Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Waking Nightmare

You come down, one morning, and switch on the tv set.

While preparing the coffee you hear the voice of the newscaster announce the breaking news that next March George Bush is planning to conduct an aerial assault against Iran using both conventional and nuclear weapons.

"Nuclear weapons? Did I hear that right?" you say to yourself, spilling the coffee on the carpet as you rush from the kitchen to the tv lounge.

"It is estimated," continues the poker-faced announcer, "that the resulting deaths among the population will be somewhere between a few hundred to ten thousand or more."

"Clouds of radioactive contamination are expected to spread across western and southern Asia and, depending on the prevailing winds, might well blow westward into central and western Europe. People are advised not to panic but, as a precaution, to prepare staying indoors for several days after the attack is announced."

Stunned, you try to ring up the tv station switch-board for confirmation, only to realize that the switch-board is already jammed with calls. You try switching channels but everywhere there's nothing but the same unreal, plastic tv-land garbage.

You decide not to go to work but to call up everyone you know to ask them if they'd heard the news. Something had to be done and fast. Such an attack by any country against another would not only be criminal but would be the lowest and most heinous act of genocide any human could possibly perpetrate upon others.


Well, here's the good news. You're not going to ever hear that newscast be made.

The bad news?

The reason being that the newspapers, tv networks and radio stations (mainstream media or MSM) are all being effectively silenced as I write this piece in late February, only weeks before such an attack might be carried out.

None of them would dare to blow the whistle and risk their jobs, livelihoods or maybe even their lives. Even the so-called Anti War Movement has been lulled into staying quiet by the countless gate-keepers of the Left who, today, infest the internet with their psy-ops and disinformation sites.

When you would expect the most terrible warnings to be shrilly screamed from the roof-tops by the usual suspects what you're currently hearing is ... next to damn all nothing.

And yet, we are only weeks or days from such a nuclear Armageddon.

The above is not just a piece of sensationalist fiction. It is based on current US National Security Strategy and is, as I write, being actively prepared for.

In its next war, the people who have brought you the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) are, just to make things more breath-takingly exciting, throwing-in the additional horror of 'low-yield' nuclear weapons to be actually used, of course, for the protection of the US homeland from terrorists and other assorted criminals.

The country to have been selected in the 21st Century for the first nuclear attack by the USA since 1945 is ... I-ran!

Jorge Hirsch, Professor of Physics at UCLA, San Diego has just published an extremely informative piece on the subject, America and Iran: at the Brink of the Abyss. You'll find it in his column at Anti War Com. Others such as Michel Chossudovsky have written profusely on the subject. Michel Chossudovsky, is a Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa as well as the Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, a well-respected website read by millions across the planet and linked into reference libraries world-over.

There's no point in my going over the territories they have already covered. I would strongly advise anyone seeking more information on the subject to visit the pages of both Anti War Com and Global Research Canada. If you go back to this blog's January archives, you will find a great deal more information on the subject as well as some practical pointers to what you, as an individual, can do to alert others to what is going on behind the conspiracy of silence and current news black-out.

As Jorge Hirsch points out, none of this could happen if the public of the United States and other countries were alerted to the true facts. In the same way that the US Government kept quiet about the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945, sixty years later it is doing so over its intended nuclear attack on Iran.

Be in no doubt. The attack has already been prepared.

Prepared with the full collusion of its key allies such as the United Kingdom and others. A war-criminal since the illegal attack on Iraq, Tony Blair with his cabinet cabal, Brown, John Reid and Jack Straw, all whose hands are indelibly stained with the blood of that killing spree, are actively complicit in the various diplomatic manouevrings that have gone on at the IAEA and United Nations as a cosmetic to justify an attack that was planned (as part of the PNAC) an awful long time ago.

There is still time to change the course of history. But what it will take is the many ordinary folk such as yourself to do everything you can to get the information out, to blow the whistle before it's too late. The world has been taken over by a cabal of killers, a crime syndicate as recently described by US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney.

If it is to be saved it will require the rest of us to do what we can. In the case of the Military that could well require you to disobey orders if you believe those orders to be a crime.

And what greater crime could there be than a nuclear attack on a defenceless people?

The time to act is Now. The future of humanity depends upon it.

If you write a blog, please put this information on it. Using the Net may be the only way we can break the silence!

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