Monday, May 21, 2007

A group of soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard stationed in Iraq, hold up a sign mocking recent comments by Sen. John Kerry about people who didn’t study in school being ‘stuck in Iraq.’ (AP Photo/WTMJ-AM)

by St. Clair
The situation BOTH in Iraq and in Afghanistan is a lot more involved than mainstream media can fathom. And, if it could fathom what is going on, it would not be allowed to report it for obvious reasons, as this would further undermine the morale of the Western world.
Troops and their families at home used to be able to at least write emails to each other via blog spots and troops were also allowed to access certain parts of the internet. This is now no longer possible.
The truth here is multi-layered: Several troop elements (including higher ranking officers) have started to REFUSE to carry out certain missions because simply these missions are so dangerous that the loss of more troops would be the consequence. There are not enough protective elements to back up guards on forelorn outposts and there are in general not enough troops to hold down the territories of Iraq and of Afghanistan.
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