Saturday, April 22, 2006

Psychotics Rule

You would think that in a 'normal' world any threat by a political leader to use nuclear weapons as a form of blackmail against another non-belligerent nation would not only be considered insane but would seriously put the sanity of that leader's mind into question.

Despite his animal-torturing, alcoholic, coke-sniffing past very few have questioned George Bush's sanity.

You would think that the allies of a leader-gone-insane would find him such a political embarassment as to require a necessary distancing. But in the case of George Bush this is clearly not happening and Blair, for one, remains fully in support of "all options" to be taken against a country whose only mistake was to find itself on the hit list of a superpower stolen by defective computers in the interests of a political mafia.

You would think that the rest of the 'normal' world would roundly denounce such an insanity and look for every possible means to remove such gangsters and maniacs from power.

But none of this has happened. A world in which such behaviour is justified must, itself, be suffering a form of mass psychosis. None in the media are going to risk losing their job by suggesting that our political leaders are psychotic, are they?

There must be many in society with not only the qualifications required but the funds needed to declare George Bush (and Cheney) mad for committing and threatening mass-murder and to apply for a judicial injunction to have him/them removed from office.

The future of our planet might depend upon it.


  1. It doesn't say much for the sanity of all of us who elect and consent to be ruled by these people. I wonder how a sane person would respond to the situation? If I ever become one or meet one, I'll let you know. Keep up the good work.

  2. Philip Glass once composed an album and called it 'Koyaaniskatsi' which, in a Native American dialect means 'Breakdown'.

    Glass was referring to the general breakdown of the capitalist system everywhere.

    25 years on and things have only deteriorated further with signs of the Earth Changes now so all-encompassing that they can no longer be disputed.

    Yet, we must find a way of looking through and beyond the chaos into a place of stillness and peace ...