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These days the USA imports everything from can-openers to TV sets and cars. However, what it and its sad little sidekick Britain are still past-masters at exporting is


Watch these contrasting videos (who's the real terrorist?) and read Ghali Hassan's article below. Then read Paul Levy. The time is way overdue for the whole world to wake up and see just who's turning our lives into a never-ending nightmare.

Blaming The Victims: Covering Up Terrorism In Iraq

By Ghali Hassan

19 March, 2007

A recent cover story in the Time magazine (March, 2007, Europe and Asia) by Bobby Ghosh, “Why They Hate Each Other”, aimed at removing the Occupation as the generator of violence against the Iraqi people, and portrays the violence as “Iraqis killing Iraqis”. This media distortion obfuscates the U.S. monopoly on terrorism and allows the U.S. to use Iraq as a laboratory for terror at the expense of the Iraqi people.

Nowhere in his story does Ghosh tell the readers that the militias and the criminals were the creation of the Occupation and that the violence is the only pretext left to justify the ongoing Occupation. Why Iraqis didn’t “hate each other” before the illegal invasion of their country is totally ignored by Western media and remains a mystery to most Westerners. It is important to remember that Time was the leading propaganda organ which promoted the illegal aggression against Iraq, and continues to play a vicious role spreading Islamaphobia around the world.

To get a clearer picture of what has been done to Iraq and to Iraqi society, it is vital to connect the nearly two- decades of Anglo-American violence against the Iraqi people. Violence has been the primary tool of U.S. foreign policy and its dealing with smaller defenceless nations. Indeed, history has shown that all nations who qualified for U.S. violence were defenceless nations inhabited by coloured, or nonwhite human beings.

From 1990 to 2003, Iraq was under 13-year genocidal sanctions enforced by the U.S. and Britain. The sanctions were the new weapons of mass killing the West used against innocent civilians. The sanctions were in fact a silent genocide that was deliberately used to target the most vulnerable of Iraqi society. More than 1.6 million Iraqis have died; a third of the victims were infants. In addition, the sanctions accompanied by weekly acts of terrorism by U.S. and British forces disguised as air raids to “enforce the no-fly zones”. The pretext for this long and silent genocide was (the non-existent of) Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMDs). As the perpetrators failed to break the will of the Iraqi people to survive, they initiated a war of aggression using the same concocted pretext as justification for war.

According to Robert H. Jackson, the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trial, "Any resort to war—any kind of war—is a resort to means that are inherently criminal. War inevitably is a course of killings, assaults, deprivations of liberty, and destruction of property. An honestly defensive war is, of course, legal and saves those lawfully conducting it from criminality. But inherently criminal acts cannot be defended by showing that those who committed them were engaged in a war, when war itself is illegal". (Nuremberg Trial Proceedings, 2nd Day, 21 November, 1945, pp. 145-146). Before the U.S-Britain illegal aggression, Iraqis were living in relative safety. Iraq posed no threat to any other nation. The primary objectives of the war were the imperialist domination of the region by the U.S. and support for Israel’s terror and Zionist policy in Palestine.

A short history is in order. At the outset of the Occupation, Paul Bremer, the U.S. Proconsul during the early phase of the Occupation, issued an order dissolving the Iraqi State and disbanding the Iraqi Army and Police in order to create lawlessness and chaos. Bremer then hand-picked expatriate collaborators – most of them involved in crimes and acts of terrorism against the State of Iraq – and beguiled others to form the ‘Iraqi Governing Council’ (IGC). The IGC was based on ethnic and religious affiliations, and most of its members had lived outside Iraq for decades. Bremer’s aim was to divide Iraqis according to religion and ethnicity, which made the Iraqi people shiver in their sleep. The IGC continues to function today under the name of the “Iraqi Government” without any real power, reminiscent of the Nazis-imposed Vichy regime in France.

