Friday, March 30, 2007


Make no mistake about it, the USUK Anglo-Saxon Empire is softening-up public opinion for another big war.

All the lies, manoeuvring and nonsensical propaganda currently emanating from that inveterate liar, war criminal and sociopath, Tony Blair, over what increasingly looks like a manufactured provocation of the Iranians in disputed Gulf Waters is leading inexorably to War Talk and more mass murder.

Since January 2006 this writer has done what he could to warn folk of what the Bush-Blair warmongers are up to now.

The Brits are past masters at the devious use of lies, distorted facts and the manipulation of legal processes to inflict their imperial will on their victims. They have a long history of several centuries playing dirty games on an unsuspecting world. When it comes to turning reality upside-down it has to be said that the Brits are far better at telling lies and getting away with murder than their North American counterparts in Washington, DC.

I should know. I come from a colonial British family. Around the age of six, I remember my old man telling me about our family's history in what was then Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). He told me about how our small family tea and rubber plantation had contributed to the British War Effort in WWII when, instead of money, the British Government paid us all in War Credits, promising to exchange the credits for Sterling at the end of the war. We believed them.

My mother, bless her, did the patriotic thing and helped organize the collection of old pots and pans to turn into steel, much needed by the Mother Country for war production. In this she was no different to millions like her throughout the British Empire who did what they could to help Britain in her darkest hours against the Nazi hordes. They all mucked in, listened to Churchill and prayed that the Japs wouldn't invade. After a half-hearted air-attack, the Japanese lost interest and devoted themselves elsewhere.

After those dark days, Britain emerged victorious but impoverished and mortgaged up to the hilt to the United States. To help their export drive, the Brits devalued the £Sterling and when it came to the honouring of War Credits the money they paid their debtors was worth far less than the value of the products that had been supplied them.

Small family plantations like ours dived deep into debt, never to recover. The conclusion of this sad little story according to my father was, "Never trust the English." As all colonials know, including the Americans, only a fool would put their trust in the English. To put it another way: "White Man Speak with Forked Tongue."

So, you see, I was conditioned very early on to harbour a natural distrust of the English. But living in an English-speaking environment I soon enthusiastically embraced English culture, books, pop songs, comedy shows on the BBC World Service etc. It was only many years later, after my family had emigrated to England and I was an adolescent did I come across the duplicitous ways of the English mentality.

I was in my second year at Teacher Training College when I joined a friend in an anti-war demonstration at Grosvenor Square, London outside the US Embassy. Up until then I had believed all the media crap about the Vietnam War being a war to protect democracy against those evil reds, etc. Like most other middle class kids I believed it all. That is, until I saw the TV film of Kissinger's Operation Rolling Thunder when the skies of Vietnam and Cambodia turned black with B52 bombers bringing Apocalypse Now to their victims below.

That wasn't democracy. That was what the Nazis did, only worse. So I became politicized, I demonstrated, I smoked some grass, dropped a little Acid and saw the world from a very different perspective to anything I had seen before. Without knowing it, I'd dropped out.

It was enough to get me blackballed by my College administration. I hung on in, though, took my final exams and scraped a pass. I had to have that teacher's diploma: it was going to be my bread-ticket to another life, perhaps Canada, and away from this dingy little island to which my mother had brought me. My College couldn't stop me passing my exams. What it could and did do, however, was to use the kind of coded language that other employers understand to mean: "Don't give this guy a job. He's trouble."

Well, in those days, I was just a naive adolescent only just discovering the wicked ways of the world. It took me a couple of years to discover why I couldn't find work. I was blacklisted so I never got to Canada, ending up a Prisoner of Mother England. Anyway, that briefly is how I became a dissident in the West. I never chose it, life's circumstances, karma if you will, seemed to decide it for me.

I'm sixty this year and more of a dissident than I ever was as a young man, more radical, a deeper shade of red and totally intolerant of the capitalist system. When I did get work from time-to-time as a substitute teacher I took every chance I got to tell the kids the truth about the system into which they were being pushed-out into. I never lied, just ensured they heard the truth, hoping a handful of them would listen and seek the truth themselves. I always told them, "Listen to what I'm telling you but don't believe me. Check it out for yourself. It's the only way." I hope they did. That's what true education is supposed to be.

