Friday, May 04, 2007

Blair's revenge?
Blair's Corrupt Britannia rigs the Scottish Elections

Up all night watching the electoral results of the Scottish parliamentary and municipal elections. For the first time it seemed as if the Scottish National Party (SNP) had a chance of leading the next Scots Parliament at Holyrood.

Everyone was expecting Nu Labor to get a hammering north of the border.

But, hey! Guess what. It looks like Tony Blair's corrupt crowd have done a Bush fix and stolen the election from under our very noses!

Very early on, as the election results started to dribble in it was clear that hundreds of ballot papers were being rejected by the Data Research Services' ballot-paper capture scanning software and that the results were failing to be collated and tabulated. An embarrassed spokesman for DRS was interviewed and, as to be expected, gave an extremely defensive reply.

By this morning it had become clear that between 100-150 thousand ballot papers had been rejected by the super dooper DRS system. Turns out that DRS bought over a US company called Peladon which bought imaging systems software from Diebold, the company that gave away two presidential elections to Dubya, the usurper.

So it looks like the good voters of Scotland have been hijacked by the Atlantist neocon, new world odour. Cui bono? A centralized, Stalinist Nu Labor government terrified of losing its stranglehold over a country which might soon insist on its independence and an end to the corrupt Union with England.

When Scotland was given its (restricted) legislature eight years ago a condition was that Westminster would retain its right to run electoral matters in Scotland. Now we can see why. Before the new electoral procedures were implemented --a complicated system of proportional representation using the Additional Member (AM) system for parliamentary elections and the Single Transferable Voting system for municipal ones-- Blair was warned that to hold two such elections simultaneously using different voting systems would lead to confusion and breakdown.

Which is exactly what has happened. Despite all the warnings given, Blair & Co ignored them and carried on regardless. Why? Did he and Nu Labor anticipate an electoral fiasco and deliberately seek to gerrymander an election which the SNP could have won? Why did he go ahead with an electoral machinery that was doomed to fail? If anyone has lost as a result it is likely to be the SNP, the Greens and the small socialist parties which would have benefited from the AM List, the very section which has clearly led to confusion and the rejection of a huge number of votes.

Being a cynic this smells to me of yet another Blair crime. He's a war criminal, after all. A mass-murderer who doesn't give a damn about his victims. Why should he care about the Scots electorate?

I am writing this on the hoof so I haven't had time to research the story in detail. I just want all you out there to know how Blair and his corrupt cronies tried to screw the people of Scotland last night.
There's a lot of very angry folk in Scotland today. This story will run and run.


  1. Anonymous12:19 am

    Hi Kosmik,
    I'm impressed with your post. You've reached the same conclusions as myself about this situation.
    One thing you perhaps aren't aware of - DRS has former Labour Leader Neil Kinnock on it's board of Director's.
    Stinks doesn't it?

  2. Thanks Kim. I just went with my gut feeling which, incidentally, is similar to many others I've spoken to in Scotland.

    The DRS/Peladon/Diebold connection should ring alarm bells and I have emailed Alex Salmond about it.

    The Kinnock connection, as you say, only raises the stench.

    Has anybody else on the Net suggested foul play? Someone must have ...

  3. We don't have freedom and democracy in Britain. They don't serve "The People". That's bullshit for the plebs. Each and every MP has to make an oath:

    " I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and her successors, according to law, so help me God."

    Now just Google on "The Nazi roots of the House of Windsor". Lyndon Larouche has lots of stuff on this but Planet Quo has more:

    Like the Sex Pistols said, "God save the Queen, a fascist regime."

    Hey, I was born in Northamptonshire. I've actually got relatives who are Spencers. There ain't no freedom and democracy in Britian. I never used to even bother voting, but I tried it the last few elections. It still feels like wasted time.

  4. Thanks, Lord Cerne Abbas, for the quotes. Very useful.

    Yep, it's no democracy at all, that's all a sham. First, its allegiance to usury and then to a en entirely corrupt medieval figurehead.

    On, on to the planetary revolution! We shall live or die with that purpose and that vision which, ingrained in our genetic code, can never die!

    For it's the power of life!