Furthermore, the U.S.-drafted Iraqi “Constitution” is designed specifically to divide the country on ethnic-religious lines. The so-called “federation” is euphemism for the geographical divisions of Iraq. The “Constitution” relegated women’s rights to the Stone Age and denied them equality. Before the Occupation, Iraq had one of the most progressive Constitutions in the Muslim World.

In addition, the U.S. launched a campaign of terror and assassinations – as the U.S. did in every country it invaded or which backed its military junta. It all started with the “Debaathification”; a euphemism for a murderous campaign orchestrated by the occupying forces. U.S. Special Forces in collaboration with the Israeli Mossad agents trained the pro-invasion militias (the Kurdish Peshmerga, the SCIRI Badr Brigades and other U.S.-trained militias) and began a reign of terror targeting anyone with anti-Occupation tendency. Hence, the U.S. Occupation – enforced by more than 200,000 U.S. troops and other foreign mercenaries – is the roots of the violence and destruction in Iraq today.

The aim is to terrorise the population and force them into ethnic or sectarian enclaves, suppress the anti-Occupation voices and deprive the Iraqi Resistance of protection (by the population) and resources. The campaign is based in part on the U.S. previous terror campaigns in El Salvador in the 1980s and in the former Yugoslavia in 1990s, and on Israel’s targeted assassinations of Palestinian unarmed men, women and children. Thousands of innocent Iraqi professionals were murdered in cold blood, including scientists, prominent politicians, Iraqi intellectuals, military officers and doctors. Even religious leaders and women opposing the Occupation are not immune from U.S. terror. Remember, all of this is known to Western mainstream media, journalists, pundits and NGOs; however, they continue to propagate the myths of “sectarian violence” and “civil war”. (See, Notes).

As resistance against the Occupation continues to grow, the U.S. resorts to refocusing the violence on Iraqis in order to deflect responsibility and justify ongoing Occupation, the U.S. and Britain – supported by a racist and violent media – instigating insurrection (Futna) amongst Iraqis pushing one community against the other. Expatriate collaborators and U.S. agents are infiltrating the Resistance groups and anti-Occupation forces in order to provoke intra-communal strife using the civilian population as fodder for terrorism. At the same time they continue a reign of terror against the population. The goal is to use the violence as a pretext to continue the Occupation and at the same time mislead the public that there is no Resistance against the Occupation. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a massive Iraqi national Resistance movement.

Since the invasion, the aggressors have been responsible for the death of approximately a million innocent Iraqi civilians – whose names will never be published by Time magazine – and the destruction of the entire Iraqi society and country. Of course, unlike the American soldiers who killed by the Resistance, the names of Iraqi victims will never be published. In addition, tens of thousands of Iraqis are enduring sadistic torture sexual abuses; rape and humiliation at the hands of U.S.-British forces in hundreds of U.S.-British run prisons throughout Iraq. The Iraqi people must be asking the question: “why they hate us” so much.

The case of the three Iraqi women (Wissam Talib, 31, Zainab Fadhli, 25, and Liqa Omar Mohammed, 26) awaiting imminent execution in a Baghdad’s prison after a fraud trial – condemned even by Amnesty international as unfair – is the most shameful and cowardly. The UN and the European Parliament should be ashamed for remaining silent.
Before the invasion and long after the Occupation, there were no bombs exploding in Iraq killing innocent civilians on religious pilgrimages. There were no “suicide bombers”. Resistance attacks were against U.S. force and their Iraqi collaborators. It all started during the Occupation when the Iraqi people refused to surrender to the Occupation and the U.S. began the search for pretext to continue the Occupation. Credible sources reveal that the U.S. and British forces are behind these attacks. A case in point was that in September 2005, Iraqi Police in Basra arrested two British soldiers (the SAS) disguised as Arab “terrorists” planting bombs in civilian centres. Further, most car bomb attacks on civilians were detonated by remote control, but propagated by the occupying forces and Western media as “suicide car bombs”. The aim is to distort the images of Muslims as having no value for human life, when the opposite is true.
Aided by a new breed of native informers, such as the Iranian Vali Reza Nasr (employed by the U.S. Defence department) who has become a household name in the West to confirm it to Westerners that the violence in Iraq is between “two factions of Muslims” and the U.S. is on benevolent “mission” with “good intentions”, Westerners have reacted to the violence in Iraq by labelling Muslims as “violent”. However, Westerners ignore that Iraqis have no history of killing other Iraqis because of ethnic or religious affiliations.

