Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ex-U.N. Inspector, Scott Ritter, is one of the latest Net whistle-blowers to warn the world that the Bush/Cheney junta has already committed itself to attack Iran and that nuclear weapons will be used.

You would think that anyone with a semblance of political savvy about them will long-ago have heard the war-drums start to beat and the meaning of their message.

You would think so but you would be wrong.

The silence emanating from the mainstream media about the real nuclear threat -not from Iran but against it- is to be expected. The MSM has its own corporate interests to serve and part of it is to cover up the true nazi-like nature of the Washington junta and its European quislings such as Blair and Merkel.

Despite two stolen U.S. presidential elections, you won't read a word in the MSM about that crime. At least, not while the thieves who hi-jacked the White House are in power and that could be forever, given that 80% of the U.S. voting system is now electronic with no paper-trail to record accuracy.

The world is now under the jack-boot of a new form of Hitlerism where even anti-semitism has been resurrected against not Jews but Muslims. The recent controversy, deliberately started by a Danish newspaper to inflame racist feelings, is only the latest of an endless stream of insults being hurled by the Straussian extreme-right at their chosen victim.

In a world where White is Right and so is Might, the darker races must be reminded, once and for all, of their inherent inferiority.

Through terror.

And you ain't seen nothing yet because what this is all leading up to is a nuclear blitzkrieg where countless 'rag-heads' are going to be sacrificed. Not in gas-chambers but in the hell of another 'Shock and Awe' holocaust whose finale will be the raising of the Beast's radioactive mushroom-clouds over one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth, Persia.

But who considers the real price that humanity is now being asked to pay every time someone fills their fuel tank with the Earth's blood? Better not to think about it. Shut it out of the mind, no time to think about such things in such a busy world, too many things to do!

Well, just wait and see.

When the mushroom-clouds rise in the East, let that be a sign to all the little lemmings of the true depravity of what we call civilization.

As for all those, the 'Antiwar' Left and its gate-keepers, who had known for some time of the Beast's need for an ultimate blood-sacrifice but, in their cowardice, did nothing to warn their fellows let them forever hang their heads in the terrible knowledge of having committed the ultimate treachery against the evolution of their own species: to have remained silent when they knew what was to come.

"For the Triumph of Evil, it is only necessary for the Good to remain Silent." --Edmund Burke

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