Friday, March 30, 2007

Tormentors of Humanity

One contributor to an article below, "We are all Terrorists Now!", felt that my comments were over the top and polarised. In his own blog he asks the question, "ask yourselves what is the environment that makes educated people be so radicalised in their pessimism about their homeland?"

Tony's Tours

I am indebted to him for his caring attitude, a true Englishman from Yorkshire with an open mind and a generous heart willing to face the world as he finds it and to look for healing solutions. The world needs many more like Tony.

But, sadly for the world, there is another Tony. The one I just emailed at 10 Downing Street, suggesting to him a face-saving way out of the diplomatic mess he has created for himself through his pride and hubris. A man who never says sorry or ever admits to making a mistake. A wretched creature who betrayed his country by dragging it into a murderous war by telling us all a tissue of lies. That's the other Tony, a coward and an inveterate liar who tours the country in a bullet-proof vest inside a heavily armoured car wondering if his destiny could yet be at the hands of an assassin waiting for him somewhere around a dark corner.

This Tony doesn't seem to have any problem sleeping at nights, despite all the hundreds of thousands of innocents he and his desperado pal squatting in the White House (two elections stolen from under the very noses of the American people) are guilty of. Tony will always find a reason or an excuse to convince us he's a decent sort of chap.

When really he's nothing but a nasty little serial-killer who with his Texan pal have dragged us all into a Dantean Inferno. For what? For O-I-L, corrupt corporations like Bechtel and Halliburton and for the Weapons Industry. It's just like Vietnam which was meant for General Motors to make huge profits from. Only much, much worse. That's what Bush and Blair's "Freedom" is really about.

Nearly 40 years ago the Italian film-maker, Pier Paolo Pasolini, in an interview by PARIS MATCH, was asked whether he was afraid that fascism would return to Italy. He replied, "If you mean the pompous, strutting fascism of Mussolini's risorgimento, no. That's consigned to the past. But a new form of fascism could arise, the fascism of the consumer society."

He meant, of course, a new form of totalitarianism brought about by the state in the interests of the big multinational corporations like ... Bechtel and Halliburton. Well, guess what folks, Pasolini was right and we are now in the time of a consumer fascism where people are quite happily handing over their freedoms in the name of "Security" just so they'll be left in peace to carry on their endless credit-card consumer binge.

Ask yourself, how many people do you know would be prepared to take some form of direct action or go on strike to protest the mass killings of people in the Middle East or Somalia? How many of them would be prepared (supposing, of course, that they can) to write to their MP or Congressman protesting against the genocide their governments are conducting while trying to pretend it's all about freedom and democracy? I won't hold my breath while you're thinking of a reply.

If Tony Blair wanted to settle the Anglo-Iranian Maritime Dispute in a peaceable manner he's got a tool in international law that enables him to do so. The 1899 Hague Convention for the Pacific Settlements of International Disputes. Would he know about a 108-year old Convention, would his advisors in the Foreign Office? Do they care?

Or are they interested only in toadying-up to their paymasters in Washington DC? Getting up the arses of the Americans and staying there as ex-UK Ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, put it? The next few days and weeks will tell whether Blair cares more for the well-being of his 15 service people or the War Party's propaganda machine.

God forbid that the demonic Blair and Bush should escalate this affair into a full-blown nuclear blitzkrieg. If they do millions more innocents will die horribly and the whole world slide further down into the Pit of Hell. Then we shall see many, oh many, many more wake up in a radical, burning anger against these tormentors of humanity.

Now read "US & THEM" by William Bowles

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