Despite all of this, and in addition to the daily suffering inflicted upon them by US forces, the Iraqi people remain strongly against the Occupation. An overwhelming majority of Iraqis want the U.S. to end the Occupation of their country and end the violence. The U.S. should take a lesson from Iraq’s history that no matter how barbaric it’s Occupation, the U.S. will fail to subject Iraqi to its Zionist agenda.

The Iraqi people, including small minorities, have lived together for centuries without significant problems. Only until Westerners (Americans and British) started to interfere and foment civil strife, violence started to occur. The current political infighting is the creation of the Occupation. It is between the pro-Occupation expatriate militias and the anti-Occupation forces, including the Iraqi people. It is aimed at terrorising the population and justifying ongoing Occupation.

Iraqis do not identify themselves according to ethnic and religious backgrounds. A fact recently acknowledged by George Bush himself when he admitted that he was not aware of Iraq’s ethnic-religious mix. This is the West’s way of discriminating and persecuting minorities. Religious sect was never an issue in Iraq before the invasion. There is no such thing as “Shi’ites majority” and “Sunnis minority”. Iraqi censuses never included religion and ethnicity. Saddam’s regime included all Iraqi minorities.

Few months after the invasion “the U.S. army issued a list of 55 wanted top Iraqi officials, starting with President Saddam Hussein; half of those senior officials were Shia …The Committee of Debaathification issued a list of 100,000 senior Iraqi Ba'athists who would not be allowed to enjoy governmental posts, 66,000 of them were Shia - so how is the Ba'ath party a Sunni party?”, a prominent Iraqi politician told the Arab media on December 19, 2006. I spent many long years in Iraq, and at no time felt that I belonged to some kind of religious sect.

Thanks to a campaign of distortion generated by the media, the U.S. is succeeding brilliantly at convincing the world that the violence in Iraq is “sectarian” and that the U.S. is simply acting as a “saviour” protecting the Iraqi people. Hence, the U.S. will end the Occupation when the puppet government is able to provide security. It follows that the U.S. will decide on security and withdrawal when the U.S. sees fit. The longer the violence continues, the Occupation will continue.

In fact according to the Pentagon own assessment (Pentagon's latest quarterly report on security in Iraq), the violence has increased dramatically “forcing as many as 9000 civilians to flee the country each month”. The report reveals that; “Although most attacks continue to be directed against coalition forces, with Iraqi civilians bearing the brunt of the violence”. It adds; “Weekly attacks in Iraq rose to more than 1000 during the period of late 2006 and average daily casualties increased to more than 140”.

On 12 March 2007 Vice-President Dick Cheney told supporters gathered at the pro-Israel Jewish lobby AIPAC's annual policy conference (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference) that withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq would endanger Israel, confirming that one of the motives of the illegal aggression against Iraq was to support Israel’s terror and enhance Israel’s Zionist policy in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the U.S. is also succeeding in using the violence and Iraq’s current position to pass a new “Hydrocarbons Law” (drafted by the U.S. and U.S. Oil Corporations, in collaboration with the IMF) at the expense of the Iraqi people, who were kept uninformed about the theft of their resources. It gives large oil companies (mostly U.S. Oil Corporations) control over Iraqi oil and relegates Iraq to the old colonial dictatorship. The “Law” not only deprives Iraqis of their resources, it infringes on Iraq’s sovereignty. Hence, the violence is deliberate and it is serving U.S. interest well.

