Thursday, February 02, 2006

"You're Next," warns BBC

On the very same day when the IAEA met to discuss the manufactured controversy around Iran's nuclear power programme, we are warned by Bush's National Intelligence chief, John 'Lord of Darkness' Negroponte, that the USA and Britain should be prepared for further 'terrorist attacks.'

Attacks which are now "imminent."

'Al Qaeda', Iran and North Korea, Negroponte says, remain at the top of U.S. concerns.

"His comments," report the ever-unbiased BBC, "come as the UN's nuclear watchdog considers a call to report Iran to the UN over its nuclear plans."

How typical of the BBC to stir up fear by reporting this in association with Iran. In the 'war on terror' old aunty BBC only too hastily discarded her staid old tweeds long ago to cross-dress as Orwell's Big Brother.

How blatant can the machiavellian Dark Ones get in their relentless bullying of a public which they hold in total contempt? Either the IAEA does what they tell it to or they'll provide yet another 911 to justify what they have wanted all along: war, war and more war!

Permanent war!

Their fingers hover over the nuclear button so don't let anyone stop them from using "these wonderful weapons" to bring the rest of the world to its knees in the New Amerikkan Century!

If folk haven' yet figured out for themselves who really is behind this phony 'war on terror' how much more evidence do they need?
Negroponte and his bunch of 'neocon' mafiosi are past masters in the use of propaganda, the big lie, subliminal terrorism and hit-list killings.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, these are the rogues who have wheedled themselves into power through every foul trick available to them, not least of all two stolen U.S. presidential elections.

In the interests of corporate profit they are now setting up another victim-nation in the crosshairs of their terrorist weapons: Iran, full of the black gold, oil, the Earth's blood for which the Dark Ones have an endless thirst.

And, despite all its pretence about 'balanced reporting' the very-British BBC, today, provides a most convenient conduit for relentlessly churned-out fear propaganda by Washington's 'neocon' Strangeloves and their War Party.

For they, like Blair and Britain's other puppet politicians, will by now have been given the clear message: "Do as we tell you or you're next!"

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