echos ou occupations anonymes connexes ? NB: Rory Winter (hello Rory!) a lancé un appel à partir du Web demandant à tous d'écrire à l'hébergeur de "cochon hallal" pour dénoncer le contenu illicite de ce site. Bien sûr et comme d'usage, Rory Winter est accusé d'être un "antisémite" par imam grouik grouik. Finalement, grouik grouik est allé se plaindre ici..."

    I am translating this into English. Translation will follow later today.

  7. And this is from "A Real Jew" ...

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Google/Blogger refuses to ban Racist Blog From it...":

    "You're just a dhimmi, a lier, a friend of terrorists, an antisemite, a fascist, an intolerant and a sick man. I think we have to apply charia for people like you : an eye for an eye, a blog for a blog...

    A real jew"

    Funny how some 'real Jews' have turned into real Nazis ... is it possible these 'real Jews' are real Nazis reincarnated and become fanatical to the other extreme?

    'Real Jews', eh? Anonymous, 'real Jews' do not go around spewing poison. They practise their teachings and hate no one, vide Naturei Karta.

  8. Anonymous12:11 pm

    "Apart from its overtly racist nature such a blog is likely to contravene the European Convention on Human Rights."

    Islam is not a race and the fact that you mention the human rights is a joke. That blogger is just exercising his freedom of speech, which you try to surpress accusing him of "racism". Talking of human rights in connection with Islam is a joke too, Islam doesn't respect human rights. The fact that you this comment has to be "approved" by you before it appears on your site tells a lot about your attitude towards freedom of speech too.

  9. You are quite correct. Islam is not a race. It is a faith. However, as such it remains under the protection of both British and European anti-racist laws. Therefore, to incite Islamophobia is considered incitation to race hate and prosecutable.

    "Exercising his freedom?" Bullshit! That blogger is nothing but a lowly coward hiding behind 'satire' and freedom of speech. These canaille are parasites, blood-suckers who feed like vultures off the freedoms they have been given by society.

    Just as Hitler did ... once in power, however, it was a different story. All freedoms were rapidly binned. So with these canaille.

    Many decent and brave humans gave their lives to protect what few freedoms they had in capitalist society in WWII. When you talk about defending Les Cochons, these fascists-in-hiding, you dishonour our mothers and fathers who fought Hitler.

    History shows that Islam DOES respect and tolerate other faiths which are PROTECTED according to the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh).

    The Caliphate of Granada was an enlightened example of Islam in Europe. Islam has been deliberately demonized by devils like Bush, Blair & Co whose interest is not to protect but to rape the Earth and its peoples. It is THEY who are the Evil Ones, the "forces of dajjal" as Islam calls them.

    Yes, I reserve the right to exercise discrimination and moderate comments on my blogs. I do not believe in allowing it to be contaminated by the poison of people who live in hate and thus become the enemies of all good people and their freedoms.

    These benighted ones who hate remain in a state of retro-evolution and so must be treated with caution, and if necessary with a stick to get the message through: their behaviour is unacceptable in the 21st Century.

    All good people, regardless of race, colour, faith or no faith deserve to be protected from such and that I will personally do so long as I have breath in my body.

    Those are the values my parents, bless them, taught me. Human values of an eternal quality. I honour them and commend such eternal Human Values to all others.

    BTW, I am not a Muslim, of no religion and all religions, a disciple of the Religion of Truth, if you like. It is the way forward into this New Century.

  10. Anonymous2:18 pm

    "History shows that Islam DOES respect and tolerate other faiths which are PROTECTED according to the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh)."

    Is that a joke ??
    From the beginning islam path is blooded .

    Could you explain why these "foolish" spanish decided to throw away such a "splendid" way of life ??
    They had to wait for 700 years before beeing able to do so because of a stupid wisigoth who found clever to open the door to Gab'r el Tarik ... i am sure you know this story .

    Do you know what "idiot utile" means ?

    Hmmm last question ... what does(pbuh) mean ? Are you a "converso" ?

  11. Anonymous2:45 pm

    "BTW, I am not a Muslim" : so you say !

    Then how come this sentence : "History shows that Islam DOES respect and tolerate other faiths which are PROTECTED according to the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh)." ?

    "pbuh" standing for "peace be upon him", plus the rest of your comment makes it typical Muslim speech.

    Are you already a muslim, possibly unaware of being one ? Half a muslim ? A total dhimmi ?

  12. No it certainly is not a joke.

    Mon ami, much as I would like to I simply don't have the time to spend all day discussing these matters with you so please excuse me.

    All I can suggest to you just now is to read the essential teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be unto him) and see how he taught that all other religions other than Islam should be protected as they were in the Khalifa of Grenada in Andalucia.

    It was that dark, evil political force emanating from that den of Babylon called the Vatican that used violence and superstition, through the Godos, to destroy the civilization of the Khalifa of Grenada and impose a Dark Age in Europe.