Finally, The Anglo-American public (including the Anglo-Australian public) have moral responsibility to hold their leaders directly responsible for the mass murder of innocent Iraqi civilians. Failure to do so, they stand accused by many people around the world (Muslims and non-Muslims) for complicity in war crimes.

It should be borne in mind that the U.S. is using the and Iran’s non-existent weapon program and conflict in Dafur as a diversion to manipulate and keep the public in a state of fear, because it enhances the U.S. imperialist ideology towards global domination, as if the mass murder of innocent Iraqi civilians is not enough to satisfy Western elites’ thirst for blood. It is Paramount that the focus must be on holding the perpetrators accountable for their crimes and what happen to the Iraqi people in the last four years and avoid the media obfuscation of reality in Iraq.

The Time magazine’s cover story is of course based on Western distorted images of Muslims (and Islam) without any real presence in the Iraqi society. Like its previous stories on Iraq, the entire Time story is a distortion of reality, a pack of concocted lies designed to mislead the public and encourage greater violence against the Iraqi people. With propaganda organs like Time and journalists like Bobby Ghosh covering up terrorism, mass murder of innocent civilians will continue to be blamed on the victims.

Ghali Hassan is an independent writer living in Australia.


1. Max Fuller, Crying Wolf: Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq; Also, Silence of the Lambs? Proof of US orchestration of Death Squads Killings in Iraq.
2. Ghali Hassan, Occupation and Sectarianism.
3. Peter Mass, The Way of the Commandos.

By Paul Levy

We live in a world where the deeper, underlying mythic patterns that have endlessly reiterated themselves throughout human history are incarnating and revealing themselves through world events for all who have eyes to see. As if in a timeless fairy tale, our species has gotten drafted into playing out roles in a vast, multi-dimensional process which is revealing itself as it acts itself out through us. Seeing the mythical, archetypal roles that are being unconsciously enacted in the world theater initiates a process of deep transformation, both within ourselves and the world at large.

In this mythical drama we find ourselves in, our planet has been pirated and co-opted by the figure of George Bush and his gang of robber barons, who have taken control of the most powerful war machine the world has ever known and are using it to accomplish their own self-serving agenda. They are in the process of taking us hostage in our own country and are using our homeland to plunder and terrorize the rest of the planet. In this cosmic drama we are all sharing, George Bush and Co. have gotten dreamed up to play out, in full-bodied form, the archetypal, mythical role of pirate, which is a figure that exists deep within the collective unconscious of humanity.

Instead of pirates of the Caribbean, however, Bush and Co. are pirates of what Buckminster Fuller called “spaceship earth.” In his book Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, Fuller pointed out how piracy has been one of the chief underlying factors shaping western history, and thus determining the way our world power structure has developed and still operates.

For example, in a truly ground-breaking expose that is easy to overlook because there are so many other administration scandals competing for our attention, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh in his latest article titled “The Redirection,” has uncovered that the Bush regime is covertly funneling funds earmarked for Iraq’s reconstruction into fomenting sectarian violence and igniting civil wars in the region. Their underlying intention is to create enough chaos so that they can reconfigure the Middle East and thereby achieve their geo-political aim of seizing the oil and natural gas reserves in the region. Please see This is truly a diabolical act of modern-day global piracy writ large on the world stage that is utterly perverse.

Pirates (and I am referring not to the romanticized Hollywood version, but to those who commit criminal acts of theft and violence against others, a.k.a., piracy) are symbolic of a macho, testosterone-driven pathological figure in the human psyche that, just like a bully, abuses power over others because they can. They pillage and murder simply because others can’t stop them, which is morally indefensible. Pirates are not merely criminally insane, they are morally insane. Pirates are truly sociopathic, as they have no conscience. They have become possessed by the power-drive of the shadow, which compels them to transgress and violate individuals’ (or nations’) boundaries. Pirates are driven to dominate and enslave others, as they act out the shadow of which they themselves are possessed. Pirates are symbolic of a virulent element in the human psyche which has become addicted to power and taken over by greed and lust for blood and booty.

