Saturday, March 24, 2007

Psycho U.S. 'Soldiers' Turkey Shoot Civilians in Iraq

"This video, shot in Ramadi by an American soldier, shows US Marines firing on anything that moves including civilians. This is interspersed by various obscene, bestial noises such as "wooohoooo" and "dude, I fuckin shot that guy up in the car!" I hear they're making real progress over there."



  1. "No Unarmed People were Hurt during the Shooting" ... if you believe that you'll believe anything!

  2. 'Al Qaeda' (or 'The Base') was created, in the first place, by the CIA! This is historically proved.

    'Al Qaeda' is a ghost organization used by the US to instigate terror in Iraq in order to bring anarchy to the streets and divide Iraq into tribal fiefdoms (which is the long-term intention of US foreign policy).

    The Brits used similar techniques in Ireland where they used double-agents to infiltrate the IRA and UDA and cause atrocities.

    The game is called 'divide and rule' and the method used is to create chaos and anarchy.

    The average US soldier has no knowledge of what his paymasters are really up to and may end up as a victim to their deceit.

    Note that none of this was going on in Iraq before it was invaded. It is something that has been artificially created in order to ensure that Iraq remains under US occupation for a very long time to come.

  3. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Americans are known as destoyers of the world.

    The white devils, bringing misery and mayham to the world. I pray to God to send some good people to destroy Americans before it destroys the world.

    We must never forget the crimes against the true owners of the land which is now called America, black Africans used as slaves, Vietnam and ofcourse Japan's undefended civilian cities destroyed by American white devils with nuclear bombs. May be if we all pray these evil bastartard will be destroyed and than the world can live in peace.

  4. I am really saddened to have to agree with what you say about white Americans. What is it about the USA that makes it such a violent place?

    Why is it so different to Canada?

    But let's get a perspective here. Other whites, too, have a terrible legacy of violence. The Brits for example who still insist on behaving like bullies in other people's countries long after having lost their Empire. I could go on about the Brits here but I think it deserves a fresh article on this blog.

    Lies, lies and violence: that is the legacy of the Anglo-Saxon world. A world which is crumbling before our eyes. That's when the old bullies become most dangerous.

    Make no mistake about it. The Anglo-Saxon world is angling for another World War.