Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Iran's last Hope?

" Though Iran's wish to possess nuclear weapons remains a speculation, it would use such weapons for self-defence, Victor Dubovitskiy, professor of historical sciences and expert at the geopolitical sciences centre in Tajikistan, maintains."

Let's hope that Dubovitskiy's advice is taken soon by Russia's leaders as there doesn't appear to be much time left before the West's threatened nuclear aerial attack on Iran in March.

"Dubovitskiy suggests that nuclear" umbrellas" should be formed between Russia, China, Iran, and possibly India as a solution to the current Iranian crisis through such bodies as the CSTO and the SCO (Collective Security Treaty Organization and Shanghai Cooperation Organization)."

Such a solution may now be the only way left for Iran to protect herself against the ruthlessness of the Bush/Cheney killers. Given the choice between losing her nuclear independence to Russia or putting at serious risk her populations to the awful consequences of an attack from the West we must hope that the Iranian leadership puts compassion before all else.

For those who still refuse to believe that the Bush/Cheney killers aren't really serious about using nukes in their next war, read Michel Chossudovsky's new article, Is the Bush Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust?

We're dealing with very desperate characters here in a White House that was hijacked on purpose so that such crimes could be perpetrated.

Anyone who still doubts that is seriously out of touch with reality.

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