Monday, April 03, 2006

Decoding the Great Deceiver

Tony Blair will never give up his premiership willingly. No matter how much a liability he becomes to his party, the Bliar is far too attached to the power that comes with his job. Besides which, he performs a vital task for the interests of Anglo-US capitalist imperialism. Whereas neither Bush the Chimp or Cheney have the slightest ability to play the international statesman the Bliar is a con salesman par excellence. A con-man who has the knack, whilst talking a heap of shit, to make it sound plausible.

But behind this apparently benign nature there lies the calculated nastiness of a lower middle-class social-climber. Astute mafiosi, Silvio Berlusconi, sussed Blair's weakness for bling and material advancement and plied him with gifts and free holidays. Others saw the advantage to be had and joined the caravan. Now, the world of carefully-laundered bribes and sweeteners has turned into so much shit that the fans in Downing Street are groaning with the load that has hit them.

At least one web-detective, Sherman Skolnick, alleged that Blair received a huge bribe, laundered through middle eastern banks, as a sweetener for having single-handedly taken Britain into Bush's military invasion of Irak. Others say, no, the bribe will be paid on his retirement from the present post where, for example, it is speculated that he's already lined-up for a nice directorship with the international brigands, the Carlyle Group. Who knows, maybe both speculations are correct? And increasingly likely since the recent dosh for peerages scandal surfaced from Number 10 like a colossal turd with a long-expired sell-by-date.

But no matter, what has he to lose? Despite being the most loathed Labour premier since that other social-climber, Ramsay MacDonald, the Bliar, as he constantly reminds us, has a job to be done. Apart from having given the UK's welfare system the coup-de-grace, ensuring that his people will become ever-more materially and socially divided by the Victorian values that Thatcher instigated and which he re-packaged as 'neo-liberalism' there is other work to do to turn the entire planet into one sprawling, capitalist gulag. Globalisation.

"Globalisation is a fact," the Bliar assured the Australian parliament. Referring, in the same speech, to global citizenship it becomes evident that his speech writers are very au fait with all the right new-agey buzz-words. In the best traditions of Goebbellian propaganda, both the Bliar and his witch-doctors know how to take a word and stand it on its head so that its meaning ends up the very opposite of what was intended. Having, long ago, made a faustian deal with the forces of Mammon the Bliar is able to channel the words of the Great Deceiver so well that he has taken on a Mephistophelean glint that Steve Bell, the cartoonist, illustrates insightfully.

Like the rest of these reptilian shape-shifters he is a master of not only deception but self-deception. Hitler and Goebbels would go green with envy at the way in which this touchy-feely, new-age wannabe so enchanted and fooled the British middle-classes into believing that he and his New Labour party would bring an end to Thatcher's brand of fascism and replace it with a refreshingly compassionate social democracy fit for the 21st century. Ten years on and those he duped are only now beginning to wake up into the totalitarian neo-con nightmare with which he has cursed us all. Helpless to do anything, we stand horribly aghast as he drags us all towards another holocaust which could well turn into Armageddon.

Armageddon to be induced and fought out by what the Bliar's recent speech let slip to be an Anglo-Saxon alliance nicely repackaged as 'globalist'. Summoning up Churchillian memories of Empire he called for a new commitment by Australia's military to stand by the side of Mother England, ready to defend traditional values against the mad, fuzzy-wuzzy dervishes of Islam now threatening the Anglo-Saxon world, questioning its right to continue a hegemony that must remain unquestioned and not allowed to drown amongst the planet's melting icebergs.

Bankrupt of any vision for this new Christian century, all the Bliar and his coven are capable of is to look nostalgically back at a past that never was. Behind the glib romanticizations, however, lies the stark reality of a dangerously opportunistic self-promoter who will -already has- sold out every last ounce of human decency in the service of capital's darkest forces. No doctrine could be farther from the true vision of planetary stewardship and citizenry than his. No amount of spin can hide the ugly reality of the new totalitarianism that Tony Blair and his neo-con coven intend in the Project for a New American Century.

Now, this evil trans-Atlantic coven is planning an even more murderous assault on the innocent of the world, Iran. Having used its classical, deceitful ploys it has turned reality upside-down in order to demonize its victims in the eyes of its own domestic audiences. But the world has grown weary of these black magicians, seen through the diabolical filth of their intentions. They know this and will retaliate with ever greater desperation.

Having committed themselves to a method of global control through the politics of fear, coercion, shock and awe there is now a very real danger that in their state of desperation they could cause the deeply-held Judeo-Christian myth of Armageddon to be released from the collective unconscious of the Anglo-Saxon alliance to become reality. Just as Christian fundamentalists use the fission-energy in that myth to enlist and control the masses to enrich themselves, Bliar's trans-atlantic coven promote Armageddon in order to traumatize and disempower the rest of us. The staging and symbolism of 911 was a classic example of subliminal suggestion followed quickly by assurances from the Bliar and his fellow coven that "the world would never be the same again."

Too damn right it wouldn't, that was the purpose of having used the shock-horror Hollywood tactics. 911 provided the justification for the dismantling of our freedoms and their replacement with police-state totalitarianism. The Madrid bombings and 77 were meant to reinforce the shock and awe. That might have worked with the docile Anglo-Saxon mentality but failed miserably in a Latin, libertarian culture where it had the opposite effect intended. The electorate threw out the fascist Aznar and his Atlanticist skivvies. Replaced by Zapatero, Spain is now more closely aligning itself with the Hispanic world, including Venezuela. Zapatero saw the future and chose it while our dangerous clown, the Bliar, confused the future with the past and set out on a nightmarish journey to his own downfall.

Marx predicted that Capitalism would dig its own grave. Believing stubbornly that Britain's values of common decency will finally prevail, I pray that Blair's grave is dug as a black pit only to fit him neatly together with his trans-Atlantic coven.

And that the planet keeps revolving to the tune of a greater destiny for it and all its sentient beings.

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