    ALL religions were tolerated in that Khalifa, unlike the evils of Vatican Roman Catholicism which brought a reign of terror into Europe. To this day Protestants remember that, so please go and refresh your own memory.

    Bien sur, je comprend 'un idiot utile,' mais je ne suis pas ce type.

    Useful idiots we call them in English. The phrase is attributed to Lenin.

    Look, let European Muslims have the same freedom to live and worship as they choose. They have just as many rights as you or I do as citizens of the European Union.

    To paraphrase that other Palestinian Prophet we call Jesus, Respect THEIR rights as you would expect YOUR rights to be respected by others.

    As a European I would be happy to defend YOUR rights as I do the rights of Muslims. Unless you are a fascist or a Nazi or their contemporary equivalent.

    There are very few Muslims who preach what is distorted by our Media and called 'hate'. It is NOT hate but the language of self defense against what they call the Great Satan.

    And wasn't the Anglo-Saxon Alliance of Bush and Blair (RIP) nothing less than the Great Satan, killing millions of innocent humans in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere?

    If you cannot see the EVIL in this new imperialism then you are blinding yourself to the truth.

    Whatever one might think of Sarkozy & Co, Jacques Chirac had the eminent sense to keep out of the disaster that has been caused by the Anglo-Saxon Alliance.

    They have been defeated in Iraq and they WILL be defeated in Afghanistan. Good!

    These devils, Bush, Blair and their fascist hangers-on in continental Europe ARE evil, to use that word. THEY are the real enemy along with these fascist cowards who wait to gorge themselves on the carrion left-overs of mainstream capitalists.

    I can see why the Ayatollahs labelled the US Government the Great Satan.

    In my estimation it is exactly that. No I am NOT a 'converso' nor have I any intention of becoming one. I have my own way and that's enough for me.

    Just as good people fought the fascists and the Nazis and protected the Jews from persecution in the past now it is OUR turn to fight the new Nazis and new fascists to protect that other semitic faith, Islam. And that we will do.

    We remind these new chickenhawk fascists of the words of the Spanish Internationale: "¡No Pasaran! In this filthy game you dare to play, you will not win.

    For this is the wrong time and place for you. So either change your ways, repent and reducate yourselves or return to the past where you will be condemned to relive an entire cycle of time to learn from your mistakes through what is called karma.

    It's up to you, you are free to choose because you, like others, have free will. In the meantime, do not expect a free ride here: if you act like savages you will be treated as such."

    And to my French comrades I would simply say, remember and honour your parents who fought with the Maquis against Nazism. To defend Muslims today is no different to having defended the Jews yesterday. Let Muslims, Jews and all others live peacefully together!

    Those are not les paroles d'un idiot utile. They are the words of universal humanism.

  13. One does not need to be a Muslim, by the way, to respect Muslims by using the phrase 'Peace be Unto Him' after mentioning the Prophet Mohammed.

    It is a sign of respect, that is all. Just as if one greets a Muslim with the word Salaam or a Jew with Shalom. What is unsaid but understood immediately is "Hello, my friend, I respect you."

    Similarly PBUH.

    That's all. No big deal to say but important as A SIGN OF RESPECT. Something that many who look down on Islam (hidden racism really) do not appear to understand.

    OK, I've run out of time so I must declare this Comments thread closed. No more Comments will be published. C'est fini!

  14. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Rory, go to this link and read it and come back and explain it to me. You are of the Islamic faith and you are a liar. Quit trying to make this stench of Islam smell like something better than it is. The "Great Satan" lives in your mind and it's not the U.S.A. or Great Britain.

  15. well, anonymous, you seem to know more about me than i do about myself!

    i am an anti-fascist, that's why i defend innocent folk who happen to be muslims from this systematic demonisation that is going on in the west, 90% of it being attributable to that bastard, george bush junior.

    islamophobia stems fear as much as a false sense of race superiority and all three are a form of mental sickness.

    if you are an islamophobe you are suffering from that sickness and need help.

    i don't suppose you will listen to anything i say but it is as much for others who read this as it is for you.

    get well soon.

  16. Anonymous2:13 pm

    I am french! and I dont understand our reaction?

  17. I am french! and I dont understand our reaction?

    Do you mean you don't understand the reaction of the French to Islamophobia?

    Vous voulez-vous dire ne comprenez-vous pas la réaction du Français à Islamophobia?

    Islamophobia is a form of racism, the 'fear of the Other'. And it is common throughout the western world.

    Islamophobia est une forme de racisme, la «crainte de l'autre». Et il est commun dans tout le monde occidental.

    I believe it is a form of psychosis, xenophobia.

    Je crois que c'est une forme de psychose, xénophobie.

  18. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Faisons donc une demande à l'hebergeur pour suprimer ce site!!!

  19. Nous avons essayé le tout cela mais Google/Blogger leur permet toujours à la liberté d'employer leurs blogs.