Pirates are malignant narcissists, as they only care about their own masturbatory fantasies - they see the world as something they are entitled to loot and symbolically rape. They believe they can get away with murder – literally. Like a genuine sociopath, pirates lack the facility to empathically see through their victim’s eyes. Like a true predator, these privateers relate to others as objects from whom they can try to satisfy their never-ending hedonistic desire for pleasure. When pirates seize power, they do what is best for themselves, with no regard for anyone else – those who don’t support their dark vision get metaphorically “thrown overboard.”

Pirates symbolize the pathological figure of the predator who gets fed and even energized by doing violence to others. Pirates are an incarnation of the role of perpetrator or abuser, as they are the initiators of aggression based on their own insatiable blood-lust. Pirates are symbolic of the murderous insanity of the separate self, as in their marauding violence they are completely and utterly asleep to our interconnectedness.

Pirates are embodiments of the pathological aspect of our species that is susceptible to joining into lawless gangs so as to prey on and steal from those who are weaker. Because of the fact that these gangsters always configure themselves into groups, they are like organized crime syndicates. Pirates operate outside the restricting laws of conventional bureaucracy, as they live by a different set of rules than everyone else. They are true outlaws, as they live outside the law.

If it sounds like I am describing George Bush and Co., it is because Bush and his henchmen are unconsciously possessed by, and therefore embodying and pathologically acting out on the world stage the mythical, archetypal role of pirate. Pirates are symbolic of the archetypal quality of “evil”, one of whose inner meanings, etymologically speaking, is to “transgress boundaries”. Bush and Co. have become instruments for darker powers to incarnate themselves into our world. The figure of pirate is an archetypal, mythic image that re-presents and symbolizes a darker, sick, sadistic and self-destructive part of ourselves.

It is like we are on a ship that Bush and Cheney have hijacked (the word “plane hijacker” in French is “pirate de l’air”; we can thus call Bush and Co. “pirate de la planete” – planet hijacker). They literally hijacked – stole – both the 2000 and the 2004 elections. When these planetary pirates – and those that support them - took over our country, it was as if they perpetrated a political coup, hijacking our ship of state, and in so doing many people fell under their spell such that they barely noticed. In a form of mass mind-control, part of their coup was to take over the mainstream media in such a way so as to put out propaganda aimed at convincing people that no hostile takeover had even taken place. Bush and Co. are modern-day corporate pirates in possession of the most cutting edge mind-control technology the world has ever known.

Bush and Co. have “captured” our nation – and “captivated” the minds of millions of our populace – brainwashing people by playing on their fear. We must recognize our complicity in allowing these depraved warlords to rule over us, otherwise we are unwittingly serving and supporting them as if they are our masters. Their power over us depends upon our being dis-connected from each other as well as from ourselves. We play right into their hands if we believe ourselves to be so disempowered. Their worst nightmare would be for us to connect with our intrinsic creative power as well as each other.

Having seized control of our country, they have emptied the coffers of our national treasury, and enlisted our nation into serving their barbaric ends. We need to recognize the extent of the Bush regime’s utter criminality. In a universal court of law, those committing piracy are considered to be “hostis humani generic”, a Latin term which translates as “enemies of humanity.” In essence, pirates like Bush have declared war against humanity, who they hold in contempt.

From the dreaming point of view, whose logic is not linear but synchronistic, it is not a coincidence that Bush is a member of “Skull and Bones,” which is the very symbol of piracy. Nor is it an accident that pirates are “carousers,” which Bush was for the majority of his life and still is, just in disguised form. It is like Bush is on a weekend bender that has lasted over six years, and the world is his crime scene.