And that's what I'm doing here for the handful of folks who discover my blog. I'm trying to pass on the truth to you the best way I know. If what I say shocks or angers you, I'm sorry. It's just the way I find the world as it is at present.

I started this blog days after the 7/7 Bombings which I was convinced was a False Flag Operation manufactured by the British Secret Services against their own people. Nothing I have heard or seen since then has made me change my mind. On the contrary, it is clearer than ever that the British State uses its population in a cynical, manipulative, evil game to control it psychologically and to terrorize it into submission.

Governments are the people's worst enemy. No doubt about it.

What is going on as I write illustrates well how a lying, murderous clique of bastards (politicians) are doing everything they can to prepare the Brits and the rest of the world for another murderous war in the Middle East, this time using nuclear weapons.

I lie awake at nights, thinking about all the innocents little shits like Bush, Blair and their ilk have and will murder. If I could I'd strangle Blair and urinate on his face just like his soldiers have on innocent Iraqis and Afghanis. Well, allow me my angry fantasies please, it's better than getting depressed.

Make no mistake, my friends, these are the new Nazis of the 21st Century and they are going to drag us all into their gas chambers. They have so manipulated our minds with their incessant brainwashing that they have created a new artificial reality where everything is upside-down, a planetary Bushazzro world if you like.

As the British journalist Neil Mackay writes in his book, 'The War on Truth', the Bush-Blair Axis has so corrupted the world with its evil doctrines that we have all been dragged into their hell. "We're all terrorists now." We're both the victims and the persecutors. We've gone as low as we can go. Well, Mackay is a journalist so I can understand his cynicism. Perhaps he really meant the whoring Mainstream Media of which he is a part? Or did he mean every one of us who through our silence and inaction have given our stamp of approval to the murderers who pose as our leaders?

Never trust the Anglo-Saxons. Never trust a Politician. And keep your Crap Detector in good order 'coz they're a-comin' for ya.

Iran, World War III.


  1. I think you are way over the top, but maybe there is nowhere else to go for you. It is not as though I can't see where you are coming from. Tony's Tours is my own take on things. I don't believe extreme reaction is going to work, but I do believe in trying to show the error of their ways.

  2. Anonymous2:14 pm


    Interesting, but I should mention some points ... First, Persian gulf as it is mentioned in all official maps of the world. 2nd, I completely understand your point of view of British politic because they did the same to my country for more than one century ... 3rd, I come from Iran and I see my government much more dangerous than Blair and Bush are, because they are being elected and if people want they can make changes in their society but in my country such a thing can never ever happen ... I completely know what radicals in Islamic Republic government believe in and it is so dangrous ... They have more influence outside of Iran between Arab shie's than inside Iran between Iranian people ... They are imprisoning our journalists and political activists ... But still a war would destroy the young tree of democracy in my lovely country :-(

    Always remember in your country there is a chance to write a book against the system but in my country there is no chance to even write it down what you believe in ... So I send this reply as anonymous reply ...

    Sorry for that ...

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Gigamac. Thanks for your comments here and on your blog. Your question really makes the point, what is it that radicalises people?

    As I wrote, I was radicalised about the British government at a very young age and then again by some frightened old men who chose to blacklist me and deny me work in my chosen profession nearly forty years ago.

    You are also right that people with views like mine have nowhere to go except the Net. We comprise the Great Marginalised.

    As I write, I can hear in the background the revolting propaganda being churned-out incessantly on BBC 24. Soviet-style state propaganda which does nothing but increase the cynicism of the British public.

    The BBC and the Mainstream Media behave without shame. Only yesterday I wrote an angry letter to Channel Four News accusing them of having reached a new low in news whoring by choosing John 'Bonkers' Bolton as the voice of America.

    I've given up trying to reason with the BBc, Channel Four and the media, choosing the verbal Molotov Cocktails instead. These people are beyond reason. They only understand extreme reactions.

    Roll on the Revolution.

  4. Hi Anonymous: I sympathise with the lack of freedom you are presently experiencing. And, yes, there is freedom to publish still in the UK.

    But the fact is that both the Bush and Blair regimes (they are in my opinion, regimes not governments: one which stole two US elections and the other elected by 22% of the electorate) are cynically using a fake "War on Terror" in order take away what residual freedoms we have.

    Both the US and the UK are rapidly turning into police states and Bush and Blair are responsible for it.