Thursday, May 03, 2007

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The Sovietization of Britannia by the Corrupt Politics of Bullshit

The process of an oligarchy being rapidly totalitarianized through a corrupt political system goes on it would appear at an inexorable pace. Whatever the outward appearance might be Britain is rapidly becoming a police state. Whether or not it will simply remain a de facto Labour-Conservative dictatorship remains to be seen.

As I write the polling booths have just closed for municipal elections throughout the island and parliamentary elections in Scotland and Wales. Everywhere, Tony Blair's Nu Labor is expected to be heading for a debacle. Also, in England to lose votes to the neo-Nazi British National Party (BNP). Increasingly, the old, the disaffected and the marginalized are turning away from Nu Labor in disgust and desperation to choose what used to be a fringe, rightwing, racist party, the BNP. In the main this phenomenon seems to arise from a protest vote but it would be dangerous to dismiss it as such.

What started as a protest vote against the neocon Thatcherite Nu Labor has created a rightward momentum through which you see you see the lowest scum of the earth crawling out from underneath the upturned stone of social discontent. Make no mistake, the BNP is a virus which thrives on political malaise. Whenever capitalism goes into crisis, the extreme right, capital's skeleton-in-the-cupboard, appears as if from nowhere. The anti-Nazi playwright, Bertholt Brecht, made that observation in Weimar Germany. He was right. Hitler followed. And the phenomenon has reappeared everywhere in Europe.

And it will not be stopped by the political status quo which, itself, is very much part of the current political malaise. It should surprise no one that with the collapse of social democracy and consensus politics we have seen those capitalist modes replaced by something far nastier in tooth and claw personified by Reaganism, Thatcherism, the neo-Thatcherite Nu Labor and the brute ideology of opportunism and lies in Straussian 'neo-conservatism'.

There is a descending curve here and we seem to be approaching its nadir. The new totalitarians, the fascists of the 21st century are its product, opportunists who saw the main chance and took it. In the process they have destroyed our limited freedoms with the pretence of protecting 'security' and an utterly fake 'war on terrorism'. Using a compliant mainstream media (MSM) they conduct a relentless war against the truth and sanity. Consigned to a surreptitious brainwashing process, Joe Public is lobomotized into the acceptance of an inverted world of realities, where war is peace, freedom is enslavement and dictatorship masquerades as democracy.

It is in that mirror world we now find ourselves, where not a day goes by without some show trial or false flag operation manufactured by the state's intelligence services. The other day, I reported on the draconian sentences handed out to five so-called terrorists in a British state trial where it is clear that the intelligence services provided their own witnesses.

Mohammed Junaid Babar is one such. Babar is a naturalized US citizen, an ex-computer programmer and FBI informant. He is known to have given evidence in four different countries! It was his testimony, more than any other factor, which incriminated the five unfortunates now incarcerated at Her Majesty's pleasure for most if not all of their mortal existence on Prison Planet. It is also significant that the judge chose to accept a jury verdict given by a simple majority and not by consensus. Already, the likelihood of a blatant mis-trial is everywhere to see indicating that torture by third parties (probably the Pakistani ISI) was used to obtain incriminating 'evidence'.

But who cares? And if they do what is being done to redress justice? The speed by which one attack against our freedoms is superseded by another leaves us reeling. The very day after the recent trial verdict was given, Blair announced yet another refusal to hold an enquiry into the events surrounding a previous, we are told 'terrorist', event: the London bombings on 7/7 2005. His reasons for denying us this: that it might compromise the work of the intelligence services! For once he was speaking the truth. A close and unbiased enquiry --and that would rule out a Blair-controlled public enquiry-- would expose the manner in which the intelligence services have, themselves, played an incriminating part in what were, in the real world, sting operations set up and controlled throughout by said services.

Since the Crevice, 'Fertilizer Bomb' (also known as Bluewater) mis-trial, I have been building up a dossier on it and the call for a 7/7 enquiry. Within 48 hours the size of this dossier is itself daunting. It's going to require some dedicated sleuthing to collate the details. Suffice to say that it really isn't necessary to examine the minutiae of either case to see the blatant manner in which the law is being misused by dictatorial and opportunist politicians such as the Blair Nu Labor crowd to turn their country into an open prison, a panopticon.

Blair and his Nu Labor, together with the Bush War Party in Washington and the Howard quislings in Canberra, must be held to be what they have become: traitors. And the British chapter of these traitors will, I hope, have been put on trial by the electorate on 3 May.

Let's hope that tomorrow will see their demise.
Lawyer Imran Khan's Crevice Trial statement for the defendants


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