If it sounds like I am “blaming” Bush and his administration, I say “yes”, I am blaming them - I am blaming them for immoral, criminal acts which they are guilty of perpetrating on humanity and for which they deserve to be blamed. It is a huge mistake to be one-sidedly identified with the expansive, overly spiritual new-age point of view that there’s no one to blame, that we are all responsible. Yes, on one level, we are all co-creating and dreaming up this universe together, which is to say we are all complicit in different ways in what is playing out and there is no one to blame. But to be fully identified with this absolute point of view is to marginalize that from another very real point of view, relatively speaking, there are people who are perpetrating violence and abuse onto others. It is the most compassionate thing to do at these moments of abuse to not pretend the violence is something other than what it is.

One of the unconscious, shadow sides of the well-intentioned spiritual, progressive and liberal movements is to be hesitant to cast blame when it is the very skillful and enlightened response which is called for. Those who are perpetrating violence have a name and an address. This doesn’t mean we don’t love them, and have compassion for them, and forgive them. It does mean, however, that we stop them from perpetrating further abuse if we are able and hold them accountable for their actions. People who are compulsively enacting violence in the world will not stop voluntarily, they are literally crying out for and dreaming up other people who are courageous enough to set a boundary and stop their out of control and ultimately self-destructive behavior.

It is important for us to realize that Bush and Cheney are only the front-men for the organized crime syndicate of pirates which they serve and represent. Bush and Cheney are merely actors in a grand play. It is important to get in focus the roles they are playing. We can pick our own metaphors (criminals, mad, ignorant, fascists, possessed by demons, etc), whichever one works for you is fine. The point is for us to get into focus and “see” the evil that Bush and Cheney are actually doing; this is the last thing they want.

Sometimes clearly seeing what is happening is the very act which spontaneously activates and mobilizes effective action. Bush and Co. have a distinct advantage if we don’t recognize their predator-like nature. We can’t possibly be able to meet their challenge unless we clearly discern what we are up against. The more of us that see the danger confronting us the better, as we can then creatively join forces in a way which actively empowers us to successfully meet the crisis we are facing.

Paul Levy is an artist and a spiritually-informed political activist. A pioneer in the field of spiritual awakening, he is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dream-like nature of reality. He is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, which is available at his website Please feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired. You can contact Paul at; he looks forward to your reflections. © Copyright 2007.


  1. Another view has recently been put forward by, a highly respected intelligence web site:

    Via Stratfor Newsletter

    By George Friedman
    .....The United States has now spent four years fighting in Iraq. Those who planned the conflict never expected this outcome. Indeed, it could be argued that this outcome represents not only miscalculation but also a strategic defeat for the United States. The best that can be said about the war at the moment is that it is a strategic stalemate, which is an undesired outcome for the Americans. The worst that can be said is that the United States has failed to meet its strategic objectives and that failure represents defeat.

    In considering the situation, our attention is drawn to a strange paradox that has been manifest in American foreign policy since World War II. On the one hand, the United States has consistently encountered strategic stalemate or defeat in particular politico-military operations. At those times, the outcomes have appeared to be disappointing if not catastrophic. Yet, over the same period of time, U.S. global power, on the whole, has surged. In spite of stalemate and defeat during the Cold War, the United States was more in 2000 than it had been in 1950.

    Consider these examples from history:
    Korea: Having defeated the North Korean army, U.S. forces were attacked by China. The result was a bloody stalemate, followed by a partition that essentially restored the status quo ante -- thus imposing an extended stalemate.

    Cuba: After a pro-Soviet government was created well within the security cordon of the United States, Washington used overt and covert means to destroy the Castro regime. All attempts failed, and the Castro government remains in place nearly half a century later.

    Vietnam: the United States fought an extended war in Vietnam, designed to contain the expansion of Communism in Indochina. The United States failed to achieve its objectives -- despite massive infusions of force -- and North Vietnam established hegemony over the region.

    Iran: The U.S. containment policy required it to have a cordon of allies around the Soviet Union. Iran was a key link, blocking Soviet access to the Persian Gulf. The U.S. expulsion from Iran following the Islamic Revolution represented a major strategic reversal.

