Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blair and the Neo-Cons' Permanent World War

By now, the manner in which Blair & Co have again hoodwinked Britain into a totally illegal military strike -this time using nuclear weapons- against a peaceful nation, Iran, should have become frighteningly clear.

But it hasn't.

The Bliar's low-profile treatment of Iran, added to the contradictory signals sent out by him and others such as Foreign Minister, Jack Straw and John Reid, whose job is better described as the Secretary for War, has worked very well to keep the country in the dark. Although British forces might play only a minor role in a US air-strike -which now seems the most likely scenario- it is likely that its AWAC systems and its air-bases both in the UK and abroad will be used by US nuclear strike forces.

The Bliar's major contribution to date, it seems, has been to give his unqualified support and energies into creating the trumped-up charges that took Iran from the IAEA to the UN Security Council, bringing it perilously close to a Chapter VII Resolution enabling vicious economic sanctions against the Iranian people and the destruction of an ancient country through a genocidal nuclear holocaust. A nuclear attack will not only affect Iran but the radioactivity, like DU radioactivity but much worse, will spread across the Middle East, Asia and the rest of the planet, causing hundreds of thousands more deaths over a long period of time.

Even when told of the dangers many remain in a state of disbelief, cognitive dissonance, unable to accept that any rational political leader would commit such a terrible crime. But according to the current neo-con rationale, such nuclear genocide is really only a very small price to pay in order that the USA might hold onto its position as the world's greatest military power and go on to establish their Project for a New American Century.

Both Bush and Blair are fanatically committed to this nightmarish project. That's why, when interviewed about his plans to resign the premiership he constantly reminds us that he must continue "to do the job", that this is his priority not resignation. Well, by now it should be clear to even the dumbest journalist or television reporter what he really means. Continuing to do the job, first and foremost, means to continue running British politics as a dictatorship and throwing in this country's lot with a neo-con project for permanent war whose effects are just too horrific to envisage.

What amazes me is that by this late hour you would think that those who oppose this wannabe Cromwell would understand that Blair has dragged Britain into a state of permanent war. That he and his Atlanticist cabal frog-marched Britain into permanent lock-step with a murderous, illegal junta bent on world domination and endless violence and suffering. I keep waiting for the various groups that might be considered to comprise a natural opposition to this politics of terror to speak out against it, to spell out what he has done, why he's doing it and the hugely destructive effect it will, is already beginning to have against the victims everywhere of what he benignly describes as globalisation.

Let's be very clear, Blair's vision of globalisation can only be brought about by the terror of permanent war. It will have been achieved when the entire population of the planet have been marshalled and prodded like so many cattle into the slaughter-house of a prison-planet gulag system. This is what Blair & Co and his Atlanticist cabal are busily creating. Whereas many in the Third World who already feel the policies of 'globalisation' and 'neo-liberalism' more acutely experience exactly what this cabal are doing only now is the West waking up. The riots in France, the strikers in Britain are all symptoms of this vicious new pseudo-economics.

Bosnia and Irak were its early test-beds. Both countries have been effectively broken up into feudal vassal states. The next is Iran. Then Syria, Venezuela, the new South American people's democracies and on endlessly until the neo-con project is finally realized.

This is what our impetuous dictator is up to. He should have been removed a long time ago. The damage he has caused both to his own country and to others will take a long time to repair. But reconstruction should take place first by his ignominious removal. Maybe the British are far too polite to lynch the bastards but in my opinion not even Mussolini's fate is severe enough for these war-criminals.

If you think I'm exaggerating then just note what I say now and see where you find yourself in a post-nuclear attack on Iran. As usual, the western mainstream media has performed faithfully in keeping us uninformed about what is really now at stake. They too are accomplices to this most terrible crime. Only small and disparate truth-speakers remain. Let's not become accomplices through inaction. I appeal to us all to take this message and run with it. The mass killers must be arrested, tried and sentenced. We cannot expect a corrupt system to do this. It is time we take matters into our own hands as people's initiatives. We will find allies in the most unexpected places. Venezuela has already taken the lead by creating a new 911 trial.

It is believed that the attack on Iran will be cycled into the U.S. mid-term elections in November 2006. With popularity so low Bush could well use another military show-of-force to impress the disillusioned electorate. We certainly shouldn't wait until then or for others to take action. Don't wait for the Hague, let's alert the rest of the country and try our own war criminals now!

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