    Iraq: In this context, Iraq appears to represent another strategic reversal -- with U.S. ambitions at least blocked, and possibly defeated, after a major investment of effort and prestige.
    Well worth a read! What have we gained from Korea to Iraq? How do you explain our relative strength after defeat or stalemate?

    Via Stratfor:

    .....Look at it this way. On a pretty arbitrary scale -- between Korea (1950-53), Cuba (1960-63), Vietnam (1963-75), Iran (1979-1981) and Iraq (2003-present) -- the United States has spent about 27 of the last 55 years engaged in politico-military maneuvers that, at the very least, did not bring obvious success, and frequently brought disaster. Yet, in spite of these disasters, the long-term tendency of American power relative to the rest of the world has been favorable to the United States. This general paradox must be explained. And in the course of explanation, some understandings of the Iraq campaign, seen in a broader context, might emerge.....

    ......Put somewhat differently, there is the liberal view that the Soviet Union was not defeated by the United States in the Cold War, but that it collapsed itself, and the military conflicts of the Cold War were unnecessary. There is the conservative view that the United States won the Cold War in spite of a fundamental flaw in the American character -- an unwillingness to bear the burden of war -- and that this flaw ultimately will prove disastrous for the United States. Finally, there is the non-ideological, non-political view that the United States won the Cold War in spite of defeats and stalemates because these wars were never as important as either the liberals or conservatives made them out to be, however necessary they might have been seen to be at the time......

    .....This appears to make no sense until we introduce a military concept into the analysis: the spoiling attack. The spoiling attack is an offensive operation; however, its goal is not to defeat the enemy but to disrupt enemy offensives -- to, in effect, prevent a defeat by the enemy. The success of the spoiling attack is not measured in term of enemy capitulation, but the degree to which it has forestalled successful enemy operations.....

    .....If we consider the examples cited above and apply the twin concepts of the spoiling attack and economy of force, then the conversion of American defeats into increased U.S. global power no longer appears quite as paradoxical. In Korea, spoiling Communist goals created breathing space elsewhere for the United States, and increased tension levels between China and Russia. A stalemate achieved outcomes as satisfactory to Washington as taking North Korea would have been. In Cuba, containing Fidel Castro was, relative to cost, as useful as destroying him. What he did in Cuba itself was less important to Washington than that he should not be an effective player in Latin America. In Vietnam, frustrating the North's strategic goals for a decade allowed the Sino-Soviet dispute to ripen, thus opening the door for Sino-U.S. entente even before the war ended. The U.S. interest in Iran, of course, rested with its utility as a buffer to the Soviets. Being ousted from Iran mattered only if the Iranians capitulated to the Soviets. Absent that, Iran's internal politics were of little interest to the United States.

    .....If we apply the twin concepts to Iraq, it is possible to understand the reasons behind the size of the force deployed (which, while significant, still is limited relative to the full range of options brought to bear in World War II) and the obvious willingness of the Bush administration to court military disaster. The invasion four years ago has led to the Sunnis and Shia turning against each other in direct conflict. Therefore, it could be argued that just as the United States won the Cold War by exploiting the Sino-Soviet split and allying with Mao Zedong, so too the path to defeating the jihadists is not a main attack, but a spoiling attack that turns Sunnis and Shia against each other. This was certainly not the intent of the Bush administration in planning the 2003 invasion; it has become, nevertheless, an unintended and significant outcome.....

    Sign up to start receiving your own copy

  2. There's a lot here on which to comment. Just one for now:

    "Those who planned the conflict never expected this outcome."

    Maybe the US didn't expect the resistance it's getting so in that sense I agree. But if you look at the PNAC blueprint on which current US foreign policy is based the idea is to invade middle-eastern countries and to 'balkanize' them into small fiefdoms all under US hegemony.

    The so-called sectarian fighting going on in Iraq has been deliberately sparked-off by US undercover organizations in order to bring Iraq to civil war. By dividing-up the country in such a manner the US ensures its presence there for just as long as it likes, the oil reserves being in its "national interest."